Download latest stable Chromium binaries (64-bit and 32-bit)

The free and open-source project behind Google Chrome

Windows 11, 10

How to install, update and remove Chromium, on Windows?
About updates: your settings, bookmarks, extensions, history, passwords, cookies... will be saved. Do not worry!
For automated updates, choose one of the Chromium #updaters

  1. Download the EXE executable file (This is a 7-zip self-extracting archive. So you can unzip it to see its content)
  2. Close Chromium browser if opened
  3. Execute this EXE file
  4. Wait for 2 or 3 seconds (Installation is silent)
  5. Open Chromium browser. It is updated!
  6. To remove it definitively: use the standard way (or a software like Bulk Crap Uninstaller, Geek Uninstaller, Revo Uninstaller, Ccleaner...)

  1. Download the ZIP archive file
  2. Close Chromium browser if opened
  3. Unzip this ZIP file
  4. Delete all the files from your installation directory
  5. Move the files from the unzipped directory to your installation directory
  6. Open Chromium browser. It is updated!
  7. To remove it definitively: delete your installation directory

Note: Chromium has #secure-preferences feature based on the machine SID. So extensions, certificates and passwords are not portable. The best way to migrate your data is to synchronize them.
  1. Download and unzip ""
  2. Execute chrlauncher.exe (chrlauncher is a free and open-source Chromium launcher/updater)
  3. Close Chromium browser if a notification displays a new version
  4. Click on the "Download" button
  5. Wait for download and automatic installation
  6. Open Chromium browser. It is updated!
  7. To remove it definitively: delete the chrlauncher folder

  1. Install Chocolatey (A free and open-source package manager) in command-line
  2. Chromium will be automatically updated via Chocolatey (using our API)
  3. To remove it definitively: use the "uninstall" command-line via Chocolatey
Windows 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista... and old versions
Since version 110, Chromium is not available on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2012 and Server 2012 R2 (Archive: 1)
For help, version 109 works fine. The last stable version for them is 109.0.5414.120
Since version 89, Chromium needs a CPU with SSE3 support (Archive: PDF)
For help, version 88 works fine on older CPU processors. The last stable version is 88.0.4324.190
Since version 50, Chromium is not available on XP and Vista (Archive: 1)
For help, version 49 works fine. The last stable version for Windows XP and Vista is 49.0.2623.112
Since version 35, Chromium needs a CPU with SSE2 support (Archive: 1)
For help, version 34 works fine on older CPU processors.

Chromium for 64-bit Windows

Reference: Google Chrome 125.0.6422.60/61 • Wednesday, 15 May 2024

Chromium is up-to-date. It means Chromium browser and Google Chrome are based on the same latest stable version and security updates of the Chromium source code.
• Info: #stable-chromium-version
Chromium with defined Google API keys. So Google services (Chrome Sync...) work. You will be able to log in with your Google account and synchronize your data.
• Info: #google-api-keys
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264 + H.265
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 64-bit Windows

PortableArchiveInstallerPackage →
125.0.6422.61 (1287751) • Thursday, 16 May 2024
  • sha1: 5dd6a56808ae18d531cc25592ea8dca6e6e831e8.(virus?) - chrome.sync.7z
  • sha1: d2c9e27caf4e1786d1b05d3d83ee5a326e96cc95.(virus?) - mini_installer.sync.exe
  • Portable: The free and open-source chrlauncher tool is used to install, update and launch Chromium.
  • Package: The free and open-source Chocolatey tool is used to install, update and launch Chromium.
  • List of changes
  • Previous versions (win64)
  • Source: Github repository

Chromium without Google integration and enhanced privacy, based on the "ungoogled-chromium" project of Eloston.
• Info:
• FAQ:
• Extensions:
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264 + H.265
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 64-bit Windows

124.0.6367.220 (1274542) • Tuesday, 14 May 2024
Standard build of Eloston's ungoogled-chromium. All patches applied apart from "Safe Browser".

  • sha1: ec58e5e6b466a10960d0c59f173c0b2fcba78a19.(virus?) - ungoogled-chromium-124.0.6367.220-1_Win64.7z
  • sha1: d5422b2c636a7780d64ede443e5f1300beee3ac9.(virus?) - 124.0.6367.220_ungoogled_mini_installer.exe
  • Portable: The free and open-source chrlauncher tool is used to install, update and launch Chromium.
  • Previous versions (win64)
  • Source: Github repository

Chromium for a computer (higher than the year 2013) having a processor with the support of AVX2 instructions.
• Info:
• Free tools to show this info: CPU-Z, HWiNFO, Speccy...
Chromium with defined Google API keys. So Google services (Chrome Sync...) work. You will be able to log in with your Google account and synchronize your data.
• Info: #google-api-keys
Features compiler optimizations via build configuration modifications.
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264 + H.265
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 64-bit Windows

Binaries →
Info about Thorium

Chromium for a computer (higher than the year 2013) having a processor with the support of AVX2 instructions.
• Info:
• Free tools to show this info: CPU-Z, HWiNFO, Speccy...
Features compiler optimizations via build configuration modifications.
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264 + H.265
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 64-bit Windows

126.0.6424.0 (0) • Thursday, 18 Apr 2024

Chromium for a computer (higher than the year 2013) having a processor with the support of AVX2 instructions.
• Info:
• Free tools to show this info: CPU-Z, HWiNFO, Speccy...
Features compiler optimizations via build configuration modifications.
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264 + H.265
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 64-bit Windows

127.0.6486.0 (1302711) • Friday, 17 May 2024
  • sha1: 7f4018ce8232bf780656dfe5635c4df38f3241f3.(virus?) -
  • sha1: d7c54fab919fdc7e76d580d7beffce8937de228f.(virus?) - mini_installer.exe
  • Portable: The free and open-source chrlauncher tool is used to install, update and launch Chromium.
  • Previous versions (win64-avx2)
  • Source: Github repository

Chromium for a computer (higher than the year 2011) having a processor with the support of AVX instructions.
• Info:
• Free tools to show this info: CPU-Z, HWiNFO, Speccy...
Features compiler optimizations via build configuration modifications.
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264 + H.265
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 64-bit Windows

127.0.6486.0 (1302711) • Friday, 17 May 2024
  • sha1: 820f065245984291248006cdb02b1c6976bac521.(virus?) -
  • sha1: 21ebaa39943ad696b65742a7a98175437788559f.(virus?) - mini_installer.exe
  • Portable: The free and open-source chrlauncher tool is used to install, update and launch Chromium.
  • Previous versions (win64-avx)
  • Source: Github repository

The Chromium AuthorsEditor
The Chromium Authors
Chromium for 64-bit Windows

PortableArchiveInstallerPackage →
127.0.6489.0 (1303090) • Saturday, 18 May 2024

Chromium for 64-bit Windows on Arm

Reference: Google Chrome 125.0.6422.60/61 • Wednesday, 15 May 2024
In collaboration with the Open Source Software group at Arm, we share Chromium for Windows on Arm. (Official announce)

Outdated version
The Installer file is signed with an authenticate certificate.
• Info:
Chromium for 64-bit Windows on Arm

120.0.6099.199 (1668) • Monday, 8 Jan 2024
  • sha256: 8d8b47f1bf82c73a556320405fb3e921c6ff8186f955a70b49ab40c8a81f135f.(virus?) - mini_installer.exe
  • sha256: 2f7232881a3b0d4c150b59619dd7ffb514c2fae97153690b10ab742a8da589f9.(virus?) -

The Installer file is signed with an authenticate certificate.
• Info:
Chromium for 64-bit Windows on Arm

115.0.5790.40 (979) • Thursday, 29 Jun 2023
  • sha256: 1242f561ef94b0761a06e2782a01d87b77052fc1920e7d17c75171b9ddd5ea79.(virus?) - mini_installer.exe
  • sha256: 7fc21a512a5d59bdd1357e1bde0f51b55280a0a832639e4213b9d494da398c93.(virus?) -

The Installer file is signed with an authenticate certificate.
• Info:
Chromium for 64-bit Windows on Arm

122.0.6231.0 (1243752) • Monday, 8 Jan 2024
  • sha256: 50e680867aaf9207f05e621f1e96601a66f99517d4007db70cbcf2c7b0715ae9.(virus?) - mini_installer.exe
  • sha256: 27f540c7cbc7ecff41f9db7d3765dc6226f8e32bb0757ecaf749aadc6069987f.(virus?) -

Chromium for 32-bit Windows

Reference: Google Chrome 125.0.6422.60/61 • Wednesday, 15 May 2024

This is the last Chromium release
• Info: #comment-9192 (This link will open all comments)
Chromium with defined Google API keys. So Google services (Chrome Sync...) work. You will be able to log in with your Google account and synchronize your data.
• Info: #google-api-keys
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264 + H.265
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows

PortableArchiveInstallerPackage →
109.0.5414.120 (1070088) • Wednesday, 25 Jan 2023
  • sha1: 0914ccdc66e8ebd58cbad511584bd23a8aea02e8.(virus?) - chrome.sync.7z
  • sha1: 2982a6dc966da2ddd3db47464b5f14d091177b7f.(virus?) - mini_installer.sync.exe
  • Portable: The free and open-source chrlauncher tool is used to install, update and launch Chromium.
  • Package: The free and open-source Chocolatey tool is used to install, update and launch Chromium.
  • List of changes
  • Previous versions (win32)
  • Source: Github repository

This is the last Chromium release
• Info: #comment-9192 (This link will open all comments)
Chromium without Google integration and enhanced privacy, based on the "ungoogled-chromium" project of Eloston.
• Info:
• FAQ:
• Extensions:
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows

109.0.5414.120 (1070088) • Sunday, 26 Feb 2023
Standard build of Eloston's ungoogled-chromium. All patches applied apart from "Safe Browser".


The Chromium AuthorsEditor
The Chromium Authors
Chromium for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows

PortableArchiveInstallerPackage →
127.0.6489.0 (1303090) • Saturday, 18 May 2024
  • md5: 0062856f30a784875c33a1389f24b4d9.(virus?) -
  • md5: a2ede16f54c19733360e4a4365bb2ff1.(virus?) - mini_installer.exe
  • The Portable version uses the free and open-source chrlauncher to install, update and launch Chromium.
  • The Package version uses the free and open-source Chocolatey to install, update and launch Chromium.
  • Install an #older-version
  • List of changes
  • Source: Google repository

macOS 10.15+

How to install, update and remove Chromium, on macOS?
About updates: your settings, bookmarks, extensions, history, passwords, cookies... will be saved. Do not worry!
For automated updates, choose one of the Chromium #updaters

  1. Download the DMG file
  2. Close Chromium browser if opened
  3. Execute this DMG file
  4. Drag its icon on Applications folder
  5. You may then "Eject" and throw away this disk image
  6. To remove it definitively: drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash.

  1. Download the ZIP archive file
  2. Close Chromium browser if opened
  3. Unzip this ZIP file
  4. Double click on the unzipped folder to open it
  5. Drag its icon on Applications folder
  6. To remove it definitively: drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash
Chromium for older macOS versions
For older macOS (10.7+), you can use the Chromium-legacy project.

Chromium for 64-bit macOS

Reference: Google Chrome 125.0.6422.60/61 • Wednesday, 15 May 2024

Outdated version
Chromium with defined Google API keys. So Google services (Chrome Sync...) work. You will be able to log in with your Google account and synchronize your data.
• Info: #google-api-keys
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 64-bit macOS

123.0.6312.53 (1262506) • Thursday, 14 Mar 2024

Chromium without Google integration and enhanced privacy, based on the "ungoogled-chromium" project of Eloston.
• Info:
• FAQ:
• Extensions:
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 64-bit macOS

124.0.6367.119 (1274542) • Thursday, 2 May 2024

Chromium for a computer (higher than the year 2013) having a processor with the support of AVX2 instructions.
• Info:
• Free tools to show this info: CPU-Z, HWiNFO, Speccy...
Chromium with defined Google API keys. So Google services (Chrome Sync...) work. You will be able to log in with your Google account and synchronize your data.
• Info: #google-api-keys
Features compiler optimizations via build configuration modifications.
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 64-bit macOS

Binaries →
Info about Thorium

The Chromium AuthorsEditor
The Chromium Authors
Chromium for 64-bit macOS

127.0.6489.0 (1303094) • Saturday, 18 May 2024

Chromium for 64-bit macOS on Arm

Reference: Google Chrome 125.0.6422.60/61 • Wednesday, 15 May 2024

arm 8.3arm 8.3
Release specifically for the M1 chip
Chromium with defined Google API keys. So Google services (Chrome Sync...) work. You will be able to log in with your Google account and synchronize your data.
• Info: #google-api-keys
Features compiler optimizations via build configuration modifications.
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 64-bit macOS

Binaries →
Info about Thorium

The Chromium AuthorsEditor
The Chromium Authors
Chromium for 64-bit macOS on Arm

127.0.6489.0 (1303095) • Saturday, 18 May 2024

Chromium for 32-bit macOS

Since version 39, Chromium and Google Chrome are not available in 32-bit version for macOS.


How to install, update and remove Chromium, on Linux distributions?
In most cases, Chromium is directly available in the official repository of each Linux distribution. So it is easy to install, update and remove it via the integrated software/package manager or in command-lines.

There are other ways like:

Chromium for 64-bit Linux

Reference: Google Chrome 125.0.6422.60 • Wednesday, 15 May 2024

Outdated version
Chromium without Google integration and enhanced privacy, based on the "ungoogled-chromium" project of Eloston.
• Info:
• FAQ:
• Extensions:
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for a Linux ditribution

123.0.6312.90 (1262506) • Wednesday, 27 Mar 2024
Tested under Ubuntu 18+


Eloston and other contributorsEditor
Eloston and other contributors
Chromium without Google integration and enhanced privacy, based on the "ungoogled-chromium" project of Eloston.
• Info:
• FAQ:
• Extensions:
Chromium for a Linux ditribution

Binaries →
Available in different repositories
If you prefer, you can install the Flatpak package of Ungoogled Chromium.


Chromium for a computer (higher than the year 2011) having a processor with the support of AVX instructions.
• Info:
• Free tools to show this info: CPU-Z, HWiNFO, Speccy...
Chromium with defined Google API keys. So Google services (Chrome Sync...) work. You will be able to log in with your Google account and synchronize your data.
• Info: #google-api-keys
Features compiler optimizations via build configuration modifications.
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264 + H.265
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for a Linux ditribution

Binaries →
Info about Thorium

Chromium for a computer (higher than the year 2013) having a processor with the support of AVX2 instructions.
• Info:
• Free tools to show this info: CPU-Z, HWiNFO, Speccy...
Features compiler optimizations via build configuration modifications.
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264 + H.265
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for a Linux ditribution

127.0.6483.0 (1301890) • Thursday, 16 May 2024

Chromium for a computer (higher than the year 2011) having a processor with the support of AVX instructions.
• Info:
• Free tools to show this info: CPU-Z, HWiNFO, Speccy...
Features compiler optimizations via build configuration modifications.
Chromium compiled with the enabled Widevine support. After install of this plugin by yourself (because this is not an open-source software), Chromium will be able to play DRM content (on Netflix, for example).
• Info: #widevine
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264 + H.265
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for a Linux ditribution

127.0.6483.0 (1301890) • Thursday, 16 May 2024

Chromium for 64-bit and 32-bit Linux

Reference: Google Chrome 125.0.6422.60 • Wednesday, 15 May 2024

Chromium for a Linux ditribution

Arch Linux

Available in the official repository
sudo pacman -S chromium

If you prefer, you can install the Snap package or Flatpak package of Chromium.


Chromium for a Linux ditribution


Available in the official repository
To install the stable Chromium version on CentOS 7+: $ sudo yum -y update
$ sudo yum install -y epel-release
$ sudo yum install -y chromium
$ - requires given Linux commands to be executed as a regular non-privileged user

To run it: $ chromium

If you prefer, you can install the Snap package or Flatpak package of Chromium.

  • CentOS is a distribution affiliated with Red Hat (RHEL).

Chromium for a Linux ditribution


Available in the official repository
To install the stable Chromium version: sudo apt update
sudo apt install chromium chromium-l10n
(chromium-l10n is only used for localization and is optional)


Chromium for a Linux ditribution

elementary OS

Unavailable in the official repository but you can install it!
Install the Snap package or Flatpak package of Chromium.


Chromium for a Linux ditribution


Available in the official repository (since Chromium v52)
To install the stable Chromium version:
  • use the integrated software/package manager
  • or alternatively, type these DNF command:
sudo dnf install chromium

If you prefer, you can install the Snap package or Flatpak package of Chromium.


Chromium for a Linux ditribution

Gentoo Linux

Available in the official repository
If you prefer, you can install the Flatpak package of Chromium.


Chromium for a Linux ditribution

Linux Mint

Available in the official repository
To install the stable Chromium version:

- Use the integrated software/package manager

- or type this command (on Linux Mint 20+):
sudo apt install chromium

- or follow this tutorial to install the Snap ("Ubuntu") version of Chromium

- or install the Flatpak package of Chromium.


Chromium for a Linux ditribution


Available in the official repository

Chromium for a Linux ditribution


Available in the official #arch-linux repository
sudo pacman -S chromium

If you prefer, you can install the Snap package or Flatpak package of Chromium.


Chromium for a Linux ditribution


Available in the official repository
If you prefer, you can also install the Snap package or Flatpak package of Chromium.


Chromium for a Linux ditribution

Puppy Linux

Available in the official repository
Follow the posts at Announcements about LxPup, ScPup, UPups, Chromium, LXQt, Kernels etc.

1) Install it via Menu → Internet → Get Web Browser

2) or download it from the Sourceforge repository


Chromium for a Linux ditribution


Unavailable in the official repository but you can install it!
Follow the blog post of Eric Hameleers (developer of Chromium packages)

Slackware is an independent distribution

Chromium for a Linux ditribution


Unavailable in the official repository but you can install it!
Install Snappy on Solus (if not installed). Then type this command: sudo snap install chromium
If you prefer, you can install the Flatpak package of Chromium.


Chromium for a Linux ditribution


Unavailable in the official repository (since Ubuntu 19.10+) but you can install it!
To install the stable Chromium version, there are different ways.

The Snap version

- For Ubuntu 19.10+, use the snap package (Deb to snap transition article). snap install chromium
snap run chromium

- or type these commands about the Olivier Tilloy's PPA: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-chromium-builds/stage
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

The "Debian package" version

Type these commands about the Rob Savoury's PPA: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:savoury1/ffmpeg4
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:savoury1/chromium
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

To add language packages: sudo apt-get install chromium-browser-l10n
To add only the patent-free (ogg, vorbis, theora and av1) codecs: sudo apt-get install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg

To add the patent-free codecs + mp3, aac, ac3, mpeg4 (audio/h264), mov: sudo apt-get install chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra

If you prefer, you can install the Flatpak package of Chromium.

Chromium for a Linux ditribution

Chromium OS

Chromium OS is the open-source OS designed by Google that primarily runs web applications. Based on Gentoo, it exists since 2009. Chromium is its default web browser. Google Chrome OS (closed-source) is based on Chromium OS.

Free and open-source releases:


Chromium for 64-bit and 32-bit BSD

Reference: Google Chrome 125.0.6422.60 • Wednesday, 15 May 2024

Chromium for a BSD distribution


Available in the official repository

Chromium for a BSD distribution


Available in the official repository

Android 8.0+

Chromium for 64-bit and 32-bit Android

Reference: Google Chrome 125.0.6422.53 • Wednesday, 15 May 2024

Chromium without Google integration and enhanced privacy, based on the "Bromite" project of Carl.
• Info:
Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for 64-bit Android

124.0.6367.220 (1274542) • Tuesday, 14 May 2024
All Bromite patches applied.


Chromium compiled with open-source audio/video codecs + AAC + H.264
• Info: #html5-audio-video
• Test:
Chromium for Android

Package →
108.0.5359.156 • Monday, 19 Dec 2022

The Chromium AuthorsEditor
The Chromium Authors
Chromium for 32-bit Android

127.0.6489.0 (1303094) • Saturday, 18 May 2024
This ZIP archive contains these packages:
  • ChromePublic.apk (= Chromium code + open-source Google Chrome code • Archive: 1)
  • ContentShell.apk (Dev info)
  • SystemWebViewShell.apk (Dev info)



Reference: Google Chrome 125.0.6422.51 • Thursday, 16 May 2024
Chromium on iOS is a big fake!
Check the official blog post and build instructions to understand that Chromium cannot use the existing content/implementation, which is based on V8/Blink. It is just a skin on top of Safari. Go your way!


Obviously, you know this site is not the Chromium official website. As a regular user (not an expert), I created it in 2013 because there was no easy way to download good and stable releases of Chromium, on Windows. I try to keep it as safe and fast as possible! ;) This is absolutely a non-profit site. Please, read the privacy policy.

In short:
  • Since the beginning of the Chromium project until today, there is no binary of stable Chromium shared by the official team.
  • The official website is development oriented. Users are invited to download Google Chrome.
  • The official download page gives to users only ZIP archives of development builds (also known as "snapshot", "nightly", "vanilla" or "raw" builds) which can be very unstable. Users are invited to download Google's Chrome Canary.
  • This site gives to users a choice of builds: development (also on its simplest download page), stable and portable builds.

All downloads are only from reliable sources:

1. Project

Chromium exists since 2008. It is the free and open-source project (#features) behind the famous Google Chrome browser. There are many advantages for an enterprise to work on an open-source project. Intrinsically, Chromium is a Google project maintained by many authors (developers, engineers, graphic designers, security researchers...) from Google, Adobe, Amazon, ARM, Brave, Cloudflare, Facebook, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Igalia, Intel, Logitech, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nvidia, Opera, Samsung, Vivaldi, Xiaomi, Yandex... and external contributors (Official graph).

Chromium is not only a web browser. It is a blend of different important open-source projects:
  • ANGLE (Graphics engine abstraction layer)
  • Blink (Rendering/layout engine)
  • Native Client (Sandbox for running native code)
  • PDFium (PDF generation and rendering library)
  • Sandbox (Security mechanism for separating running programs)
  • Skia (Graphics library)
  • V8 (JavaScript engine)
  • and others...

One or more projects are used in Chromium browser (obviously!) and other software/service like Google Chrome, Googlebot Evergreen, Bingbot Evergreen, Mozilla Firefox (ANGLE, Skia), Opera, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge (Search "chromium" at Microsoft Third Party Disclosures. Official PDF presentation), Adobe Acrobat, Android WebView, Discord, Bitwarden, Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Minecraft, Signal, Skype, Slack, Spotify, Steam, TeamViewer, Trend Micro, Twitch, Unity3D, Unreal Engine, WhatsApp, Electron, CEF, QtWebEngine...

Chromium is not fully designed by Google! However, as a primary investor, Google gives a consistent guidance and provides all free tools and services related to this project.

2. Stable Chromium version

Officially, Chromium does not have a stable release. The official developers (aka The Chromium Authors) do not release it to end users. So it is continually in development. Google Chrome is the stable release... but is not open-source.

Chromium is the project then Google Chrome is the product.

In fact, Chromium has a stable version! ^^
Chromium being open-source (#source-code), anybody can compile it. It is reproductible. You should be a developer to do this. Just get the current stable version (125.0.6422.60) from the official Git repository and compile it!
For example, the current stable version on #linux is 125.0.6422.60. In this version, there are 60 patches which correct many issues (bugs, feature requests, enhancements...).

All stable versions of Chromium on #windows, #mac, #linux... are always made by third-party developers.

The stable version of Chromium is compiled by:

3. Development

The development builds (also known as "snapshot", "nightly", "vanilla" or "raw" builds) are built automatically several times a day by the Chromium Buildbot (buildbot console) and made available as binary code releases.


Once a snapshot has been built, it is placed in the chromium-browser-snapshots root directory of Google Cloud Storage and is automatically tested. This build is really just development tool for checking whether issues are fixed in the latest Chromium code. It can be buggy and unstable. They are downloadable on the official site, my alternative webpage and this site (Check The Chromium Authors tag).


If that snapshot build successfully passes the automated tests, it is considered as a good build (known as LKGR meaning "Last Known Good Revision") and can become potentially a stable build. For info, LKGR builds were stored in the chromium-browser-continuous root directory until Friday, 18 Mar 2016. The Chromium team has removed few LKGR builders (407399, 576253 and chromium-dev) but other ones still work (latest commit). Finally, there is no LKGR binary shared by the Chromium team... but any developer can re-compile it! ^^


A stable build is a development build tested by the Buildbot then improved by the Chromium team and all contributors.

4. Conclusion

Note this website and the Chromium builds are made and shared by volunteers (devoted developers), freely, in their spare time. There is absolutely no business, no revenue (Privacy policy). We are neither Google nor a corporation. So please, respect our work. Officially, the #stable-chromium-version does not exist at all. We need time to re-compile Chromium. If you cannot wait for the latest version, prefer to use a development version (download page) or compile Chromium yourself (#source-code) or use other #browsers.

Jerry (admin)


Chromium vs Google Chrome.

Chromium browser has:
Why I used the "similar" word, here?
I cannot certify that it is "same/identical" as Google Chome because Chrome is a closed-source software.

Some developers maintain #chromium-forks that offer more features and enhancements. Thanks a lot for developers! ;)

Secure Preferences

Chromium has "Secure Preferences" feature which protect user data against #malware. On Windows, macOS and Linux, the user profile is encrypted based on the machine SID (For info, you can change the SID on Linux). So extensions, certificates and passwords are not portable. It works for Chromium and all #chromium-forks like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, ungoogled-chromium... (except Cent Browser which is closed-source and therefore can be easily corrupted)

Info relative to this feature:
How to migrate user data from one computer to another?
The simple way to migrate your data is to synchronize them.
For info, you can also use free services like floccus, xBrowserSync.

Also, to export/import data manually:
There are unstable ways too:

Google API keys

By default, few Google services (Chrome Sync...) are not available on Chromium. They are reserved for Google Chrome users. For example, the Chrome Sync capability in Chromium based browsers allows you to login to Google’s Sync cloud servers and save your passwords, browsing history and bookmarks/favorites to your personal encrypted cloud vault inside Google’s infrastructure. Extremely convenient for people who access the Internet using multiple devices.

To use these Google services, Chromium needs Google API keys.

Chromium can display a top message if the Google API keys are needed for Google services (screenshot):
Google API keys are missing. Some functionality of Chromium will be disabled. Learn More
How to just hide the top message "Google API keys are missing..."?
Add the --no-default-browser-check flag at the end of the Chromium shortcut and restart the browser (screenshot)
How to create your own Google API keys?
With your own Google API keys, many Google services (Chrome Sync...) will work.
Then set three environment variables.

On Windows

Launch Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and enter the following commands:
setx GOOGLE_API_KEY yourkey
setx GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_ID yourclientid
setx GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_SECRET yourclientsecret
(setx = set environment variables permanently)

On macOS

This tutorial was written by Aargl on december 7, 2018 (#comment-4078). Thanks to him. There are 2 methods:

1. Method with ChromiumSyncEnabler

ChromiumSyncEnabler (Archive: ZIP)
  • Put Chromium_template and at the root of the current user (~/)
  • Put in ~/Applications
  • In Terminal, type: python /Users/your_user_name/
  • Enter your API keys

N.B.: if you want to activate for all users, do the same procedure putting the files respectively in / and /Applications (I haven't tried, but I can't see why it wouldn't work...)

2. Method with a plist file

Creation of a ~/Library/LaunchAgents/setenv.ChromiumSync.plist containing: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" " ">
<plist version="1.0">
(with "your_key" being the corresponding Google API key)

Of course, you can name the LaunchAgent setenv.ChromiumSync or anything you want.
  • This is perfectly working in 10.11
  • In 10.9, you must create 3 separate LaunchAgent files instead (one for each key)
  • I couldn't test more recent OSes, but I think it should work as in 10.11

The choice between method 1 or 2 depends on wether you want to enter your API keys each time or not... ;-)

On Linux

export GOOGLE_API_KEY yourkey
export GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_ID yourclientid
export GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_SECRET yourclientsecret
How to disable Google API keys?
Without Google API keys, many Google services (Chrome Sync...) will not work.

On Windows

Launch Command Prompt (cmd.exe) and enter the following commands:
setx GOOGLE_API_KEY "false"
(setx = set environment variables permanently)

Now launch Chromium.

Widevine plugin

Widevine is a closed-source Google plugin to play DRM content (= protected audio/video files) for web browsers. Companies including Amazon Prime Video, BBC, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify and Disney+ use Widevine to manage the distribution of premium content.

Chromium does not support Widevine natively. Note that Chromium developers and most of Chromium users do not use this Google plugin at all. We do not bundle/share it. Other people tried to obtain a licence from Google for an open-source project and finally did not get it (Archive: 1).

On this website, the widevine support is enabled on the stable versions. (These versions are compiled with the GN argument: enable_widevine = true). So you need to install the Widevine CDM plugin yourself to play DRM content.

In Chromium and Google Chrome, you can check the Widevine support at chrome://components → "Widevine Content Decryption Module" → The number must be different than (screenshot)

Websites to freely test Widevine:
How to install the Widevine CDM plugin?
  1. First of all, make sure you have a Chromium version with the enabled support of:

  2. Now, get the Widevine CDM plugin. The latest version is: 4.10.2710.0
    For info, this is an automated update via this official TXT file.

    2.1 From official links:
    2.2 Or from offline installers of Google Chrome
    Prefer these following websites because you can unzip the executable files (*.exe) and see the whole content. Note these download links of Google Chrome are official.
    2.3 Or from the Google Chrome website
    In this case, you must to install Google Chrome because you cannot unzip the executable files (*.exe) :/
    Official standalone versions:

  3. Unzip the content of this Widevine CDM plugin
    (This is a 7-zip self-extracting archive)

  4. Copy this Widevine CDM plugin's content to your Chromium "WidevineCdm" folder like this following structure, on Windows:
      ├── LICENSE.txt
      ├── manifest.json (Note: this file contains the Widevine version or even the file paths ^^)
      ├── _platform_specific
             ├── win_x64 (Note: if it is for 64-bit Windows, obviously!)
                  ├── widevinecdm.dll
                  ├── widevinecdm.dll.sig

  5. Launch Chromium browser

  6. Go to the top of this website and check if the "widevine" tag is displayed. (screenshot)
    and check chrome://components → "Widevine Content Decryption Module"

  7. End.

Flash plugin

Flash is a deprecated multimedia software platform. Adobe retired Flash on January 1, 2021, on all plateforms. Roadmap for Chromium. Roadmap for Firefox.
  • Since 2021, the Flash PPAPI plugin (aka PepperFlash) plugin is discontinued. For info, PepperFlash is secure because it works in a sandbox. In short, it executes in its own process, separate from the browser's rendering engine.
  • Since 2015, the Flash #npapi plugin is discontinued.
How to quickly install the Flash plugin? (Obsolete content!)
On Windows and macOS, Chomium find PepperFlash itself (= without #command-line-flags)

  1. Install PepperFlash (PPAPI) from Adobe website.
  2. Disable the checkbox in the chrome://settings/content/flash page. (screenshot)
  3. Test if animation works on the Flash Player versions page.
  4. Enjoy!
How to manually install the Flash plugin? (Obsolete content!)
This is a full manual installation tutorial.
(If Google Chrome is already installed, go directly to "3. Add command-line flags"

1. Get PepperFlash (PPAPI)

This plugin is a non-free (proprietary) software developed by Adobe, and distributed bundled with Google Chrome. So get it from the official sources: Adobe or Google.

1.1 From Adobe

Different official ways:
After install, the plugin path will be:
- On a 64-bit #windows:
  • C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\pepflashplayer64_[version].dll (64-bit version)
  • C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\pepflashplayer32_[version].dll (32-bit version)
- On a 32-bit #windows:
  • C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\pepflashplayer32_[version].dll (32-bit version)

1.2 From Google Chrome

Canary channel:

1.3 From an unofficial source

(Use an online service to prevent #malware)
  1. Search "PepperFlash" or "PPAPI" at [RU] or
  2. Download and open the .7z archive
  3. Get "pepflashplayer.dll" (rename it, if needed) and "manifest.json" files.

Optionally, get the Flash version number:
(If you want to see the correct version number on Chromium internal pages)
  • On all platforms, open the manifest.json text file in the PepperFlash folder.
  • On Windows, you can do a right-click → Properties → Details, on the .dll file

2. Change the plugin directory

If you want, prefer a short path for the plugin. It will be easier for the next step. ^^
Example on Windows: Put this .dll file in a path like C:\PepperFlash\ (Create the directory if needed)

3. Add command-line flags

Use these #command-line-flags:
  • --ppapi-flash-path=[plugin path]
  • --ppapi-flash-version=[plugin version]
  • And optionally --allow-outdated-plugins to disable browser notifications about outdated plugins

On #windows, create a Chromium shortcut. Then go to its properties and edit the target field: --ppapi-flash-path="C:\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll" --ppapi-flash-version="" --allow-outdated-plugins
On #mac, you will need to launch it from the command-line (in the Terminal): /Applications/ --ppapi-flash-path=/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/PepperFlashPlayer/PepperFlashPlayer.plugin --ppapi-flash-version= The "&" at the end is not a typo. It is there to make sure Chromium is launched in a separate thread. Without the "&", Chromium would exit as soon as you quit the Terminal. Moreover, to simplify the Chromium launch, check How to create simple Mac apps from shell scripts (Archive: 1). Also see the #comment-566 and #comment-344.

4. Restart the browser

Relaunch it to apply changes.

5. Check the installation

6. Enjoy!

Now, even after browser updates, Chromium uses PepperFlash. ^^

NPAPI plugin

NPAPI is a deprecated API that allows browser extensions to be developed. Chromium 45.0.2416.0 (331982) is the last version which still has NPAPI plugin support enabled via chrome://flags or group policy registry. (sourceNPAPI deprecation)
How to still use a NPAPI plugin?
Few ways:
More info on site archives:

HTML5 audio/video

By default, Chromium does not support proprietary codecs (AAC, H.264/MP4) in the HTML <audio> and <video> elements.
How to use Chromium with all audio/video codecs?
Few ways:
  • On #windows and #mac, use builds with all-codecs or all-codecs+
  • or compile Chromium from #source-code with proprietary codecs, yourself.
  • or install an older version having ffmpegsumo file (Ex: 333350, 333334, 333283, 333258...)
  • or choose other #browsers
  • On #linux, you can use Chromium with proprietary codecs (ex: FFmpeg under Ubuntu)

Before 4 June 2015, we used an alternative with the Google Chrome ffmpegsumo file and our Patch HTML5 Media extension. More info on site archives:
Note about the H.265/HEVC video codec
Chromium does (and will) not natively support the H.265/HEVC codec. (official source)

Check HTML5 audio/video support at

If there is a video issue, disable hardware acceleration (see #browser-crash).


1. Internal pages

To access to all internal pages, use chrome://about. Copy and paste this special URL directly into the address bar (omnibox). Obviously, this special URL works only in Chromium and Google Chrome. Note: About configuration settings, there is nothing similar to Firefox's about:config in Chromium.

Few internal pages:
About browser plugins
Since version 57, the chrome://plugins page no longer exists. (official source)


2. Keyboard shortcuts

To use keyboard shortcuts (on Windows, Mac and Linux), check this full list of official shortcuts... and this one if you are developer. Most of the shortcuts are similar to IE, Firefox or any other browser.

3. Command-line flags

There are command-line flags (or "switches") that Chromium accept in order to enable particular features or modify otherwise default functionality. Note flags often contain experimental or obsolete code, so they tend not to stick around for long.
How to start Chromium directly in incognito (or private) mode, on Windows?
Add the "--incognito" flag at the end of the Chromium shortcut and restart the browser. (screenshot)
"C:\{...}\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe" --incognito

4. User data directory

About your profile (history, bookmarks...), it is important to know where is stored your user data.
How to change the user data directory?
Add the "--user-data-dir" flag at the end of the Chromium shortcut and restart the browser. (screenshot)
"C:\{...}\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe" --user-data-dir=..\my-profile-path

5. External extension installation

How to install an external browser add-on?
If you wish to install extensions directly instead of just downloading the .crx source file, you must:
  1. Change the flag chrome://flags/#extension-mime-request-handling to "Always prompt for install".
  2. Click on the link of the .crx file you want to install

Download the .crx source file of any extension directly from the Chrome Web Store via Get CRX or via a site like Chrome Extension Downloader, CRX Extractor, Crx4Chrome. (For info, you can see the source code before to download the extension: CRX Viewer)
  1. Go to chrome://extensions
  2. Drag and drop the .crx file on chrome://extensions

If it does not work...
  1. Add the "--enable-easy-off-store-extension-install" flag at the end of the Chromium shortcut and restart the browser. (screenshot)
  2. Go to chrome://extensions
  3. Drag and drop the .crx file on chrome://extensions

If it still does not work...
  1. Unzip the .crx file
  2. Go to chrome://extensions
  3. Drag and drop the unzipped folder on the page... or click on Developer mode (Toggle in top right) then Load unpacked extension... (screenshot)

About updates:
  • You have to update manually
  • You can update when you want! ^^
  • If ever a new version sucks, just re-install the previous one

6. Source code

Before all, check the official guide for developers.

Official links to easily get or see the full Chromium source code:
Interesting info:

7. Older version

Never update your browser with a very old version. It even does not start.

To downgrade Chromium installed with the Installer (.exe):
  1. Open Chromium and check its actual version at chrome://version
  2. Close Chromium.
  3. Uninstall Chromium WITHOUT to delete your #user-data-directory. It is an option of its uninstaller. (screenshot)
  4. Get the Installer (.exe) of an older version (from the → download/ page or Snapshots repository about "official" builds)
  5. Execute it to install Chromium.
  6. Open Chromium and check the new installed version at chrome://version

8. Browser crash

You have encountered a browser crash or issue :/

Few ways to help you:

Also you can use #command-line-flags: --disable-gpu, --disable-accelerated-video-decode...

8. Browser benchmark

To test performances of the browser, do differents benchmarks.
Except as otherwise noted, for the result, a higher number is better.

Free websites without registration:
  • ARES-6 (Various tests using the newest web standards and features)
  • Basemark (Various tests using the newest web standards and features)
  • JetStream (JavaScript benchmark developed by Apple)
  • Kraken (JavaScript benchmark developed by Mozilla • Result: A lower number is better)
  • MotionMark (Graphics benchmark developed by the WebKit team)
  • Octane (JavaScript benchmark developed by Google)
  • Speedometer (Performance benchmark that repeats the same actions using DOM APIs)
  • WebXPRT (HTML5 and JavaScript test developed by benchmark maker Principled Technologies)


This is a free and simple API for developers to update Chromium to the latest good build via a bash (shell) script, a browser extension... Read my #notes. Please, do not use this API to build other websites. To prevent abuse, the site can audit each API request.
API details
GET request parameters:
  • os(required) windows or mac or android
  • bit(optional • 64 by default) 64 or 32
  • out(optional • json by default) json or string or revision

chromiumwindows or mac or android
  • architecture(string) 64-bit or 32-bit
  • timestamp(integer) Unix time of this release built on the Chromium Buildbot server
  • editor(string) The Chromium Authors
  • channel(string) dev
  • repository(string) snapshots
  • version(string) (like xx.x.xxxx.x)
  • revision(integer) Git revision's commit position
  • commit(string) Git revision's commit hash



1. Chromium forks

In simple words, a fork of Chromium means Chromium engine is used to create another web browser.

Proprietary browsers:
(developed by official contributors of the Chromium #project)
I do not recommend:
Why not recommended?
Because all of these browsers are closed-source, outdated, based on Chromium like Google Chrome... and most of the features they remove don't even exist in Chromium, in the first place. Control your personal info and #privacy yourself ^^

Colin (InsanityBit) explains this very well at "SRWare Iron Browser – A private alternative to Chrome?" (2012 • Archives: 1, 2)

Note if a new browser with "better privacy" than Google Chrome is based on Chromium and is fully open-source, it should be ok for me. But... Google is famous. Its privacy policy and marketing strategy are well known. So you have to ask you some questions. Do you trust in an unknown team more than Google? Is an outdated Chromium fork?
Few free and open-source Chromium-based browsers:

2. Other open-source "non-Chromium-based" browsers


For a better privacy protection, use open-source #browsers like Chromium, Firefox. Do not forget: It is open-source does not mean it is secure and respects user privacy. Moreover, security ≠ privacy ≠ anonymity. If your browser is fully "open-source", it means that somebody with the capability can review the #source-code. It is easier for developers to find malicious code with versioning tools like Git or SVN. (Ex: Chromium downloads a Chrome extension as a binary without source code → corrected 7 days after the report). Only an open-source code allows such defense. This is better for secure browsing and user privacy. The security of Chromium is very solid. While I recommend ungoogled-chromium, Bromite and Firefox (cf. about:config/user.js settings, containers system, better content-filtering, easier way to stop browser automatic connections, support of a self-hosted Firefox Sync server) as the most reliable browsers for privacy enthusiasts in a standard web browsing, Chromium is probably a reasonable alternative for everyday web browsing.

My way for a standard web-browsing (but do as you like ^^):
  1. Modify your #hosts-file to stop "natively" domains who serve ads, spyware and malware
  2. Use a VPN with strong encryption for your whole OS or router to bypass many restrictions on Internet. Note you are not anonymous behind a VPN service (cf. Browser fingerprint, Server-side tagging...) (It is better than browser VPN/proxy #extensions)
  3. Use an up-to-date web browser
  4. Change few #browser-settings
  5. Install few #extensions

How to really be anonymous on the Web?
The anonymization solutions are especially necessary for the exercise of freedoms (ex: for journalist, political opponent in certain countries, researcher, whistleblower...). These solutions are obviously very used by hackers too. Personally, I think most people cannot be anonymous on the Web even using a VPN, proxy or TOR network. It is a myth that you cannot be tracked online. If you exist, you are findable, especially if you use multiple devices and websites. There are a lot of technologies to identify a user and get its data. Check the #guides and #tests for more information.

But it is possible to really be anonymous on the Web if your respect all security rules. The book "The Art of Invisibility" written in 2017 by Kevin D. Mitnick will convince you. In a few words, do not trust proprietary software/services, third-party VPN service providers (VPN Leaks, 'no log' VPN providers..., Another VPN leak..., VPN hacked...) and the cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin).
  1. Buy a new computer (like a used computer) with cash, from an unknown person.
  2. Then remove the internal HDD (or format it). You will not use it. Prefer an external USB flash/SSD drive.
  3. Use Tails, Whonix, Qubes OS or a similar live Linux distribution. These ones uses the Tor network (Note Tor is often attacked).
  4. Change the MAC address.
  5. Connect to a public WiFi connection.
  6. Do not change settings or add extensions on Tor Browser. It will prevent your Browser fingerprint.
  7. Never login to a site/service for which you are already known.
  8. SearX and .onion addresses are welcome.
  9. Here we go!
Do you know...
Sure you can protect your privacy against tracking and profiling tools but it is really painful because these tracking tools are everywhere today: on Internet (website, app...), at home (computer, phone, router, smart TV, smart home speaker, smart bulb, smart grid...), in your car (GPS system, connected car...), in the street (video surveillance camera...), at your ISP and elsewhere. You can find them in hardware (firmware) and software (operating system, app, website, extension...).

Do you know in all computers (excepted RISC-V and Libreboot) there is an exploit-friendly firmware that user has no access?
Ex: in Intel processors, in AMD processors, in Raspberry Pi (proprietary Broadcom processor).

Do you know you are readily recognizable if you install browser extensions like an ad-blocker? It means, if you install browser extensions, your Browser fingerprint is unique. So you are unique on the Web.
Ex: browserleaks::proxy, Browser Fingerprint

Do you know there are probably untrusted certificates on your computer?
Ex: Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla..., Dell..., Google..., Microsoft..., Lenovo..., Surveillance firm...

Do you know it is possible to follow a user behind Tor browser?
Ex: Advanced Tor browser fingerprinting, Browser Fingerprinting, Tor and its discontents, with CSS (noscript-tracking.go, CrookedStyleSheets), with extension fingerprinting or with a zero-day exploit!...

About the "No log" mention of a VPN, do you know the jurisdiction of the country where the VPN server is located has authority on the jurisdiction of the country where the VPN provider is located?
Ex: Choose a VPN provider from United Kingdom and connect to a French VPN server. There are no log in United Kingdom. Ok, but this is not the problem! The VPN server is in France and there will be logs in France. This is the law. [FR] Minimal logs lifetime in France: 360 days (Source: "Article 3"). [FR] Minimal logs lifetime in Europe: 14 days. So be careful when your VPN provider and its VPN server are located in countries from the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes or Fourteen Eyes.

Do you know Linux (like Windows and Mac) devices have a unique identifier?
Ex: Linux devices have a unique identifier called machine-id. Here is how to change it.

1. Browser update

The reason for updating to the latest version is security. As security threats are found, they are fixed. Using an old version expose user to a number of security holes and privacy issues. Browsers are far more subject to hacking than other software.

2. Browser settings

Adjust all settings and advanced settings in chrome://settings:

3. Hosts file

Modify your hosts file to prevent your OS from connecting to domains who serve ads, spyware and malware. This will increase your OS security and save bandwidth.


4. DNS services

By default you are using the DNS servers of your ISP but you do not have to stick with them. Before to choose one, compare DNS performance. Free alternative Internet DNS services for personal use:

5. Web search engines

Note: Few #dns-services and #extensions exist to protect user privacy on search engines.

Search engines

Search engines index the content of web pages by running an algorithm on a web crawler.

Metasearch engine

Metasearch engines use another search engine's data to produce its own results from the Internet. Search engine map.
If you are a web developer, develop your own metasearch engine yourself ^^

6. Extensions


Block ads, trackers, scripts and popups

uBlock Origin

Stop link redirection in Google, DuckDuckGo and Yandex search pages

Don't track me Google

Clean URLs to remove tracking elements from URLs


Control the HTTP Referer on a per-site basis

Referer Control

Prevent canvas fingerprint

Canvas Blocker (Fingerprint protect)

Emule locally CDN


Prevent WebRTC IP leak

WebRTC Leak Shield
  • Download: store, amo
  • Alternatives: WebRTC Control, WebRTC Network Limiter, WebRTC Leak Prevent
  • Info: An extension can only block the leak of your IP address. It does not block WebRTC in the "core" of Chromium. uBlock Origin can protect against the WebRTC IP leak. You can do some #tests.

Prevent CSS Exfil attack

CSS Exfil Protection

Unblock websites with a browser VPN/proxy

  • Download: store, amo
  • Alternatives: anonymoX, HidemanVPN, TunnelloVPN, TouchVPN, Hotspot Shield
  • My advice: Prefer to pay for a safe and secure VPN provider protecting your whole OS ; or use a free VPN service without registration. Do not use Hola!, ZenMate or Betternet in their free version. Hola! is a botnet. Betternet shares/sells user data to third-parties. In its free version, ZenMate needs a registration.

Display sites quality

WOT (Web of Trust)

7. Tools

8. Guides

9. Tests

Reputable and reliable sites to show or prevent user data tracking:


Your antivirus has detected a malicious software in Chromium files.

False positive?

You have downloaded Chromium from a reliable source (#notes) and maybe also used open-source #updaters. In this case, it is surely a false positive. The detection is generic (heuristic). There is absolutely no backdoor or other malware inside Chromium. Remember that the full #source-code is available. You will get a similar result if you compile Chromium yourself.

Note a specific thing about Chromium browser:
  1. Chromium has no digital signature (unlike Google Chrome). It is not signed because is open source and not "owned" per se by any one particular developer or organization. Moreover, a certificate is not free for developers (Apple Developer Program).
  2. Antivirus use generic detection and database of malware signatures.
  3. VirusTotal which aggregates many antivirus is a Google service using its Trusted Source project to limit false positives for software like Google Chrome (because it is digitally signed), not for Chromium.
  4. So, unsigned Chromium + any antivirus or VirusTotal service = More chance to get an antivirus alert.

False positive reports known for few years ago:

Authentic malware?

Yes. Obviously, it is also possible.
  • The common entry methods for Chromium virus are freeware downloads as bundled software (bundleware) and spam e-mails. It means Chromium has been silently installed via another software. Do not forget Chromium is free and open-source. So malware writers use Chromium to push malicious code on to your system. Remove this "fake" or suspicious Chromium web browser (like BeagleBrowser, BoBrowser, BrowserAir, Chedot, eFast Browser, Fusion Browser, Mustang Browser, MyBrowser, Olcinium Browser, Palikan, Qword Browser, Torch, Tortuga Browser...).
  • The other way is about a compromised Chromium repository on a reliable source (#notes).

Free tools to scan your system

(Independent tests and distinctions: AV-Test, Virus Bulletin, AV-Comparatives, Gartner)

Free online services to scan your files

(no registration required)
If you find an issue:
  • Contact your anti-virus or anti-malware support
  • Report it on the official Chromium supports. For links, see my #comment-1 below.

Chromium updaters

To update Chromium automatically.

As always, never install a closed-source software especially if you have never heard it before! GitHub and its Gist service are good places to find good stuff. So, try these free and open-source Chromium updaters:

Updaters on Windows

  • For info, in the #windows section, each "Portable" version uses chrlauncher which can install, update and launch Chromium automatically. You can change its settings in the chrlauncher.ini file.
  • chrlauncher
    (by Henry++ • 2022 • C • Compatible with all Windows releases of this website)
  • Chocolatey
    (by the Chocolatey team • 2023 • In command-line • Compatible with the Hibbiki's releases and The Chromium authors' releases of this website • Package core)
  • Scoop
    (by the Scoop team • 2023 • In command-line • Compatible with the Hibbiki's releases and the Ungoogled releases of this website)
  • ungoogled-updater
    (by NeverDecaf • 2023 • Python • Compatible with the Ungoogled releases of this website)
  • ChromiumForWindows
    (by Ilyó Kovács Levente • 2022 • C# • Compatible with all Windows releases of this website)
  • Simple Chromium Updater (chrupd.cmd)
    (by mkorthof • 2023 • Batchfile • Compatible with all Windows releases of this website)
  • ChromiumUpdathe (by Hristo Bogdanov • 2021 • C#)
  • chromium for windows installer (by Lusito • 2020 • Javascript)
  • cr-updater (by pwlin • 2018 • Batchfile, PHP)
  • Chromium_Updater (by Programming4life • 2018 • Rust)
  • ChrUpdWin.cmd (by Michael Kharitonov • 2018 • Batchfile)
  • A web installer for Chromium (by LonelyCannibal • 2017 • AutoIt • Archive: ZIP)
  • Chromium Downloader (by stsy • 2016 • C#)

Updaters on macOS

Discontinued updaters

Thanks a lot for all developers!
I do not support these tools. Please, contact the developers for thanks, issue, help...


Quick access: #read the latest comment

Now, you can post anonymously remarks and suggestions about this site. Do not hesitate! ;)

Please, DO NOT report bugs by a review. Use the official issue tracker or dev topics: → Conversations → Conversations → Conversations

Also, I prefer direct links. You are not on Twitter ;)

I recommend reading the Chromium Code of Conduct.

Thank you for your attention!
Amazing website! Thanks. Can you share an API?
Just what I was looking for. Keep up the good work!
@2: I can do a simple API to get Chromium datas (in JSON) for Windows because there is no stable binary version available. I can give you only good build like results in the Windows part.
@3: Thank you very much!
You should start posting the 64-bit Windows builds!
[EDIT: 18 Nov 2014 by Jerry]
Google Chrome release: 64-bit support for Mac
[EDIT: 12 Sep 2014 by Jerry]
Google Chrome 64-bit for Mac and Windows
[EDIT: 26 Aug 2014 by Jerry]
64 bits of awesome: 64-bit Windows Support, now in Stable! (Google Chrome)
[EDIT: 3 Jun 2014 by Jerry]
Try out the new 64-bit Windows Canary and Dev channels (Google Chrome)
[EDIT: 28 Feb 2014 by Jerry]
Yes @5! Thanks, it is a good idea! But... 64-bit Chromium on Windows and Mac are still experimental.

Officially, 64-bit Google Chrome on Windows and Mac do not exist too!
Check the development channels :

Google team wrote:
"Neither Chromium nor V8 has a 64-bit version on the Windows platform right now. However, Chrome does run on 64-bit Windows as a 32-bit application. V8 should only need a small number of changes to build on the Windows platform." (Content edited by the Google team in February 2014, but there is a copy at
"The problem: Chrome runs as a 32-bit process on 64-bit Windows systems. [...] The plugins are still 32-bit libraries." (Content deleted by the Google team in February 2014, but this issue talk about that:

So, there will be many bugs with plugins (PepperFlash/Adobe Flash player) and extensions (from the Chrome Web Store) because plugins and extensions are mainly in 32-bit.

...and there:
On Windows... "The sandbox is designed for 32-bit processes"

Officially, only Linux versions are available in 64-bit. The PepperFlash/Adobe Flash player for Linux exists in 64-bit.

About Windows... (revision 211418):
• 64-bit:
• 32-bit: prefix=Win/211418/

In the Win_x64 repository, Chromium's executable is in 64-bit. But most internal processes are in 32-bit.

Work is underway. To follow progress of 64-bit Chromium:
• Windows:
• Mac OS X: detail?id=18323
• ARM64 (AArch64): detail?id=334368
• Android ARM64: detail?id=354405
• Android x86_64: detail?id=346626


Why there is no 64-bit Google Chrome on Windows and Mac actually?

You know, I am not a specialist. The Google team works on 64-bit Chromium for Windows, Mac... since 2009 (Just check the links above!). I think that Google waits for the moment to offer its own browser (Google Chrome) in 64-bit. It will depend on its strategy with Chrome OS. When Google will need more than 4GB RAM for its products (Chrome OS especially), Google Chrome (and Chromium obviously) will go 64-bit with little debate. Note that a 64-bit version will lead to a significant increase in memory usage. Speed is improved, especially in graphics and multimedia content, where there is an average 25% improvement in performance.

If you have got a better idea, please tell me here! ;)
Chromium advised me when I opened it that there was an update to Version 28.0.1500.71 (209842) so I installed it. Now all my bookmarks are gone! That never happened before. Are you sure this is stable? Am I going to have to rebuild my bookmarks? It looks like History is still intact. I am running Mac OS X 10.6.8.
@GrandmaDragon: On Mac and Linux, I am sure that Chromium is stable. I use it.
And... Google Chrome use this release, too.

You can compare your version with the Google's official releases on
Check: os→mac, channel→stable, current_version→28.0.1500.71, branch_revision→209842.

Actually, you are using the stable version.

About your bookmarks, it is probably a bug! :/

Did you try to restore your bookmarks?
I went where it said in the data-directory page and all that is there for bookmarks is the two I have restored this morning. I guess I'll just sort of reconstruct what I had and call it good. :P It's a nuisance and a puzzle, but not a major disaster.
The x64 Windows versions of Chromium are up.
@GrandmaDragon: Good news!
@10: Really? See my #comment-6 above.
Interesting! Thank you.
Thanks! I've missed this website for months, almost a year.

Just a recommendation, you could build up a .BAT file which will update Chromium to the next stable release if it exists on this page.
Here's one that updates through the snapshot trunk(?)
Just like this one, give it a try to understand its behaviour: (first 2 results are reliable, original website of it disappeared).
In this case it works as a Scheduled Task under Windows.

This recommendation is the only thing could make even better this project of yours.
Thank you a lot :)
When the Windows version reads, "good build," does that mean it is not "tremendously buggy," or buggy? Because the main
Chromium download page at reads "This is the raw build of Chromium for Windows, right off the trunk. It may be tremendously buggy. Consider Chrome Canary or Dev Channel for a build that regularly auto-updates to latest."
64-bit Chromium is still not available on FTP.
Great site. Thanks for your work!
So basically, you just give the links from Continuous builds? Is there no more stable version than this?
Thank you all !

@13: I check your interesting solution. Thanks a lot.

@14: "good build" means that it is the less buggy version of Chromium. "Chrome Canary" and "Dev Channel" concern only Google Chrome (which is not open-source), not Chromium !

@17: Links from Continuous builds concern mainly Windows. And no, I do not know more stable version than this. :/ For other platforms like Mac and Linux, there are really stable builds done by external developers. These Chromium versions are the same as Google Chrome versions.

Officially, Google Chrome is the stable version. Read my #notes
Great job! Very useful!
Thanks a lot for your clear explanation.
Hey, thanks for this awesome site!
I should note that the x64 builds are actually 64-bit. I checked Process Explorer and the Chrome executable was identified as 64-bit in that column.
@21: I follow the development of 64-bit versions... and encourage you to read my #comment-6 above.
Actually, do not use 64-bit Chromium on Windows. It can be less stable than the 32-bit version. But if you really want it, you can! I added 64-bit Chromium on Windows! ^^
@Jerry, Thanks for the clarification. It makes much more sense now. :) Keep up the good work!
Hello Jerry!
Would it be possible to get an RSS feed of the latest Chromium stable release (sort of a simple update method)?
Thank you for your support!
@24: Ok! Check my RSS feeds! ^^ Moreover, a simple #api is available too! ;)
Very useful site! I see that the updates are automatic. So, is it possible to have a list of the best releases without bug? Thanks.
Probably too ambitious, but it would be great to have an update extension that downloads the latest build if newer and runs the installation file. There unfortunately doesn't seem to be any extensions like that out there.
Very nice site, so I can find out what is the actual stable release for updating Chromium :D
Once a Firefox User, but with Mozilla's attempt to make a cheap Chrome clone I am glad for such a site like yours where I can find the actual stable version of the one and only valid original :D
I noticed there's now a repo for Android builds, can that be added too? :)
Giovanni Santini 
Hey man, that's finally a good website about Chromium :D
Just to know, will you share ever (or never) your API/website code? Just to know, just to make scripts for Windows Chromium auto-updating or else ;)
Thank you all !

@26: I will not offer a list of the best releases without bug. But, you can get the latest non buggy Chromium version from my other page: Hope you like it! ;)

@27: Sincerely, I have never done an extension for Chromium/Google Chrome. But sure, if someone does it, it will be nice!

@SaphirJD, Thank you very much for your feedback.

@29: Yes, I can get the best build for Android (.zip archive from Continuous repository) like others. But, I know nothing about the stable version. I need to check that. Good suggestion!

@Giovanni Santini, Code, no. My API is available for everybody. So, you can use it freely in your add-on script... but obviously not to create another website like mine. Note that my main website ( exists since 2007. Do not worry, this site will still exist in several years! ^^

For me, a good Chromium Updater add-on should offer:
- Download latest Snapshot build (may unstable) • by your own way
- Download latest Continuous "success" build (more stable) • via my API
- Download latest Continuous "non buggy" build (more and more stable) • via my API
Hey :D Is it also possible to find the latest "non buggy build" in a manual way on the Chromium Build sites like the one? For what information I have to look for? :)
I've been looking for a website like this since Chromium was released. I imagine this: since Chrome official release "X" is the same as Chromium build "Y", we should always be able to download Chromium "Y" instead. Then, with the following command we can always run our browser: \chrome-win32\chrome.exe  --user-data-dir="PROFILE_FOLDER_NAME"

Do you agree with me that this is a good idea? Rather than the latest Chromium, we have the Chromium which is the same as the current Chrome? (or as similar as possible)

Thanks so much for your work!
Cannot run the 64-bit version on Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, but no problems running the 32-bit version in this operating system (quite right if you say that the operating system will disappear soon...). On the other hand, x64 editions of Windows 7 are OK.
@SaphirJD: Check the Buildbot.

@GG: You wrote: "we should always be able to download Chromium "Y" instead."
You cannot. Google does not share the Chromium binaries equivalent to Chrome versions. The only way is to build your own Chromium version based on the same Google Chrome version. Check the #source-code and #notes for more.

Moreover, xx.x.xxxx.66 in this version means that 66 patches were made by Google developers (for Chrome browser). The shared Chromium binary has NOT got these patches. So on Windows, Chromium will be always less stable than Chrome for sure. In conclusion, I recommend to use the latest Chromium releases... or the stable Chromium releases built by developers (like on #linux and #mac).

If you are developer, you can re-build it. Good luck! ;)

@34, Thanks for your feedback on WinXP x64. I have never tested. 64-bit Chromium on Windows is very experimental. Google does not use it. I encourage you to read my #comment-6 above. ;)
How does FreeSMUG choose a build? Maybe you can do what they do...

I find these random Chromium builds very unstable and buggy, so I must regretfully use IronPortable instead :(
Thank you for your work :)
How do I select build at This is a really nice page!

How you can know if the build have no bugs?
• 32.0.1666.0 (227671):
• 32.0.1669.0 (228339):

These pages look identical. So how I can find out if there is any bug?
I see you are an expert on Chromium. Do you have any idea how to hide (auto-hide, disable) the download bar at the bottom of the browser? It is tedious to close it after each download or it occupies screen space if left open. Thank you!
Ok. I explain! ;)

@GG: I think that Chromium should not be used in production if it is not stable. On Windows, it is always buggy! I try to offer the best builds on Windows. The Google team says: use them as your own risk!

About FreeSMUG, the main developer chooses the same Chromium version as Google Chrome version and re-build it. Check #notes to understand. He improves it, corrects few bugs, add its own updater... And, no sorry, I have never built Chromium. I prefer web development! ;)

@37: "Build successful" is not enough. Make sure that your revision has no bug. "BUG=none" does not mean "stable"! A stable version is a version tested by many humans and automated tests.

Latest build without bug: 32.0.1666.0 (227671)

Latest build: 32.0.1669.0 (228339)

@Bucur, I am not an expert! ;) I need only a good version of Chromium in my development environnement. So, I created this website for that.

How to automatically hide Chromium's download bar?
There is no option in Chromium. Use this excellent add-on:
Great idea, thank you! Just two short questions about Windows version.

1) Why does the .exe version installs a slightly different fileset (or maybe the same fileset, but differently organized) than the .zip version?

2) Will the .exe version ever has the option to choose the destination folder?
Best regards
1) The .exe and .zip use significantly the same fileset. It is normal to have a difference because an .exe is a compiled version. And because all is open-source, the difference is not very important!

2) I think the Google team will not add an option to choose the destination folder in Chromium. Since then, Google Chrome has not got this option. :/
Check this Google official topic:!topic/chrome/R-wESj1EIk8
When you try to search something in the 32-bit version the "fade" effect is not there anymore but in 64-bit version it is. Hope you understand what I'm trying to say it also appears in 32-bit version you select stuff on websites.
I installed the 64-bit version of this, also I have the latest 64-bit Flash but this web browser although stated to be 64-bit is only 32-bit as it uses 32-bit Flash which if you install 32-bit Flash with 64-bit Flash then it conflicts, please fix it soon!
@SmirGel: Yes, it is true! ;)
@MadHatter: I know this issue. I hope that you read my #comment-6 above. I repeat: For Windows, all internal processes in the 64-bit version are in 32-bit. So, it is normal to have conflicts. This is the choice of Google, not mine. :/ Do not use the 64-bit version in production. Use it only for test! Google does not use the 64-bit version to build its own browser (Google Chrome).
I'm not sure is anyone else having this problem but I like to have extensions in Chrome and I'd really like to use Chromium but every time I install Disconnect add-on it makes Shockwave crash. I even reported this to the Chromium bug forum but anyone else willing to try if it happens? Thanks for reply ^^
@SmirGel: I have never seen this issue of 32-bit Chromium on WinXP (32-bit) and Win7 (64-bit). Which OS?
@Jerry: I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate. Can you try this out as well? It has to be that problem cause every time I install disconnect add-on it makes Shockwave crash. When I disable it no more Shockwave crashes. I want to know is it just me or other people too?
Willams Carvalho 
Hi! You know how can I deal with this situation? I'm using Chrome binary in my Selenium automated test, as you can see in the following code:
[EDIT: 18 Nov 2013 by Jerry]
Thanks in advance,
@SmirGel, I tested Disconnect add-on in the latest build of 32-bit Chromium (revision: 234602) on Windows 7 Ultimate. All work perfectly with Shockwave!

@Willams Carvalho, I am really sorry but this site is not for development's bugs. So, I will delete your post. See my #comment-1 above.

Sincerely sorry Williams! I cannot handle your trouble. :/
Just one thing: The first line in your debug logs is very important: "org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: Could not find Chrome binary at...".
Error in your URI. ^^
@Jerry, I installed the latest version of Chromium. Now, Shockwave just keeps crashing on YouTube when Disconnect is enabled and all the extension menus are also transparent. So I can't view anything in them. Seems like I've no other choice than go back to Chrome unless you can help me with the problem somehow.
@SmirGel, Ok. It is strange! :/ I think that we have not got the same configuration. Did you check plugins conflict via chrome://plugins? Me, I see all YouTube videos correctly with Disconnect add-on enabled. Just to test, uninstall Disconnect and try with Ghostery add-on. I hope that it will be ok for you. 
Thank you very much for this great site!

I see you recently added a link to "Chromium Portable" project, I tested this version on Win XP and found it very unstable and buggy:
1) Every time I close v. 32.0.1700.6, it always crashes with the launcher popup message "Whoa! Chromium has crashed. Relaunch now?"
2) The browser uses the English language in the UI, even in Spanish Windows version
3) If I try to change the language to Spanish (or any other than English), it does not change when I restart the browser (the same happens in earlier versions of Chromium portable that doesn't crash on exit as 32.0.1700.6 does it)
4) An error about "missing Google API keys" is always shown at startup

I've tested other portable versions of Chromium such as:
a) Google Chrome ( version)
b) Superbird (not 100% portable: it writes 2 'superbird' registry keys)
c) X-Chromium (winpenpack)
d) SrWare Iron
All those versions works fine, no one fails as chromium-portable.

I think a good option for those who needs a stable portable version is WinPenPack's:
It can be easily updated with Chromium zip builds you offer here
admin Thank you for your feedback. You know, all on this site is auto-updated by the server itself. I do not check each version. But after your review, I tested latest Chromium Portable ( on WinXP. I am totally agree with you. This build (32.0.1700.6) is really buggy! :/

1) This is a new issue. :/ Chromium Portable ( 31.0.1650.8 has not got this trouble.
2 and 3) Yes. Issues known:!topic/crportable/hUU6b8LTdJo
4) This issue is known for few months now:!topic/crportable/A6MDtGTJZO0 Too bad! :/

About X-Chromium (WinPenPack), I tested it on WinXP. It works very well and it is fully open-source. I like it! I will had it tomorrow on this website. Very thank you for your help.

Superbird browser is good but is not open-source! :/
Thank you a lot for your website! It works great :)
Hey! Chrome installation is prohibited on my corporate laptop but I found Chromium Portable. But I have a problem syncing my Google account and using Chrome web apps on my Chromium. I do not understand what I can do to enable this. Can someone help?
Thanks for this site. Having just switched from Chrome to Chromium, it seems to be the most helpful resource.
Thank you so much for all of your help, feedback and encouragement! ;)

@55, Did you resolve your problem? Which Chromium portable version do you use?

@mihau, Thanks. I try to maintain an interesting resource for users (like me! ^^). On Windows, I recommend to use Chromium as your secondary web browser because it can be unstable (Flash plugin issue or other). Otherwise, before to update it, do a copy of your user data (profile, bookmarks...).
This is a super useful resource! I'd love to support you in keeping it up. Is it possible for you to add a Flattr link to this page so I can Flattr you every time I update? Other users may also like a Paypal donate link / Bitcoin wallet id to support you as well.
@Donations, Thank you very much. I am honored but I am not interested in Flattr or other way to earn money. I already have a good job! ;)
Nice project. Sadly, 64-bit Chromium (Windows) does not view Flash contents even if installed and activated (Adobe Shockwave Flash crashed) notification bar. Is there a fix for this?
You think the HTTP Switchboard extension is ok enough to appear in your list?

It blocks scripts/trackers... I am the author, so I obviously will appeared biased, but I did some objective detailed tests, and I dare to say it does better job and gives more control to users than other privacy-enhancing applications available on Chromium.
Thank you for all. Happy new year!

@gorhill, Very good news! Your extension is excellent and very powerful. I tested it. Now, your add-on is on the top of my list in #privacy section. ;) Thank you very much for your work.
Hello! I found a serious bug in Chromium Installer release: bug not present in Chrome dev channel. Practically, my Chromium reports a crash of the component "Adobe Shockwave Flash" (Error message: "Adobe Shockwave Flash has crashed") when the websites I visit, there are video type Flash.

Finally, after having tried everything I found the solution: go on YouTube, open a video and do the right mouse button: select "Settings" and then in the window that opens remove the check mark from "Hardware acceleration". With "Hardware acceleration" off...component "Shockwave Flash" of Chromium no longer crashes! Please....correct this bug!
@Flaubert, Thank you very much for your feedback. Sure, it works. I read that on other forums too. But this issue does not exist on 32-bit Windows using the external #flash plugin. I think you use a 64-bit version, is not it?

About YouTube, you can use the HTML5 Video Player: (No Flash required)
Have you considered producing 64-bit Mac versions as provided here: → Chromium Mac 10.8 x64 (experimental)
64-bit Chromium from no more installable. From 1790.0 (245341) to now 1794.0 (245803), chrome.exe executable is not more contained in mini-installer.exe nor elsewhere in other archives.
@Anthony, Thank you very much for your help. I added it on the Mac part.
@66, Your link is wrong ;) Check
@Jerry: Thanks for your very convenient website! I was wondering, since it's also open-source, it'd be a good idea to add Pale Moon to your recommended browsers. It's a Firefox-based browser optimized for Windows, you should take a look at its webpage:
I think it has a bug. It always says that the build contains 1x BUG but that's not true. It has more...
@69: This is the result of automated tests. Sure, It has got probably more than 1 bug! This site exists only to help us and is based directly on results of Google/Chromium Buildbot.
Thank you so much!
@70: +1 for info, Chromium is often buggy because it is in development. "no bug" means that no bug was detected by Automated Tests. Read my #notes.
Dawid Stawicki 
Hello! I am new here. First of all I'd like to say THANK YOU for this awesome builds. I really love Chromium browser, so thank you guys!
I am running at Windows 8.1. Is it possible to change wallpaper in Windows 8 mode? If I good remember, this feature were available in Chrome OS. That grey color is strange for me :)

Have a nice day, regards!
blogger templates 
I have downloaded the Chromium installable version on my Windows 8 and it doesn't work! :/
Please, I need Chromium 32.0.1700.107 binaries for Windows.
@Dawid Stawicki: Thank you! ;) Yes you can. Use themes:

@blogger templates: I do not know why it did not work for you :/ Retry with the last version!

@Raul: Sorry! Chromium 32.0.1700.107 corresponds to the revision 248368
• Google Chrome:
• Chromium:

Google deletes its Chromium packages when the same version of Google Chrome is released. Check yourself:
• Continuous repo: → Empty :/
• Snapshots repo: → Empty :/

...but it is available. You must to re-build it. (169 MB)
Dawid Stawicki 
@Jerry, Thanks for your reply but I mean this:
@Dawid Stawicki, Ok, sorry for the misunderstanding. I do not use Chrome OS or Chromium OS.
Did you check the official help about wallpaper in Chrome OS?
...or this post of the Chromium Evangelist at Google?

Check this issue too: (Start Chrome in Metro mode)
Thank you for combining all these resources into one. I'd like to comment about X-Chromium (WinPenPack). Current version is very unstable and buggy(34): Every relaunch after initial use caused BEX error chrome.dll_unloaded error 5da47c81 on my pc.(several) Apparently it seems there is no king of Chromium portable just yet...
@79: Thank you! I tested it in a Virtual Machine. On WinXP (32-bit) and Win7 (32-bit), there is no BEX error. But, I found it on Win7 (64-bit). I fixed it on Win7 following this method: BEX error is known on Google Chrome too.

BEX Indicates a buffer overflow (/GS) or DEP exception (BEX64 indicates a buffer overflow (/GS) or DEP exception on 64-bit versions of Windows).
I use Ubuntu 10.10. I am tired of apt-get install method. I use an Opera portable browser binary at present, without installing anything. Can't we get a similar binary for Chromium browser. The binary may have to include dependencies, or ask for easily available dependencies.
I have problems with the newest Chromium build version 34.0.1833.0 (250015) on Win7.
Often no images are shown or they disappear after some seconds. This is on all websites.

Can someone reproduce it and create a bug report?
I have no Google-account and don't want one.

So I tried to install an older version, but it's still this buggy version. Now, Chromium even does not start...

@Jerry, What can I do to get a working browser?
I have all my bookmarks in Chromium and Firefox has lots of small things why I don't like it.

This is the second time I get a build here that is not usable. First was on Mac OS X 10.6.8
@yb: Yes I understand all and I agree with you. Opera is a good web browser. I recommend it too. Good choice!

@82: Chromium is continually in development. And because it can be unstable, do not use it as your primary browser! Prefer a stable browser like Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome...
Never update Chromium with an #older-version Try to get your bookmarks. Check links in #comment-8 for help. And update Chromium browser or import your bookmarks in another browser like Opera. Good luck!

Note: This page is a blend of official resources about Chromium browser. I am absolutely not a developer of that browser. This page exists only to help you... and me!
@Jerry: I can backup my Profile and Chromium and test a new version.
If it works, I keep it, else I delete all data and restore working program.

C:\Users\xyz\AppData\Local\Chromium\User Data

This seems to be the only possibility to have always a working browser.
Amazing job, just what I need for my Mac :)
Thanks for providing these (daily) builds of Chromium. Much appreciated.
One question/remark: Is there a specific need for all these "version-buildnumer.manifest" files or could we actually do without all but the last one?
@Stephan: You can delete all .manifest files except the one corresponding to your release. In other words, if your version is 35.0.1860.0. Keep 35.0.1860.0.manifest and delete all other .manifest files. These files are automatically generated by the Chromium Buildbot.
I have finally found an extension that enables PDF viewing in 64-bit Chromium for Mac OS X.
@Japa: Yes, Thanks. I know it. It is a good add-on.
Is it possible to build in H.264 support into Chrome?
@Derek: Sorry, I do not use Google Chrome. The only thing I know is that Chromium does not support H.264 currently. 
@Stephan & @Jerry: Those *.manifest files are only in zip version of Chromium ( You can also delete "pnacl" folder and "interactive_ui_tests.exe" to save disk space. "pnacl" folder will be created by Chromium in profile folder after 1st. run.
admin I disagree with you about your "ONLY"! :D Those *.manifest files also exist in main folder (of each version) after executing/update of "mini_installer.exe" on Windows XP (32-bit) and Windows 7 (64-bit). In any case, thank you very much for your help... and your links on your site! ;)
@Jerry: Yes, you are right! I've checked a very old mini_installer and there were no *.manifest files inside.

Now I downloaded a recent mini_installer (35.0.1868.0), and found 87 .manifest files:
86 are [version].manifest and one mksnapshot.ia32.exe.assert.manifest

The zip package has 622 .manifest files with different names
I dislike Google. I use Chromium on Debian. I did not know where I could find Chromium for Windows.
Thank you. This website is useful.
admin Yes, it is totally crazy!
@mauro: Thank you. Do not forget that Chromium on Windows can be unstable. Use it as your secondary browser.
Thank you for a terrific site Jerry!

For general interest, I have found a rather easy way to enable some excluded features:

1. PDF Reader and Print Preview - Copy the file 'pdf.dll' from an existing Chrome install directory to your Chromium install directory. The PDF reader will work without further config. To enable print preview simply add ' --enable-print-preview' to the end of your shortcut path.

2. PepperFlash - Copy the file 'pepflashplayer.dll' from an existing Chrome install directory to your Chromium install directory. To enable the plugin, simply add ' --ppapi-flash-path=pepflashplayer.dll' to the end of your shortcut path. You can also tell Chromium what version with ' --ppapi-flash-version='.

Hopefully this helps someone out there just as you have done for me Jerry ;)
Keep up with the great work and thank you once again!
Thank you, but where is the stable Windows version 33?
@Deeshay: Excellent! ;) Thank you very much for your help. For Windows users, I prepare a tutorial to make Chromium like Google Chrome. I would like to re-use and improve your comment. Can I?

@Haris: Please read my #comment-76 and #comment-18
Feel free to use my comments any way you like Jerry :)
I will be very interested to read and share your tutorial as well. 
To add PepperFlash to X-Chromium Portable (WinPenPack):
1. Be sure X-Chromium is not running
2. Copy PepperFlash folder (with the 2 files pepflashplayer.dll & manifest.json) from a Google Chrome installation or portable version and paste it into X-Chromium's: X-Chromium\Bin\Chrome
3. Edit the file X-Chromium.ini (in same location as X-Chromium.exe), and modify it under [FileToRun] section like this...

Parameters= --user-data-dir="%Profile%"  --disk-cache-dir="$Cache$"  --ppapi-flash-path=$Bin$\$AppName$\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll  --ppapi-flash-version=

... and save changes.

As you see, I've added 2 command line switches:
--ppapi-flash-path=$Bin$\$AppName$\PepperFlash\pepflashplayer.dll  --ppapi-flash-version=

Previous is valid for pepper-flash v.

4. Run X-Chromium.exe, type chrome://plugins and select which flash plugin you want yo enable, ppapi (pepper-flash) or npapi (netscape type plugin)


To add PDF viewer look the #comment-97

Remember you can keep X-Chromium up to day with Chromium zip packages, just unzip files under X-Chromium\Bin\Chrome and remove some useless files such as *.manifest, except [latestversion].manifest
Anyone knows how to get the old New Tab Page back? I am not experienced enough to pull the code from an old version :(
@Deeshay & Really thank you for your great help!
@102: Did you test these add-ons to get the old New Tab Page?
Hi there,
Thank you very much for this site, it is extremely useful! If I want to build the "Chromium Portable (winPenPack build)" by myself, how can I do that? Do you have build instructions and/or build scripts available to share?
Thanks and regards, Fabian
Latest version 35.0.1889.0 sets off Avast reporting a Win32:Evo-gen [susp] virus.
@Fabian: Thanks a lot! You should contact winPenPack team. They need developers! ^^ The team is really active.
Otherwise, build instructions are on Good luck! ;)

@Shawn: It is surely a false positive. Please, read the #malware part.
Can anyone pull the code of the new tab page from 32?
Hi, do you know on Chromium how to handle app with "open with" ? For example, I have a link to SopCast Player. It doesn't open SopCast. Google Chrome does. Thanks for help. 
@Shawn, I've experienced same problem as you with Chromium 35.0.1888.0.
While Chromium was running avast autoupdated to vps 140314-0 and after a warning, without asking confirmation, chrome.exe was deleted by avast, not quarantained because of a wrong default configuration.
Obviously, it was a false positive (it was fixed later with vps 140314-1)

@Jerry, I've quickly tested new Chromium Portable 35.0.1881.0, and it has same bugs and failures as previous old version (#comment-52) It also brings a new bug, because it creates and leaves three registry keys behind after first run

Regshot log:
Keys added:3

As we know, a good portable app must delete any created registry keys and temp files on exit.

The author of this Chromium Portable, Aluísio Augusto Silva Gonçalves, says in the forum that he doesn't know how to fix the crash on exit problem.
A forum user gives a workaround: Close Chromium Portable with CTRL + SHIFT + Q!topic/crportable/SW3I-hzn1es

X-Chromium Portable (winPenPack) doesn't have this problem, the launcher deletes all registry keys and temp files created on exit.
@107: Sorry, no! Otherwise, see my #comment-103 BIG thanks. It is true! You are a master! ^^ I updated the #windows-64-bit-aluisioasg part.
Please can someone explain to me if this newly added is portable?
Chromium Archive • • Version: 35.0.1898.0 (257592)
@Daniel: Chromium Archive write Windows registry keys (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Chromium)... and create your profile folder for your user data (extensions, bookmarks...), on your first run, in another place on your computer. Therefore, this version is not portable.
@Jerry, Thanks for your fast answer, so which version you would recommend to use ? I need 100% portable one.
And since you marked version as buggy, I don't want to use it at all!
@Daniel: Check your mailbox! ^^
I have installed Chromium Installer mini_installer.exe • Version: 35.0.1904.0 (258717) on Windows 7 (32-bit).

If I want to start Chromium with chrome.exe I get:
Name der fehlerhaften Anwendung: chrome.exe, Version: 35.0.1904.0, Zeitstempel: 0x532d4ad8
Name des fehlerhaften Moduls: unknown, Version:, Zeitstempel: 0x00000000
Ausnahmecode: 0xc0000005
Fehleroffset: 0x6ad1c989
ID des fehlerhaften Prozesses: 0xb24
Startzeit der fehlerhaften Anwendung: 0x01cf475a57e712f0
Pfad der fehlerhaften Anwendung: C:\Users\A\AppData\Local\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe
Pfad des fehlerhaften Moduls: unknown
Berichtskennung: 964ee5c0-b34d-11e3-8489-000e7bb09a00

If I click the chrome.exe a second time Chromium starts.
So I have to click the button always to times. What is wrong? Please help.
@Ben, About Windows OS, I use Win7 (64-bit) and WinXP (32-bit). On WinXP, I found no issue like you when I opened Chromium 35.0.1904.0 (258717) via its shortcut. I used no flag. This revision is correct on Windows:

So, it is probably a bug on Win7 (32-bit). I do not know. Retry with the newest version when it will be possible. If you do not want to wait, delete your current version and try with an older version.
@Jerry, Bitdefender cause the issue, no WinXP (32-bit) bug.

What do you mean? Better take:
- Comodo Dragon (best speed on my PC, DNS Option, Referer Suppress without plugin) but, geez! Version 31.1!!
- or Superbird, only nearly latest Version? A "botched job"?
- or take a "too new one" like 35 (now)

For browsing and having buying transactions?
would be nice you send a short comment. thank you.
@Ben: For browsing and having buying transactions, choose a stable web browser like Firefox, Midori, Opera, Google Chrome... On Windows, Chromium can be unstable. Personnally, I do not recommend to use Chromium as your primary browser.
Hello! Is there a way to permanently save command line switches on Windows? I can only find information regarding ways for Linux. Thank you :)
@Jerry: Thanks.
Can be unstable means the risk of crashes? or risks of vulnerable, security issues?
I was very happy to find your site because I tried several Chromium forks and thought getting something stable, (mostly) secure-safe with the "good build".

And, without wanting to spam you with stupid questions and steeling your time,
If I open this site: chrome://net-internals/#dns after 5 - to 10 seconds the site shows me:

dblzwbd UNSPECIFIED error: -105 (ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) 2014-03-27 16:33:33.206 [Expired]
fgvgglqpzigvhss UNSPECIFIED error: -105 (ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) 2014-03-27 16:33:33.207 [Expired]
sdswyxp UNSPECIFIED error: -105 (ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED) 2014-03-27 16:33:33.206 [Expired]

My startpage is chrome://newtab
The letters a always different if I test the ...#dns site again.

Please, are you able to give me answer?
@119: On Windows, write your #command-line-flags like on this snapshot:

@Ben: Yes, Chromium can be unstable, like on #comment-7 and about your DNS issues, I have got the same results like you if I enable phishing and malware protection. To change it, check your privacy settings and uncheck the corresponding option.
Thank you again, Jerry!
If I search at
(like comment "in resume": Continuous builds: Tested and more stable versions. Me, I prefer this repository for Windows and Mac. ^^)
for (257193), is this the same version like Google Chrome 33.0.1750.154?
@Ben: Thanks. About stability, Google Chrome and Chromium are really different. Read my #comment-35 about "patches" and my other #comment-76 I have already given the answer! ^^
@Jerry: Yes, pardon! Is there another Chrome-clone updated browser than Opera? Otherwise I fear my Chromium-dream is gone...
@Ben, There are many #browsers based on Chromium. Good luck! ;)
Please, I need help with download source code from this DEPS: I want rebuild this. I followed the guide, but I get stuck at this step. Regards.
@Raul, Sorry, I cannot help you more than the official documentation. Check the #source-code. Good luck! ;)
Hello Jerry,
I use for trying. Best choice, I think.

You wrote: "And about your DNS issues, I have got the same results like you if I enable phishing and malware protection. To change it, check your privacy settings and uncheck the corresponding option".

There is no different between enable/disable phishing and malware protection. I tried with/without addons, with HTTP Switchboard, incognito mode. Always these 3 results. Any idea?
Passing By 

I did not know that the Chromium engine still had Google in it and thought that Chrome added all the Google bit & bobs at an higher level
Hi Jerry,
Thanks so much for providing these Windows builds for Chromium - I was getting very frustrated with Iron...... I have one small request if possible: you replied to Derek's #comment-90 above regarding H.264 support in Chromium and that it wasn't supported.

According to this post and it *is* now supported by Chromium. Is there any chance you could include this functionality in some future builds please?
This site is just amazing. It's exactly what I needed. Making available for download the latest and best Chromium release without bug is a brilliant idea.

Thank you so much Jerry and keep up the excellent work!
Thank you all for your support! ;)

@Passing By, Behind its open-source side, Chromium is a Google project.

@Joe, I disagree with you. Chromium does not support MP3 and H.264.

"When building Google Chrome, the following codecs/containers are also included:
- MP3 audio codec
- AAC audio codec (Main only, not AAC-LC, AAC-SSR, HE-AAC)
- H.264 video codec
- MP4 container format"

By default, Google Chrome has got these non-free codecs because Google pays the respective licenses for its own stable browser... but NOT for Chromium.
Hi Jerry,
Unless I'm mistaken, and please correct me if I am wrong, Chromium uses the open-source FFMPEG code to implement H.264 support. Google may well pay license fees to include support for these codecs in their proprietary browser however the Chromium based FFMPEG source code is included in the open-source Chromium code (see which means H.264 and MP3 support *is* now possible. Also, the post by François Beaufort, who works at Google, would suggest that it is possible also. See this post too

Why not give it a whirl? :)
Hello Joe,
Ok, I understood. You are right! ^^
Yes, I know that it is possible. All is possible! ;) Chromium forks (like Opera browser) do that... but you forgot the Google strategy!
- Chromium is the Google open-source web browser project → for developers.
- Google Chrome is the stable release → for all users.

In resume, yes it is possible! But the Google team (aka The Chromium Authors) decide all. Google prefers to curb Chromium browser and force users to use Google Chrome.

If you are developer (like François Beaufort ^^), you can build your own Chromium browser with MP3, H.264 codecs and other features. About me, sorry, I have no time to maintain and share modified Chromium versions.
Kind regards, 
Very good news about Chromium Portable (PortableApps format)!
Two bugs (see #comment-52 and #comment-109) has been fixed since version 35.0.1916.27, April 10, 2014:

1) The bug about registry keys leaved behind is fixed.
I reported this issue in the official forum!topic/crportable/j3Qj4Z-C2LM
I posted as "F.M." :)

2) The crash on exit issue is also fixed.
I've tried to report this in the forum since November 2013 but my message was never published (crportable mailing list is moderated). Anyway it was reported by other users.

3) I found a workaround for the "change language" issue:
After first run, close ChromiumPortable, make sure it is not running, and edit "ChromiumPortableSettings.ini" file (located at "<install-folder>\ChromiumPortable\Data\settings") and change the line "Language=en-US" to desired language and save it, for example, Spanish Latin America is 'Language=es-419' (you can find all language strings inside 'Locales' folder).
Now launch ChromiumPortable: browser should display UI in selected language.
Thank you very much for your work. I also tested it and updated the #windows-64-bit-aluisioasg part.
I had problems with HTTP Switchboard at Version 36.0.1939.0, but not at version 36.0.1933.0
Ok, I try with other words:
I don't want to test every "latest and best release" if HTTP Switchboard is running on it without probs or not.
Maybe there is somewhere to read about, if this addon is really ready for which version.
Sorry for my bad English.
Hello Ben! ;)
Thank you for your feedback. I understood your trouble but I can do nothing! Sorry. If you have issue with HTTP Switchboard, contact gorhill (Raymond Hill). He is the developer. Or use another add-on about #privacy
Ta muchly! ;)
I am so grateful for your blog article. Really thank you! Fantastic.
InoReader does not update any RSS feed on this site. Can you change RSS format?
Hi Jerry.
I developed an app that keeps Chromium automatically up to date. The app uses your API to get the latest builds. I published the code on GitHub, you can find it here:

ChromiumMe is made for Windows and Mac. Right now it runs only on Windows, because I haven't got the resources (yet) to test and compile it on a Mac OS. If anyone finds bugs, don't hesitate to report them to me on GitHub. Or better yet, send me a pull request! :)

Hope you like it. ;)
Awesome browser, I'm using 64-bit Chromium and I like it!
Hi Jerry, Do I need to download Flash players on Windows for Chromium? Or does it has PepperFlash? Thanks.
@Ryu, You need to download and install the Adobe Flash player for it to work with Chromium. Chromium does not come with a pre-built Flash player. I'm not sure if non-adobe Flash players work though.
Congratulations, great website!
Chromium is also excellent! ;)
Hi, great website! I would like to know what is the way to clean cache and history at the close of Chromium as is done with Firefox. Thanks.
There are several addons (aka extensions) available to clean history etc
Thank you all! ;)
I'm sorry for the delay. I was on holiday the last weeks.

@and: My RSS feeds are valid. Check at So, I do not know how to improve them. Also, I tested them in add-ons: Slick RSS (on Chromium), Smart RSS (on Opera). All is ok.

@Ryu: On Windows you need to install a #flash plugin.

@HitomiTenshi: Nice work! I contact you in private. ;)

@Leo: You can use incognito mode by default. See #command-line-flags or like @philo said, use an add-on like Click&Clean.
While in full-screen mode Chromium is not letting my auto-hidden Windows taskbar pop-up on top of it. Whatever I do it just stays hidden. The only solution is to minimize Chromium and only then it becomes accessible. My OS: Win7 x64.

Does anyone else have the same problem?
I have the same issue on 64-bit Chromium on Win7 (x64) and 32-bit Chromium on WinXP SP3 (x86). Note:
Jeez, this bug is 6 years old :/
Anyway, thank you Jerry!
@152: After 6 years, I tell you: do you think that it is really a bug? No, this is a choice of the Google team. Behind its open-source side, Chromium is a Google project. About the 64-bit version, we know the same issue. We talk about Chromium/Google Chrome 64-bit version since 2009. Today, there is still no official 64-bit version. Read my #comment-6 to understand.
Over time I always switched between Chrome and Chromium. I find Chrome too intrusive with the Google services bundled. With Chromium In Windows 8+ I had the issue that even if using the installer, the shortcut to launch Chromium (regardless if on Desktop or in Taskbar) never worked, when clicking it always said: Chrome.exe class not registered. Nothing I found on the web helped to make it work, so I switched to Chrome. Now, in the latest Chrome (35.0.1916.114) the notification bell cannot be removed anymore (so I read...) from the systray and its driving me crazy. I wanna ask, before doing anything, if the latest Chromium also has this notification bell and if the class not registered thing has been taken care of in Win8+ ?

@Jerry: I know. Such a frivolous attitude from such a big company. It's a shame.
Anyway, thank you again and keep up the good work.
Recently, when I unzip the Windows builds I have been downloading (zip format), Norton Internet Security reports that either Chrome.exe or chrome_elf.dll is infected. For example, I just downloaded Version: 37.0.2001.0 Revision: 271314 Build: 7896 and NIS immediately tagged Chrome.exe as being infected with the Trojan.gen.2 and immediately deleted it. This is happening more frequently, about half the time I download a new build, Chrome.exe or chrome_elf.dll is immediately flagged by NIS as being infected. Is anyone else experiencing this? I've scanned with other A/V like AVG and Webroot and they ALSO are flagging the same files, so it's not just NIS. Conversely, Microsoft Security Essentials on Win7 and Windows Defender on Win8 do not flag anything (not that these programs are particularly very good, but it is a data point).

At first I was fairly comfortable that these were false positives, but it is starting to worry me that is it fairly consistent, in that in order to run the program I have to override NIS and undelete chrome.exe which as a general practice is not something one should do. FYI, I routinely scan my systems and they are clean and these Chrome builds are the ONLY ones that raise alerts, period.
Can we find in this site, older stable versions? For example the stable version now is 35, can we find the nearest version of this on your site? Thank you!
@hariskar: On Windows, there is no stable version. But, if you want, choose a patched portable version. Also, read my #comment-18 and #comment-123
@Ivan: I understand your issue but I do not use Win8+. Sorry!
@156: Check the #malware part. I tested on (32-bit) • Version: 37.0.2023.0 (273845). All is ok.
Kind regards,
This last version ended up a bit more buggy for me. With multiple tabs opened and visualizing images sometimes Chromium crashes in the version before this that was not happening.
Can we find older versions of Chromium here or only the latest? Thank you.
@Xannon98: Yes, I know this browser #crash :/

@160, Same question as @hariskar. But it is always possible to get an #older-version of Chromium.
ohala kula 
In fact, there is a 64-bit Chrome Canary version. This is the link:
@ohala kula: Thank you. I corrected your link. Just a little friendly reminder: Google Chrome Canary version is not Chromium. I cannot see the full source code of Google Chrome Canary. But it can be helpful for tests ;)
@Jerry: Thanks for your reply. It seems that Google have just taken this version to public.This link have been leaked on Chinese network for some days.
@164: It is not a secret link! ;) Search "chrome-canary" words in and see the review's date. ^^

@165: Chromium is not a spyware... and has no spyware. The full #source-code is freely available for anyone. However, this project uses services delivered by Google (like on Firefox, Opera or other browser). Protect your #privacy ;) You know, Chromium connects to Google server in order to update add-ons (cf. All web browsers do that. Personally, I prefer to use a VPN provider and keep few opened services.
@Jerry: There are a lot of VPN providers, please recommend some!
ohala kula 
@Jerry: I mean that the Win x64 version of Chrome Canary was a secret.
@ohala kula, Sorry, I misunderstood. But is official! ^^

@167: Waoooow, difficult in one line. I could write a long article ;)
I recommend VPN providers:
• using OpenVPN (free and open source software)
• near your country (speed is better, but this is relative!)
• offering offshore server locations (Netherlands, Panama, Costa Rica, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Switzerland...)
• professional and renowned (HideMyAss, IPVanish, PureVPN...). Good overview at and
• using IPv6 support (if your IPv6 address is enabled)
• using torrent support (if you use a client torrent like BitTorrent)

I forget the "No logging" mention because I cannot verify that myself.

About free VPN providers (like Hotspot Shield, CyberGhost, IAPS Intl-alliance, SpotFlux..), you are not protected on sites using a secure connection (https://) and/or if your IPv6 address is enabled. Moreover, all free VPN providers keep user logs.
Thank you for recommendation Jerry. The Protocol "OpenVpn" is open source, but what about the named providers? same like using open source on microsoft?
What about and ?
Can't get the flash plugin in to work on either the x64 of Chromium or Canary. Constant crashing and it works fine on Firefox x64. Any ideas?
In version 37.0.2035.0 (275454) taskbar pops up like it have to, is this issue fixed permanently?
(ref: #comment-150) 
A new Portable Chromium 32-64 bit ( format) is available:

On-line Installer downloads latest Chromium "mini_installer.exe", extract files, and creates a good Portable Chromium.
I quickly tested 32 bit version and it works fine; it cleans all registry keys on exit and doesn't give errors about missing keys or when moving portable to another location as does.
@170: Test! Sorry, I cannot help you more.

@cyberrufus: I do not use 64-bit Chromium on Windows. Did you check the official help?

@172: Good news! I do not know if it will be permanent. ;) Thanks a lot for your help but I cannot promote this version because it is a warez site. Read for a quick explanation.
A developer at Chromium (Chrome) indicated to me that Chromium no longer supports the x64 NPAPI plugin. As to not working on Chrome/Canary, the upcoming depreciation of the NPAPI plugin made it an issue not worrying about as far as he was concerned. Chromium x64 on Windows requires the PPAPI plugin to function. 
@Jerry: Yes you are right
martin levy 
Is anybody able to learn me, how to disable images on Google Chrome Android version? some hacks? for example chrome://about .. Profiles .. ?
@Jerry, I use a VPN on Notebook, but what about the Rooter/Modem (Arris) brought by my Internet Provider? I can't modify the Modem. Are there any leaks concerning this?
You say "Use an auto-updater add-on on Windows" - what addons do you recommend?
Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth 
Good news everyone! Adobe published a new beta of its Flash player, including a PPAPI version (both 32 and 64 bit).

It's only a debug version and only for Windows for now, but it does the job.

I'm running Chromium x64 on a Windows 8.1 system and got flash working by adding this to the shortcut: ' --ppapi-flash-path=C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\pepflashplayer64_14_0_0_126.dll  --ppapi-flash-version='
@Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, I am happy to see that! Thank you very much for your help.
Flash Player Beta:, Yes, it works! Sure, this is a Chromium modified version. But, where are the modified/full source code and the release notes? The link to download it is unofficial. Sorry Marcelo, all is too obscure for me. Use it at your own risk! ;)

@martin levy, There is no option to disable images in Google Chrome Android version. Did you test Opera Mini? It is based on Chromium like Google Chrome but it has got this option.

@178, If you use a good VPN, your Internet Provider (ISP) cannot see what sort of traffic is inside the data stream.

@179, On Windows, I do not use updater. I prefer to update Chromium manually once or twice a month. For help, try an #updater
What is the difference between Git and non-Git versions of Chromium?
@Mike: You know that for few months, Chromium migrated from SVN to Git. So, about the directories in the Snapshots repository, I do not know why there are Git and non-Git versions because all use Git.

When I compare the LAST_CHANGE files, sometimes it is the same Git revision! But, I see that the directory without Git suffix is often updated.

Ask to François at

The Snapshots builds might be very unstable. I prefer the Continuous repository (which otherwise has only one directory for each OS version).
The last update is from more then a week ago? When will the new builds be published?
@Henk: Yes, I see! About Windows, the Continuous repository is not updated :/
The last good revision is 279255, released in 24 June 2014. This is the official Buildbot result. (32-bit Windows)
• continuous/Win_x64/LAST_CHANGE (64-bit Windows)
• continuous/index.html (All directories)

I do not know if this trouble is temporary, intentional or not? But, it is strange! Only Windows builds are concerned.

Otherwise, the Snapshots repository is always updated but there is nothing for 64-bit Windows . (32-bit Windows)
• snapshots/index.html (All directories) (Download nightly builds)

Note that Google released the new 64-bit Windows Canary and Dev channels this month (3 June 2014).
Last two Canary updates have been 32-bit.
The current (July 3) build download links aren't working!
@cyberrufus: Thanks for info ;)

@187: Now, all should be ok. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Just installed the latest Chromium on Win 8.1. The bell notification icon is not appearing anymore when going to fullscreen of flash videos and the application now launches from any shortcut. I am happy. Just one more detail: the association with html and htm files is made, Chromium is the default browser, but when executing a html file it says "Access denied". Any clue?

No bug-free version since June 21?
There's what's been going on with the x64 builds.
No 32-bit bug-free version since June 21?
Thanks. Why is it not listed on, still showing version of June 21?
@philo: Because only shows last version *Without bug*.
Version: 38.0.2081.0 (281129) / Thursday, 3 July 2014, has One Bug.
If you look at you'll understand why there is no recent version with or without bug (lot of Failed compile)
@marc: Thanks for your explanations. In other words, "success" in compiling does not mean bug-free.
@philo: Yes, That's it!
@marc: Thank you.
About Windows, the Continuous repository is not updated because it is broken. This is due to the switch from SVN revision numbers to Git hashes.
@Jerry: Are they going to fix it any time soon?
Chromium has built-in PDF and print preview since May!
I can't get PepperFlash working on 64-bit Windows revision 279225. I followed the steps Deeshay (#comment-97) wrote and they work for 32-bit Chromium, but not for the 64-bit version. I simply get "Couldn't load plugin" I even put the version of Flash used.

In chrome://plugins I have the system's Adobe Flash disabled but the PepperFlash one enabled.

--ppapi-flash-path=pepflashplayer.dll  --ppapi-flash-version= are my launch arguments.
Put the complete path to the plugin with quotes if necessary (the version number also requires quotes).
Sérgio Marques 
Last build for 32-bit is reported as infected with virus in chrome.exe. It was reported in Gdata and Avast. I've already reported as false positive. Let's see what they can do.
Finally got a successful compile on a x64 build.
@cyberrufus &@El-tra: Yes, everything seems to be ok! ;)

@Mike: Yes, it is correct! Thank you. I updated the #features part.

@obious: I have got also this issue on Win7 x64.

@Sérgio Marques: Good feedback! ;) For links, check the #malware part.

Info: FYI official builds has moved to Google storage hence the folder structure is different. It means that at the moment the #mac-64-bit-package is not updated (Source:
Any chance there is a Windows updater for the latest stable version?
@obious: For help, try an #updater ;)
Sérgio Marques 
@Jerry: For build xx.2092, it's not detected. Thanks for your feedback. Regards
Unable to launch Chromium x86/x64 on Windows 8.1 Update 1. Gives an error message which I forgot to backup for further analysis.
I'm looking for a way to download an older version (37), but when I go to their repository page, every version seems to be put into a folder with a string of alphanumeric characters, rather than a version number. I don't know if that's a hash or what, but how can I easily browse older versions to download?
@Anon, I don't know how to browse by Chromium version (only by revision).
Here you have version: 37.0.1987.0 (Rev:269701) for Windows:
Try changing revision number in link until you find desired 37.0.x.0 version
@obious: Download PepperFlash for the 64-bit Canary version. Make a Chromium shortcut and add  --ppapi-flash-path="pathgoeshere"

@RazielCuts: Bad news! I do not use Win8+. Thank you for your feedback.

@Anon: Which OS do you use?
If you use 32-bit Windows, the revision 278951 (version 37.0.2063.0) is the last 37 version.
• Download here:
• To get older revisions (version 37.x.xxxx.x), check the revision number between 269696 and 278951, in this repository.

@Mr: Marc, Thank you too! ;)
Hooray! My problem is solved by rolling back. I have no idea how to quickly check versions other than manually going back through revisions > downloading 82mb zip > checking properties of chrome.exe, but you saved me a lot of time fellas. Thank you!
Ricardo Baptista 
Love this website. Very nicely organised and easy to pick latest build.
Well done. Keep it up. Thank you :)
Java plug-in does not work on Chromium.
Linux Ubuntu 14.04
Java uses a NPAPI plugin and is no longer supported by Chromium on Linux.
The Continuous repository seems to be broken again. :/ • Version: 38.0.2102.0 (284658)....bad link
Thank you all about the issue. I updated all links but note that Chromium's developers actually work on the Continuous repository.

About Java on Chromium (and Google Chrome) on Linux:
@Jerry: Thanks, finally I found the last 37 version! :D
Shockwave Flash has crashed on Chromium x64 with Win8, You need to fix, please
If I add search engines to Chromium via Omnibox Tab-button search won't work (i.e when you type "you" and hit Tab, it searches YouTube).
Cannot get Flash to work on Chromium browser crashes easily. How do I install PepperFlash like in Chrome using Chromium x64. thanks.
RSS look's like down long time...
@bao, Thank you for feedback. Chromium x64 can be very unstable. Check my #comment-6

@TheAslan, I tested today. It works perfectly on Chromium x86 (WinXP) and x64 (Win7). JavaScript must be enabled.
• Go to
• Choose a search engine and type your wanted keyword (Example:
• In the address bar, type the search engine keyword (yt, in my example), press Space, type a search term, and press Enter.
It works!

@Tim, I added the #flash part.

@224, My RSS feeds are automatically updated and valid. Check at So, I do not know how to improve them. I use Slick RSS and all is updated. Please, tell me more about your RSS reader.
There's definitely something odd with your RSS. I tried with classic Opera (v12) and with Smart RSS (extension for Opera v15+), and the feed didn't get updated. In fact, if I leave an article in the reader, the content of it (but only the content, nothing else) gets updated, without any notification.
Another thing is that with every update there are two separate articles (one for the .exe and the other for the .zip). There should be only one per update with the two links in it, in my opinion.
Just tested the RSS feed 'Chromium Latest Good Build On Windows (64-bit & 32-bit)' with Feedly. It is 'stuck' on Mar 11 update (35.0.1885.0). Marked as read and updated - still shows Mar 11.
For your information Pale Moon browser is available for Linux and is now available for Android. I use it on Linux. It is excellent. I will be trying it on Android later.
Thank you for this site. It is my 'must go to' for updating Chromium.
As for the #flash part: you don't need to disable the NPAPI Flash. If both are installed, Chromium will use PepperFlash. You can check that at chrome://flash
@msz, Exactly! Thank you very much. I updated the #flash part.

@John and @msz, I know this issue but I do not understand. Today, I made a RSS test file [EDIT: link deleted by Jerry] Test it in your RSS reader. Force to refresh the feed. And please, tell me if it works well for you.
Adobe now has a PepperFlash plugin on its beta page and it's no longer necessary to pull in out of Chrome. Chromium doesn't recognize it and you still have to use the command line switch.
The test feed works flawlessly with Opera v12 and with Smart RSS as well. (I don't really understand your note "each update version adds a new item". This is how it should work.)
In the #flash part you should mention that the version-flag is absolutely optional, and only needed if you want to see the correct version number on Chromium internal pages.
Thank you guys! ;)

@cyberrufus, Where? I see only .exe and .dmg files about the PPAPI...debugger!!!

@msz, Happy to see that! My other RSS feeds work like the test feed and should be updated correctly. Each RSS feed is cached during 5 minutes by the server. And about "each update version adds a new item", it is just an observation. Nothing important. All works normally ;)

So, I updated the #flash part. This site become very substantial and heavy. I do not know if I split it. Personally, I like the "all-in-one" concept and its easiest maintenance. What do you think?
The PPAPI debugger installs both the x32 and x64 PepperFlash plugin.
RSS still doesn't get updated...
As for the site I basically like it this way, and as long as it's fast enough you don't need to split it. The download/ link should be more emphasized (main place, a big icon maybe), though.
@cyberrufus: Ok for info ;)

@msz: You know my RSS feeds are all valid and automatically updated. I tested with Slick RSS on Opera 23 (using Download Chrome Extension), on 32-bit Chromium, and natively on Firefox 31. All works correctly.

You probably use Smart RSS on Opera, don't you?
This issue is known by its developer:
When you force to refresh my RSS feeds, they are not updated. :/

Today, I rewritten all my RSS feeds. Now, they use no server cache and different XML GUID.

Please, tell me if updates work in your RSS reader.
Latest Chromium 38.0.2117.0 (288030) x64 does not recognize HTML5 on YouTube, HTML5 videos won't play, Flash Player works correctly. Check
@Jerry: if you prefer HTTPS external sites, why won't you make your site use SSL/TLS?
Can you be more clear about builds on What are the difference between "best" and not "best"?
You haven't mentioned in privacy policy why do you need cookies and local storage.
@TheAslan, Thank you for your feedback.

@237: It is a legit question. ;)

Before all, using an SSL/TLS certificate with wildcard support is not free, for my wallet I mean. SSL/TLS is already bound to the cluster and my primary domain:
I am a simple user and do absolutely no profit. This site is a showcase website stored on a shared hosting service. The most important thing is about executable files. The site does not store any executable files. So, for privacy and security, it is better to download them from secure sites like Google repositories. For sure, it would be nice to use SSL/TLS on sub-domains too.

• This is a simple and short page for quick download. Same Chromium releases as here.
• "best" = continuous builds ; "not best" = snapshots builds. Check my #notes for more.

3) Cookies and local storage
Neither local nor session storage are used. JavaScript and cookie are only used by the comment form to avoid spambots. Without them, you cannot send your review.

• 60gp and 60gpBAK are delivered by my web service provider because this site is a sub-domain and use a specific cluster. These session cookies are used for load balancing: I cannot delete them. :/
• vv00iu55 is the session cookie for the comment form.

So, if you use NoScript addon (or equivalent) and do not use cookie, the site is fully functional... but sending a new comment is not allowed.
1) You can get free certificate at
2) Look at this Chromium updater for Windows:
Scrolling is broken in chrome://settings, using the latest Chromium 38.0.2118.0 (288271) x64 portable, also happened in previous version 38.0.2117.0 (288030).
Thank you guys! ;)
@239, I added your #updater ;)
@TheAslan, This issue is known:
Estelle Darwin 
Hi. I've got a problem. Newest Chromium has a virus!
@bartekwalasek: Please, read the #malware part. ;)
Bug, check this screenshot:
Chromium 38.0.2118.0 (288412) x64.
Oof! Chromium is so buggy. For the last few releases, fixed elements jitter when page scrolling. Annoying!
I have a problem with CKEditor in Woltlab Burnig Board 4. If I push the Enter button Chromium crashes. If I click a bbcode button it crashes too. I hope you can fix this problem soon.
In version 37 and in Google Chrome there was not the problem.
(Sorry for my bad english)
Hi, I've updated 32-bit Chromium from 271393 to 290523 (also tried to 290510 x64), and getting horrible fonts issues for the whole browser.
Here are some screenshots:

This one is 271393 and everything is fine:

And this one is 290523 with the fully same settings:

Looks like the whole browser changed scale, but options suggest only web sites scaling. Totally same thing sadly happens with x64 (otherwise I'd switched to it already). Tried to turn DirectWrite off - the issue persists.

Could you please help me?
Duke of Zurich 
@gwindlord, I guess this is not a Chromium issue but a Windows update issue.
Unistall the following updates (August 2014) and the font issue should be resolved:
KB2970228, KB2975331, KB2975719, KB2982791

For further information consult your preferred search engine and search for the above KB's
@Duke of Zurich: Thank you!

Unfortunately these updates were not installed at my PC, but I've found out this bug
which contains also a workaround for that: command line/shortcut options
--high-dpi-support=1  --force-device-scale-factor=1
fixed that and now I'm on 64-bit one! :)
Hi, does someone know how to enable "H.264" and "MSE & H.264" on Chromium? When I access I have a red icon on those 2 and I can only play videos in 360p quality in YouTube.
THX ... my problem is fixed :)
@jaZ: It's in chrome://flags. But on the latest version from the Ubuntu store, it should be enabled by default.
I'm getting this error on Windows 8 while clicking the Chromium desktop icon (launching Chromium portable): This is only a Windows 8 problem.
Class not registered (I'm unable to launch Chromium via desktop icon on Windows 8, launching Chromium via explorer works).
I'm using portable Chromium x64.
@None: and which option is it?
H.264 is supported in Chrome but not Chromium.
So there's no way to enable it on Chromium?
@jaZ: Google Chrome and Chromium come with their own version of FFMPEG and do not use the system one.
• On Ubuntu (Linux), you need chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra.
• On Windows, I do not know. I tried to drag and drop ffmpegsumo.dll from Google Chrome to Chromium (32-bit versions), enabled "Disable hardware-accelerated video decode" in the chrome://flags page and tested few #command-line-flags but nothing works. H.264 is still not available on

@TheAslan: Which portable Chromium x64 do you use? Have you got the same issue with Chromium Installer or Package (ref. this page), 32-bit and 64-bit version?
@Jerry: Alright, thanks for the info. I solved the problem by installing "Disable YouTube™ HTML5 Player" extension since I can't do it manually on In this way I can watch videos in HD but yea, it's always 1 more extension that you need to have.
@jaZ: Thank you for your help! I added the extension's link in your review. ;)
Flash Player keeps crashing on Windows 8.1, I used Chromium Installer x64, Flash Player version is 14,0,0,179 and Chromium version is 39.0.2142.0. This happened before also, many versions ago, still not fixed.

PS: When I used Chromium Installer, it fixed Chromium launch problems.
Chromium (and Chrome) now use a special flavor of Adobe Flash called 'pepper-flash' . But it is not bundled with Chromium, only with Chrome. This has been fully commented in this forum before.
I used Flash Player installer, not pepper-flash. On Windows 7, it works correctly.
Hello and thank you for this amazing website and depot.
I want to a little help community for

Bienvenue sur ce site mis à jour automatiquement. Il permet de télécharger la dernière et meilleure version depuis les dépôts officiels de Chromium. Plus d'informations (Anglais)
-> Bienvenue sur ce site [update]de mise[/update] à jour automatiquement. Il permet de télécharger la dernière et meilleure version depuis les dépôts officiels de Chromium. Plus d'informations (Anglais)

Version de Chromium utilisée dans ce navigateur: 39.X -> Version de Chromium utilisée [update]par[/update] ce navigateur: 39.X
One can make Chromium work with YouTube properly (no low quality videos or endless loading) but it has a catch, you need to compile Chromium with h.264 among other codec's yourself, which is both time and space (about 40GB+) consuming and needs a decent computer (see Chromium wiki).

More specific, you need to compile it with the flags described at, which boils down to executing 'export GYP_DEFINES=" ffmpeg_branding=Chrome proprietary_codecs=1" ' followed by 'gclient sync' after you fetched the source code of Chromium but before you start building.

After you finished building it you need to navigate to chrome://flags and enable "disable-accelerated-video-decode", as if you don't some videos will keep loading forever.

Be aware that in some countries that implement software patents (like the USA), this could be violate patent laws see

@Jerry, It may be good to add this information to this site.
If you are using the zipped package, you may use the following batch file to automatically update your Chromium installation with a single click, preserving a previous version.
Hi, After installation of Chromium on Win 8.1 (x64) and downloading solitaire from Google Web Store, it keeps saying "shockwave has crashed". Can't play solitaire.
New Chromium Portable 64-bit on
Thank you guys for your feedback! ;)

@Tharre: Very interesting too! But, you know, this solution is for developers. My page is very long. Sorry, I cannot add it.
@Chef: Nice work!
@267: This is not a Chromium issue because this problem exists on Google Chrome too. Verify your connection, your version... Good luck! (started in 2010)
@Marc: Good news! I added it on #windows-64-bit
Someone from Adobe got involved and NPAPI plugin functionality for x64 may be returning.
NPAPI flash plugin is now functional on Chrome/Chromium x64.
@cyberrufus: Thank you for the info! ;)
There's a weird lag when trying to copy text sometimes (when you hold your mouse to copy some text to clipboard), when trying to copy text to clipboard there's a minor lag before copied text gets highlighted, I'm not sure if version 39.0.2163.0 is to blame, but I don't have this lag in version 39.0.2157.0. This mainly happens only when in chat rooms. Another issues which I found in version 39.0.2163.0 is that when you watch a video on YouTube and open a new tab and when you back to YouTube tab player won't get active anymore, you have to minimize the Chromium window or leave it completely to be able to get YouTube video active again. I tested this without extensions.

I don't have any of those above bugs in version 39.0.2157.0.
39.0.2164.0 breaks compatibility with AdBlockPlus and friGate.
I read an article about an extension being able to run android app inside Chrome. I tried doing this on Chromium 39.0.2162.0 64-bit on Windows 8.1 64-bit, and it works! I had to follow the guide three times before it worked, so it's not very convenient to work with yet.

Here's the article:

Here is a screenshot of my Chromium setup running an android app:
I was very glad to find this page with its Windows *installers* for Chromium. Elsewhere I could find only portable versions, and they caused problems - with file associations, and other things - on my Windows system. So: thanks!
@Jerry: Many thanks for this helpful site!
@TheAslan: I see that your issue is fixed. Your feedback on the official issue tracker is very important. Good work! Thank you.
@StillBrilliant: Awesome! Thanks for this news... but this is not official. ;)
@Garik: Retry with a new version.
In Google Dictionary extension, the word pronunciation audible does not come out when I press the icon
Hello Jerry and thanks for this wonderful sumptuous selection of Chromium downloads on your website. ;)
Especially thanks for linking to my Sourceforge project "Chromium Updater", but I've another suggestion for ya.

I'm also distributing portable version of Chromium for Windows platforms in a 2-in-1 package. Each major release you will find as new portable version, currently Version 40.
Have fun! :)

Download Chromium Portable:
This is just to say that I really appreciate this site of yours. It must have taken (and still take) a lot of effort - and it is supremely useful!
Thanks for doing this! It's a big help for those of us who don't have the know-how or time to compile on Windows ourselves.
Is it possible to include Google Widevine on the Mac version? Unfortunately I can't watch Netflix HTML5 DRM videos...
@Zychopat: After tests, I added your package links on this page. Thank you for sharing.
@284: I do not know if it is possible. Sorry! :/
Shockwave Flash constantly crashes on 64-bit Chromium, few days ago. Athlon-x2-5200+.
I have some serious YouTube video buffering issues, it takes ages to buffer the whole video, in this case 27 minutes long video. Tested with extensions disabled, also tested with the latest Adobe Flash Player beta and Adobe Flash Player stable, didn't fix the issue. I have Chromium 40.0.2189.0 x64 portable. I tested my download speed and I got 82mb/s, so I can download 10mb/s, so speed is not an issue here. All the other websites loads fast and correctly. I checked open Chromium issues but didn't find any.
I've skimmed through the comments and it's been mentioned and addressed a few times, but I spent quite a bit of time trying to find a "stable" version of Chromium for Windows. This clearly isn't possible, but I ended up settling with 300123 (40.0.2193.0) which is the same one released to the Canary channel according to this:, which is "stable" enough for me.

So my request: You already have a "Reference" that shows the latest stable build, but if you could also include information for the latest beta/dev/canary builds (from the dev calendar), I think it would be really helpful in particular for Windows users. Additionally, maybe something that shows the last build with "bugs=none" would be nice (Although that might give a false impression of stability).

Regardless though, huge thanks for this site, it's very useful!
Thanks guys for your feedback but I cannot help you for the Flash issues. :/

@288: Thank you too!
1) " find a "stable" version of Chromium for Windows. This clearly isn't possible"
There is a #stable-chromium-version on Windows. You need to compile it yourself.

2) About the Google Canary channel for Windows
Chromium version numbers consist of 4 parts: MAJOR.MINOR.BUILD.PATCH. The Google Canary build is based on the Chromium build (Continuous repository). Its version changes only when the BUILD number changes. Today, this number is 2194. After, it will be 2195, 2196... It does not mean that it is more stable than Chromium! ^^ It is only a development convention. Sometimes, the Canary build is patched too.

And about other Google dev/beta channels, you will not find the Chromium equivalent because the Google dev/beta builds are patched (cf. PATCH number). The Chromium builds are never patched.

3) "bugs=none"
You said that it might give a false impression of stability. I completely agree with you. I used it. But I removed it this year. Check [REMOVED] on the #news-for-this-site

You should remove Webutation and WOT (Web Of Trust) from the extension area. They are not trustworthy anymore. For example, check out the ratings for Facebook.
@290: I disagree with you because these #extensions help us. It is better than nothing, isn't it?

WOT uses ratings from users... and other sources like PhishTank.

Webutation uses different renowned tools.

Tools used:
• Google Safe Browsing -
• WOT -
• Norton Safe Web -
• PhishTank -
• Links count of Wikipedia pages

The social media ratings are only there to "get an idea about the public opinion", not to improve the trust in the site.

If you know other add-ons like Webutation, please tell me! Trustwave SecureBrowsing is the best add-on I know but it is not updated for few years. Sometimes, I use the URL scan of VirusTotal:
Muito lindo
uBlock extension keeps crashing on 40.0.2203.0 and 40.0.2202.0, it didn't crash on 40.0.2200.0. Can you guys please repro? If yes can you please add a reply here:
Is there a way to get the latest pepflashplayer.dll (64-bit) without installing chrome?
Duke of Zurich 
@294: Yes my friend, you'll find the latest pepperFlash (64-bit) right here:
Look for the PPAPI download for Chromium.
YouTube supports 1080p60fps videos now, but why on earth Chromium won't support H.264 and MSE codecs, so I could watch those videos with Chromium without need of installing Canary only because of YouTube videos. That would be the only reason I would use Canary.
@TheAslan: The problem is Google!
In January 2011, Google pledged to drop H.264 support from Chrome, saying at the time in a blog post, "Though H.264 plays an important role in video, as our goal is to enable open innovation, support for the codec will be removed and our resources directed towards completely open codec technologies."

The Chromium team has removed the H.264 support. But today, Google Chrome still supports H.264. Grrrrrr!

Excellent discussion about that on!topic/chromium-dev/5q-vejBTnTY

Anyway on YouTube, you can use the HTML5 version ( to watch videos in HD 1080p. But for sure, it is not as good as H.264 and MSE codecs... and it is only 30fps.
Can you add the path of the pepperflash dll when installing via Adobe's site? It's
for the 64-bit version of the plugin and the same in SysWow64 for the 32-bit version.
Actually it seems that you must use the 64-bit version of the plugin when you use the 64-bit version of Chromium, else it might crash.
@AnoniMouz, Thank you very much. I updated the #flash section.
@TheAslan, @Jerry

> @TheAslan: The problem is Google!
No, the problem isn't Google. The problem is that the h.264 codec is protected by software patents. And even though this is irrelevant in most countries, it's problematic for distributors like Google, as they either have to pay the fees or risk getting sued. Not distributing h.264 codecs with Chromium anymore (if it ever has been distributed with them) is a unfortunate, but quite reasonable decision.

> The Chromium team has removed the H.264 support.
Support for h.264 has never been removed, it's just not included in the distributed versions of Chromium anymore. As simple as setting a flag during compilation to enable it again (see my comment earlier for howto do this exactly).

Hope this clears up any confusion about this topic.
@Tharre, I don't see your comment, how to do that exactly? Please enlight us.
@TheAslan: #comment-265 ;)
@Tharre: Thanks for your explanation.
The chocolatey package hasn't been updated since November 4. Could it be fixed please? I don't want to go back to manually downloading and installing Chromium.
When will you add a link for downloading a stable build of Chromium (the same version which used in Chrome) for Windows? Daily snapshots ("latest and best without bug") are not the right thing.
@Garik: Please, read my #comment-35 about "patches" and my other #comment-76, I have already given the answer! ^^ In short, there is no stable Chromium version for Windows because no developer re-build and share it. Read the #notes for more.
@Jerry: Thanks for your quick answer. Too bad that Windows users are forced to use closed source, probing and spying versions of Chromium.
@Garik: There are no closed source versions of Chromium, unless you meant Chrome or Opera and their ilk.
no real security anywhere 
Jerry, has it occurred to you by not requiring https connections by default and not using perfect-forward-secrecy on Woolyss itself, an entity could provide a false page to visitors and redirect them to seemingly valid download links that instead contain backdoors. This could be a problem, both in regions with oppressive governments and even developed nations these days. Of course, this is all purely hypothetical. But, any thoughts on the matter?

Related to this, when you open the modern browsers report:
"The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.
Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server."
@no real security anywhere: Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I totally agree with you. That's a real issue for me too. I explained it on #comment-238 Before all, I made this page for me, a simple user. But given the success of this resource on the web, I agree with you to tell that this site should use the SSL/TLS protocol. I will find a solution.
Very cool installations. Thanks
no real security anywhere 
I know you're against taking donations. But, it would help pay for the SSL, hosting, and the time you spend maintaining the site. I realize you have a job and it is not really about the money but a principle of the thing, but there is no reason your end user's safety should come second. Slap up a bitcoin address and a paypal link and you will definitely start seeing some money flowing in. These are not hard to set up either. I would put the links at the very top of the page for convenience. I can't speak for others, but myself I would definitely help pay to have the site maintained at the highest quality possible. I am a huge fan of Chromium and this website is a great resource for me to stay up to date with the latest and greatest available. On a side note, the last few versions have had some serious graphical glitches and security certificate issues, but the version 41.0.2240.0 has been rock solid since I've upgraded to it.

Not sure if you're interested in listing it, but I spent some time today developing a Windows program in C# that can automatically fetch and install the latest good Chromium build. It sits in the system tray and fetches the revision, build, and HTTPS links directly from the Chromium repo (bypasses your site) and does away with the security implications of visiting a 3rd party site. I do not yet have a website set up for providing a download of it, however.

A potential idea I have for a future version of my software is to have it run through the tests on the build server to test for flakiness (how goofed up a build is) and allow end-users to set a metric (slider maybe) to determine what level of flakiness they're okay with. Then only download builds that pass this requirement.

Also, it'd be cool to present a window with a 5-star rating every time it grabs a new build to let the users vote on the previous build and how good they felt it was with an option to leave a comment. Then, provide users with a way to restrict their downloads to only files rated above a certain number of stars by the collective of users; e.g. I decide I'm okay with builds that are 4-star and up that have already had at least 50 votes. This would require a server with a database to store anonymous IDs and their votes. It would really help vet the quality of the latest builds for users who want a little more stability.

Of course, all those options would be optional. There are a lot of really cool things that could be done. Anyways, shoot me an email on your thoughts.
@no real security anywhere: I see you have a lot of ideas. It is very good! ^^

I created this simple page to easily download each Chromium release directly from the source. Please read my #notes for more.

My site exists only to help users. All is free, without ads and bad things. The links are direct and mainly in SSL/TLS (https://).
(Note that SourceForge and Adobe do not use secure connection on its sub-domains, like on A wildcard SSL certificate is required:

Moreover, you are not on Softonic, Cnet, Softpedia or other crap site with its fucking "Download Manager" and modified packages! ^^

If you prefer, you can use directly the:
• Buildbot waterfall
• Continuous repository
• Official download page (Snapshots repository)

Except the last one, my site uses these secure sources and show direct links. Nothing is hidden.

You are free to make an other site, an other software and develop marketing plan about Chromium. Google, Opera, Yandex, Comodo and other companies do that.

> I spent some time today developing a Windows program in C#
Good news! You know, I list other software like yours in the #updater part. I am "opened"! ;)

> It [..] fetches the revision, build, and HTTPS links directly from the Chromium repo
My site does it too. ^^

> [..] and does away with the security implications of visiting a 3rd party site.
Your software will be the same thing as my site. ^^ It will be a 3rd-party tool. The users must trust in it... and in your case, they need to download and install it.
Note a Chromium #updater exists and it is a clean tool. Muhammer Ayes, the developer, creates Chromium portable versions too. His software are free and open-source.

Good luck in your all projects!
My new Chromium feature suggestion, what do you think?
@TheAslan: You will see my comment over there! ^^
Thank you so much my dear friend Jerry. I appreciate your hard effort a lot. Love ya. <3
Nice website for downloads... keep updating me!
Adobe released a stable version of their Flash plugin for PPAPI supported browsers. You can directly download the installer from or get it (with their useless download-manager) from
@StillBrilliant: I updated the #flash part. Thanks a lot for your great help ;)
Sorry, the "useless download-manager" is not useless because it works for different OS, web browsers and NPAPI/PPAPI versions. ^^
Very well done site, very valuable service. Thank you for doing it all.
Thanks maintaining this great site! Just what I was looking for. From now on it's goodbye to Chrome and hello to Chromium.
A tip for anyone who wants to install for all users on Windows: mini_installer.exe  --system-level
This installs in C:\Program Files (x86). The 64-bit version goes there as well oddly enough, but it still is tidier than running software from the user profile imho.

Is there a way to link the revision number to the version number? I'm asking because I would like to run Chromium in the same version as the latest Chrome stable instead of the latest continuous.
@319, Thanks a lot!

@Pieter, Thank you for your interesting tip. ;)

> I would like to run Chromium in the same version as the latest Chrome stable.
Please, check my explanation on the #comment-305
Yes sorry, I only started reading the other comments after posting mine. Usually hate it myself when people do that...
Keep up the good work!
There are more than 300 comments on this page. Do not worry Pieter, I understand! ;)
Hello, chrome://sandbox does not work anymore - thus, the sandox is active in the version offered here for download?
Thank you and greetings from Germany.
@Uwe: Yes, Chromium has the similar sandboxed processes as Google Chrome. Sure, they are active.
@Jerry: thanks for your quick answer - a last question:
When I use the NPAPI Flash Player in Chromium is this a safety disadvantage to Chrome's PepperFlash Plugin (both are on the same version level)?
Thank you again.
Yes, both are on the same version level. Check the official page: but...

In Chromium:
• NPAPI is NOT sandboxed
• PPAPI is sandboxed (obviously! like in Google Chrome)

In Mozilla Firefox:
• NPAPI is sandboxed:
• PPAPI does not exist

More on the #flash part.
@Jerry: Thanks. I tried it with the Flash plugin from Canary. Yes, it worked perfectly.
Great site, most helpful. I've been wondering, is there any way to disable all hover-over tooltips in Chromium?
@Uwe: Great! ;)
@branwerks: Thanks a lot. Sorry, I do not the way to disable them. I think it is not possible in Chromium/Google Chrome :/!topic/chrome/CxJ1VkDSqxc
Hi, Does anyone know of any way to export bookmarks from chromium, perhaps to an HTML file? I have searched for an extension but one does not exist - I would assume because Google Chrome has this feature built-in. Thanks.
@_M_: You needn't an extension. chrome://bookmarks → Organize → Import/Export...
Hi Jerry. Wow! I can't believe I missed that. I thought that I had gone through that page but I guess I had never clicked on "organize" before. Thanks!
It's me or Chromium doesn't auto-update? I need to check by myself to check a new version... why not an option to "auto update"?
@Rambytes: By default, there is no "auto update" system in Chromium because the #source-code is open-source, and can be downloaded, reviewed, and reused by anyone. Therefore, there cannot be any "auto-update" code built into the Chromium code, nor are there any general Chromium "update servers" to check, nor is there anyone to maintain any such servers. That's why Chromium cannot auto-update.

Official reason: "Chromium builds do not auto-update, and do not have symbols. This makes them most useful for checking whether a claimed fix actually works."

Google's branded Chrome browser can auto-update because it is built with additional specific info for the Google Chrome update servers which are maintained by Google. So, Google Chrome and other #stable-chromium-version have an auto-update system. For example, the FreeSMUG build (#mac-64-bit-freesmug) on Mac OS X has got it because the developer adds it on this build.

Finally, if you want an auto-update system, add yours in your own build... or use an #updater
Hi, After several unsuccessful attempts when uninstalling only its PPAPI flavour I finally manage to get Flash working in Chromium 64-bit for Mac, rather by accident: I accepted an update to the Flash plugin which installed the NPAPI flavour (in addition to the PPAPI flavour which stayed in place).

Am I to understand that both flavours are required? Is that normal behaviour, or is there a mistake somewhere in the builds? It seems to beat the advantage of PPAPI as a more secure version of plugins, even if one disables plugins in FF and Safari, hence my surprise and my question.

Thanks in advance for your information, and thanks for the great job done here.
Hi, Is Chromium available on this website is the original version? Such as on a Google page?
Best regards (sorry for my English)
@YAZombie, Hi, did you read the #flash part? ^^

> Am I to understand that both flavours are required?
No. If the NPAPI plugin is installed, PepperFlash (PPAPI) will be the default plugin. In the chrome://plugins page, you can enable/disable each plugin. So, you needn't to uninstall the disabled plugin.

PPAPI is more secure. Please, check my #comment-327 too.

@acore, Hello! Sure, they are official. Please, read my #notes and #comment-312. For a simplest page, go to ;)
Hi Jerry,
Yes, I read the #flash part and couldn't find an answer to my questions there, hence my message.

> No. If the NPAPI plugin is installed, PepperFlash (PPAPI) will be the default plugin
I understand that, and if you read my message, that's not the point of my question.
What you're saying is "if NPAPI is installed", which implies but doesn't state that one *must* install NPAPI, am I right (and that's really my main question, the rest if more information to you about my trials than anything else)? Thus my question is:
- is it normal/expected that Chromium can't seem to use the standalone PPAPI (this is from my actual experience, as in actually doing the installs/uninstalls and checking every time)…
… because it's kind of counterintuitive, and weird to me. And like I said, it means one has to disable Flash in FF and Safari (am I right?), and also from what you say, in Chromium for the NPAPI flavour.

Also since I've read your message I've tried deactivating NPAPI in Chrome; I went to chrome://plugins, and there… I couldn't find a trace of PPAPI, *only* the NPAPI version… And when I deactivate this one, Flash doesn't work at all anymore! And when I go to, the version reported is, which is the NPAPI version number whereas the PPAPI version is :(
FYI I've also tried with the Canary version of PPAPI.

I'm telling you, my head hurts…
Hi YAZombie, I try to be clearer! ;)

You use Chromium on a 64-bit Mac OS X, isn't it?

By default, Chromium cannot read the Flash content (videos, games...).

So, you must install ONE Flash Player plugin. You have the choice: NPAPI or PPAPI.
- NPAPI is NOT sandboxed. It naturally works with Firefox and Safari too.
- PPAPI is sandboxed. It works ONLY with all Chromium-based browsers (Chromium, Chrome, Opera...)

- If you install NPAPI, you needn't to install PPAPI.
- If you install PPAPI, you needn't to install NPAPI.
- If you install both plugins, PPAPI will be the default plugin used.

Check the install on chrome://plugins and enable/disable what you want. See the screenshot:

If you don't see PPAPI, it means that it is not installed.

To see the Flash content on Firefox and Safari, NPAPI is required (obviously!). PPAPI doesn't work on these browsers.

> PPAPI version is
This is the Flash Player beta version downloaded from the Adobe Labs. Good! ^^

NPAPI version is This is the Flash Player stable version. Good! ^^
Ok, I'll try to post one more time.

@YAZombie: I know nothing about Mac, but in Windows you have to "point" Chrome(ium) to PPAPI flash via command line, the program has no way of knowing it exists (by default).
Hello Jerry, it seems I need to be clearer actually!
All the explanations below are for public interest. i'll send you a copy with screenshot so you can see for yourself. And yes, sorry, I saw your email, just read the beginning and thought it was just a mention of the answer here so didn't go further. My apologies.

> You use Chromium on a 64-bit Mac OS X, isn't it?
Yes, I do

> By default, Chromium cannot read the Flash content (videos, games...).
Perfectly understood, that's why I'm trying to install it. To make things clearer here, I'd say i'm an advanced user - not more than that (no specialist, no developper), but no less than that either ;)

> So, you must install ONE Flash Player plugin. You have the choice: NPAPI or PPAPI.
> - NPAPI is NOT sandboxed. It naturally works with Firefox and Safari too.
> - PPAPI is sandboxed. It works ONLY with all Chromium-based browsers (Chromium, Chrome, Opera...)
Perfectly understood the basic technological differences, how one works on Blink-powered browser vs the rest, no problem here.
Except… I tried it, and no, it just doesn't work that way. Explanations below.

> - If you install PPAPI, you needn't install NPAPI.
No. I tried. It just doesn't work that way. If you install only PPAPI, Chromium doesn't see it. Plain and simple, it doesn't.

> - If you install NPAPI, you needn't to install PPAPI.
Clear here, as I found out "by accident" when Flash (I ONLY had PPAPI at the time) asked for an update and installed (without asking me…) NPAPI.

> - If you install both plugins, PPAPI will be the default plugin used.
Hum, that's where it gets tricky. Like I said, there's no mention of PPAPI in chrome://plugins (no, not even in the detailed view).

> Check the install on chrome://plugins and enable/disable what you want. See the screenshot:

Nope, don't see PPAPI there. I'll send you screenshot, you'll see for yourself.

> If you don't see PPAPI, it means that it is not installed.
And yet, System Preferences > Flash Player mentions versions of NPAPI and of PPAPI (you'll see screenshots here too).

> To see the Flash content on Firefox and Safari, NPAPI is required (obviously!). PPAPI doesn't work on these browsers.
Sure. I'd rather disable it there, which I did.

Is it clearer now? See why I'm scratching my head? :-D
Is it possible versions 16 of the Flash Player are playing tricks that didn't previously exist?

Can't wait to see what you think of this!
Okey, so _M_ was right (thanks for the hint - I was reluctant to even trying this solution but seems utterly counter-OS X, but yep, that's the solution).
So, let's assume you have Chromium in the Application folder (it's "normal" location), and you've installed the PPAPI plugin, you must launch Chromium with this command in the Terminal:
/Applications/  --ppapi-flash-path=/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/PepperFlashPlayer/PepperFlashPlayer.plugin  --ppapi-flash-version=
You can copy this command in an Alfred workflow to make it simpler, but it will open the Terminal, which is annoying imo.

You can also make a small script in Script Editor.
In Script Editor copy/paste the following command
do shell script "/Applications/  --ppapi-flash-path=/Library/Internet\\ Plug-Ins/PepperFlashPlayer/PepperFlashPlayer.plugin  --ppapi-flash-version= &
then save this script as an application with the name ChromiumLauncher (otherwise it won't work). You can now use this script to launch Chromium with PPAPI. There's an annoying issue, which is that errors are reported when closing Chromium, if anyone has an idea how to disable this, they're welcome to explain.

Hope that clears this issue for others. Though this is obviously not normal behaviour since plugins have a very narrow list of install locations on the Mac (four, if I'm not mistaken), and there must be something off in the build scripts. I expect this will be corrected in the future (it's more or less a question, I haven't understood who builds this binaries actually!).

Thanks again to Jerry and _M_ for your help.
@YAZombie: Alright then, good that you finally got it to work. Perhaps your instructions should be added to the Flash tutorial here as it's currently only in Windows flavour.

Without this great site, Jerry, I would have abandoned Chromium a long time ago as there's no other Chromium resource on the web.

Oh, and one more tip as far as when you can/should update Chromium; check this page every so often for the security update announcements - as you all know, Google Chrome is the offspring of Chromium, so...
Thanks a lot guys for your great help and feedback!
I forgot to talk about #command-line-flags Excuse me! So I updated the #flash part with the helpful link of the YAZombie comment. Check the step 3. ;)
All the download links hanged up on me. Google problem?
Hello, first thanks for your helpful site. It can help a lot.

I have some kind of a weird issue regarding YouTube's videos. Most of the time they aren't recognized correctly. I can only see them in 360p quality, even when they are in 1080p.

I'm using Opera to look at them with a "stable" browser, Chromium is 64-bit with PPAPI Flash (64-bit too, of course)

I've tried to update this morning (41.0.2262.0) but still the same issue.

ps: Not every videos have this issue, but most of them witch is kind of annoying.
@tournier: x64 bit web browsers are pointless and problematic, especially with flash player. x64 web browsers use twice the memory and have absolutely no benefits over x86 - infact, they may even be slower.

Don't be fooled by thinking it is *better* because it is x64. My 2¢.
Actually the Flash plugin is not (only) anymore the pepflashplayer, that's only the integrated version - the one that would ship with Chrome. Since Adobe hosts the PPAPI by themeselves, there is also a "system" PPAPI-flash:
It's included, too and is in the same directory, it's just called "NPSWF$ARCH_$version.dll". On my system it's version v15.0.0.246, whereas the would-be integrated one is already v16.0.0.235.
Just wanted to tell you that.
@blue_lightning: The only issue I know about links is on the #mac-64-bit part.

@tournier: Did you test the PepperFlash 32-bit version?
Video test: It works in 1080p with the 32-bit PepperFlash and the HTML5 version.

@LeonardK: I agree with you. But you talk about the NPAPI plugin (cf. "NPSWF$ARCH_$version.dll"). ^^
My site explains how to install the PPAPI plugin (PepperFlash), not the NPAPI plugin.
• NPAPI: → NPSWF***.dll
• PPAPI: #flash → pepflashplayer***.dll

When the 2 Flash plugins are installed:
Version 2016 of my Chromium Updater has been released!
@Jerry, Ah okay, I was a bit confused because it was listed as "system plugin"... . Then I understand, though. Thx for clarification
@YAZombie: You can set the output of a shell script to null which will prevent any output at all. I myself used Platypus instead of the Script Editor to make a custom app, but the result should be the same. Change your launch command to the following in order to disable any shell output from Chromium (which I assume are the "errors" you mention):

/Applications/  --ppapi-flash-path=/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/PepperFlashPlayer/PepperFlashPlayer.plugin  --ppapi-flash-version= > /dev/null 2>&1 &
Hey boerbiet,
Thanks for your post. Actually since then I've indeed found that solution somewhere (couldn't tell where, don't remember). Except it seems you can drop the " > /dev/null 2>&1 &" and just write:
/Applications/  --ppapi-flash-path=/Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/PepperFlashPlayer/PepperFlashPlayer.plugin  --ppapi-flash-version=
In the end I stuck with an Alfred workflow, which I find more handy since I used Alfred so much I could almost say it's a 50% replacement to the Finder :)

Thanks again for the hint.

Is there any method to add H-264 support on Windows?
@Vasya: I do not know if you read the #comment-133, #comment-258 (about YouTube HTML5 Player) and #comment-265 (dev oriented).

Mozilla added OpenH264 plugin ( in Firefox 33 to support the H.264 videos in HTML5.

On Chromium, I did not find anything like that. :/
Actually, I do not know the way to play H.264 in HTML5... but you can use the #flash player.

For H.264 online testers, check the #html5-audio-video part.
How change the size of browser cache?
--disk-cache-size didn't work properly.
@Zalpen: The only official way is  --disk-cache-size and I don't know other ways.

Did you read this excellent ghacks' article?

For info, there is also  --media-cache-size to force the maximum disk space to be used by the media cache, in bytes.

Moreover, you can use the  --incognito mode to clean automatically the cache on closing Chromium. Few add-ons like Click&Clean do that too.

Old thread deleted by Google... but archived:
@Zalpen: You have to use the flag:  --disk-cache-size=XXXX (XXXX is bytes).
Just found your site when I searched for Chromium browser (the Chromium project site is confusing lol).
Thanks, finally I can use Chromium browser. I used Comodo Dragon before.
It's not possible to install themes ("Settings"→"Get themes" and click on Theme's "Free" button to install the theme: I get a popup alert "An error has occurred" and "FILE_BLOCKED", "Reload"-"Close"). Chromium Package (64-bit) 42.0.2281.0/42.0.2282.0/42.0.2283.0. Iron 39 works fine.
Many thanks
@363: Today, I installed the Marc Ecko theme in my Chromium 32-bit version both on 32-bit WinXP and 64-bit Win7. All works perfectly. My Chromium has only 2 extensions: µBlock and Slick RSS.

Did you test to install a theme on a portable 64-bit version?
> Did you test to install a theme on a portable 64-bit version?
Yes (windows 7 64-bit). I always use only portable versions (SRWare Iron and Comodo Dragon's portable versions work fine with themes).
Is it possible to determine a Chromium build that corresponds to releases from the Chrome stable channel? Alternately is there documentation somewhere that states that if there's a 0-day vulnerability discovered in a beta channel release is it treated as equally critical as a 0-day in a stable channel release?
> ...corresponds to releases from the Chrome stable channel?
Yes, it is possible. Check the #stable-chromium-version section. Also read my #comment-305 (because this is a recurring question ^^).

> ...treated as equally critical as a 0-day in a stable channel release?
Honestly, I do not know. Ask to François Beaufort at
My Chromium a few days ago stopped registering the Flash player installed on my computer and says there is no installed but Pale Moon and Firefox still register Flash player is installed on my computer, any ideas?
@TimeLordCrono: Please read #flash
I'm also having problems with Flash, one day it was working and about a week ago it just responds with "could not load plug-in" on any elements needing flash. I've tried purging my system of all versions of Flash player and Chromium and then fresh installing the browser and PPAPI version of Flash. But now Flash doesn't show up in the plugins pages, extremely irritating having to switch between browsers for different websites.
Today, I tested the latest version ( of NPAPI and PPAPI #flash plugins in Chromium (32-bit) on WinXP (32-bit) and Win7 (64-bit). All works perfectly. Not tested on Mac.

I see your issue is known: (Since Nov 2014)
• detail?id=450604 (Since Jan 2015)
• detail?id=451056 (Since Jan 2015)

1) Make sure your Flash plugin is enabled: chrome://plugins
2) If PPAPI, do not forget the command line flags ( --ppapi-flash-path)
3) If NPAPI, nothing to do! If it works in other web browsers, it will works in Chromium

To force Flash on YouTube, install "Disable Youtube™ HTML5 Player":

> extremely irritating having to switch between browsers
Yes I agree.
• On Windows, I recommend to have 2 web #browsers because actually there is no #stable-chromium-version. It is important for your data to use a STABLE browser like Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome... Also note that you can build your own stable version.
• On Mac, Linux and BSD distros, there is a stable version! ^^
I use 64-bit Chromium (v42.0.2288.0 on Win7 x64). Flash plugin (NPAPI or PPAPI) doesn't work.
The plugin is installed, BUT it doesn't show in the plugins pages on Chromium o_O
@Psygno: 64-bit Chromium uses twice the ram as x86 and there are no benefits, whatsoever.

Did Flash work before? Is this your first time using Chromium? Did you write a proper command line for Flash player? We need more info.
@_M_: I agree with you! ^^ Thanks for your help. ;)

@Psygno: Finally, this is a not a bug but a new feature. NPAPI plugins are disabled by default.
Enable the option on chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

More about NPAPI plugins:
Thanks for sharing Chromium for Android! On my smartphone with 512MB of RAM is better than Chrome and Opera (little bit faster and more responsive).
Just one question: is there any way in Chromium to change the user agent from mobile to desktop? In Chrome it is possible by flagging one setting, but I don't know it does and how to apply it on Chromium too. Any suggestion will be appreciated ;)
@Djobi: Thanks for your feedback!

1) with an add-on: (Archive:

2) with a flag:
• Check
• Choose a flag:  --user-agent or  --use-mobile-user-agent
• Remember to quit the app completely and restart for flags to take effect.

Example:  --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; rv:36.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/36.0"
Thanks Jerry for your reply!
I'm not so practical with adb commands ;)
In chrome://version I found  --use-mobile-user-agent 3 times. How can I change/delete all of them?
I just have to type: adb shell 'echo "chrome < --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 4.4.4;) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/42.0.2289.0 Safari/537.36">" > /data/local/tmp/android-webview-command-line' ?
@Djobi: The simplest way is to use an add-on (cf. method 1, above). I do not use Chromium/Chrome on Android. So, it is difficult to help you. I am a simple user, not a tester or expert. Email me if needed! ;)
I hope that this can be useful to others.
• Method 1 (with an add-on): "Chrome User Agent" or "Chrome User Agent Switcher" recognize just Chrome's installation, so their changes will not affect Chromium.
• Method 2 (with a flag): to try when I will be more confident with adb ;)
Thanks again Jerry!
@Djobi: I found a way "with a flag" on this broken site:
Please see this video and its relative topic

For info, method 1 should work because Google Chrome and Chomium have the same user-agent and similar UI.
@Jerry: With the enabled option on chrome://flags/#enable-npapi, it works fine! Thanks ;-)
@Jerry: That works for Chrome:

but unfortunately not for Chromium (ChromeShell):
@Psygno: Yeaaaaah! ^^

@Djobi: It is boring! :/ Big thanks for your screenshots.
But I still think it is possible on Chromium. Rrrrr! You are near perfection! x_x
Hi all!
I'm experiencing scrollbars absence at 313437 (x64). They do present in chrome://settings, but are absent at any other pages, so I cannot understand how long the page is and where I am. Could anyone please check and/or share any workaround?
Hello gwindlord,
After a browser update, it should be ok!
I downloaded the Chromium 64-bit package for my Windows 7, unzipped it and it's working well but there are no java plugins. Any ideas how do I solve this?
Thank you in advance
Duke of Zurich 
1 - make sure you installed the 64-bit Java-Version, to be found somewhere on the website.
2 - Chromium is gradually phasing-out support for NPAPI-Plugins. If you still want to use plugins based on NPAPI (such as Java), you need to enable it manually. Type in address bar chrome://flags, search for "enable NPAPI", enable it. Greetings
@Duke of Zurich: Yes, I totally agree with you. Thanks. I improve your answer.

1) Download the good Java version on (Prefer offline installer!)

2) By default, all NPAPI plugins are disabled. So enable the option on chrome://flags/#enable-npapi

Actually, there is no PPAPI version of Java plugin. In 2015, if Oracle does not release a PPAPI version, I recommend on Windows to install the "IE Tab" extension which works always with NPAPI plugins:
... or use another browser supporting NPAPI plugins. For example, Firefox has not so far announced any plans to completely remove support for NPAPI plugins.

Because this is the end of NPAPI plugins:
@Jerry: I tried your tutorial on html5 and I need to say, it's partly successful!
Just copying the new .dll works and enables me to decode mp3. But still on it said that neither h.264 nor h.264+MSE would work.
Using the self-made extension atleast made a tick in the h.264 box whilst h.264+MSE didn't work, though MSE+VP9 does. Maybe that's because of DRM? There are also to other .dll's "missing": libpeerconnection (probably WebRTC, I guess) and widevinecdmadapter, which is a DRM module. Just copying it into the folder of Chromium didn't work, there's probably more work to do :/

Do you have any ideas?
Let me share the new update script for winPenPack Chromium Portable.

This script use Woolyss API to find good Chromium build, Adobe servers to discover latest Flash version, Chrome Canary builds to obtain fresh PepperFlash and can update itself too.

Feel free to try it from
@Duke of Zurich, @Jerry: Thanks guys
@LeonardK: Sorry. I never find the way to use MSE + H.264 on YouTube. First post in April 2014: #comment-130 For more, search "H.264" in comments if you want (Shortcut in your browser: CTRL+F). Maybe try to disable hardware acceleration (see #browser-crash).
@JustOff: Waoooow! Give me few days to test your nice work! Thanks for sharing! ;)
@greg: Cheers!
@Duke of Zurich, @Jerry: Thank you for your helpful information!
@Jerry: It fixed some YouTube videos however, I think. Sometimes 1080p is available now, which makes me really happy ;-).

What I additionally noticed is that when font hinting is disabled in the Windows performance options Chrome will still force hinting, while Chromium won't. I actually would like to have font-hinting application based, that is: On Chromium (almost) only. Do you know how that works?
I downloaded the newest Chromium 64-bit package for my windows 7. Now the flash plugin is gone. I installed PepperFlash many times, but the plugin is still a no-show. Any ideas?
@LeonardK: Nice! About font, did you test:
#command-line-flags:  --disable-direct-write--disable-directwrite-for-ui--enable-font-antialiasing

@Gerry: Please, show me a screenshot of your chrome://plugins page. Also see my #comment-371
I installed Chromium + PepperFlash + html5 support with the ffmpeg lib from Chrome Canary in Windows & OSX.
In both systems some YouTube Videos just play in 360p others in 1080p. With Chrome its just fine. makes a red cross at "MSE + H.264" all other crosses are green.

Someone got the same problem or an idea to fix this? Even some MP4/H.264 Videos on Websites don't work (example: first video isn't working)
David Cook 
Thanks so much for Chrome has gotten more and bloated with pre-installed "apps"... I really don't know what I'm getting these days.
@m0: Please read my previous answer in #comment-392
Hi there,
I'm on Windows 8.1 64-bit, however, the mini installer doesn't work (neither as admin nor normal)
No desktop icon, no process in the task manager.
Anyone uses Flickr? Flickr doesn't load properly with Chromium 42 on me, same report with some people using Chrome 40. Strangely, not all Chrome users got this problem. I don't know why. Flickr loads normally with Firefox/Waterfox.
Hi, am I the only one who has problems with the lastest build?
314621 doesn't work, everything keeps crashing, I can't even open chrome://crashes (irony)
Can I at least downgrade and have something to browse with?
Thank you all for your help! ;)
Yes, 42.0.2296.0 (314621) is very buggy. I updated the site.
Tested: 32-bit Chromium on WinXP (32-bit) and Win7 (64-bit)

If you have installed this buggy version:
• Choose an #older-version from the Continuous repo.
• Choose a newer version from the Snapshots repo: (can be unstable!)
• Prefer ZIP package than installer.
• Choose temporarily another version/browser.
Lot of 64-bit Chromium random crashes under W7 SP1 x64.
chrome://plugins NEVER displays the last Adobe Flash Player PPAPI however installed on the PC.
So, how to activate flashplayer? At the moment any internet video can be played!
With IE11 absolutely none problem!
I can't ever imagine why anyone could want to use 64-bit Chromium?! It only devours memory, isn't compatible with many plugins and, imho, in real life has no known benefits over 32-bit one at all!
I can't ever imagine why anyone wouldn't want to use 64-bit Chromium. It is basically the same as the 32-bit, so it "devours" the same amount of memory and processes, doesn't seem to be incompatible with any plugins I've tested and, imho, just those who doesn't want to let 32-bit processes' limitations go away can't see its benefits.
@ThatGuy: It's great you're so smart to use the particle "not", but without evidence such statement just sounds silly. Look at this Chromium 32-bit vs 64-bit comparison

I've made the screenshots from my workplace 5 minutes ago, both after browser cold start. The results speaks for themselves, isn't it? Also, try to Google Search for "chrome 64 bit plugin compatibility" and don't be surprised - even Google Voice and Google Earth besides many other plugins are not supported in 64-bit Chrome. Of course we can discuss the theoretical advantages of 64-bit for speed and security, but in real life you will hardly notice the difference.
@100PIER: Read #3 #flash
Hi everyone,
I want to find a answer with MP3 issue.

If I install Flash without problem (#flash), MP3 doesn't work.
I copy ffmpegsumo.dll from Chrome Canary 42.0.2298 (64-bit) to Chromium 42.0.2295 (64-bit). says "Does Not Support" but it can play MP3 on this only website and doesn't work on and others places .
Same issue with and without mp3 extension.
@JustOff: Please don't feel offended... You know, I simply tried to humorously defend something being attacked unreasonably.

That aside, my computer is good enough to handle whatever 2~8GB RAM browsers are eating nowadays, so 64-bit awesomeness can come at me anytime, no matter the cost.

By the way, I've been using the "buggy" 42.0.2296.0 (314621) version and I still haven't seen it crash or steal my bike. That said, 42.0.2293.0 (314050) crashes right away when I try to access the History page.
@Gandalf81: New Chromium versions have disabled NPAPI-plugins (Adobe Flash). Enable NPAPI on chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
Will someone clever, please expand on this: "On Windows, create a shortcut and set the parameters in its properties:" I've tried for hours now to include/enable the flag... Nothing works for me...Help!!
@Johnicus: On Windows, write your #command-line-flags like on this snapshot:
@JustOff: This might be the case on windoze but on Linux I have no issue when running 64-bit applications. I usually only have 4-8 tabs open, but even if I open more I hardly reach 1.2kk on 64bit.
And: Modern PCs can handle that amount of RAM being used. And afaik Chromium just takes much memory when there's much memory available, ie. when you're running short, Chromium will try not to allocate so much - but if you have plenty: Why don't use it? I even put my browser cache into the RAM... .
And yes, 64bit on browsers can make sense as Chromium isn't just used as a browser but also for games etc. Then 64bit can be really nice. Additionally:
There are still programs that wouldn't *need* 32bit, which would completely run on 16bit as well. But: This ain't supported anymore. What I mean is, you really might want to go 64bit know, when you have time to do so.
Hi Jerry, thanks for the help... (The snapshot really helped :-)

Flash seems to be working for everything now, except 'The Daily Mail' online!

When I try to view a video, I get a black-screen (Right-click reveals "Movie not loaded" message) (Flash version...16,0,0,305)
Have I missed something? Could the videos on their website be incompatible somehow?
Please forgive me, but the vids' work ok on Chrome....

Thanks in advance man!


Does any of you have a workaround to make Netflix working on Chromium (Win7 64bits, Chromium 42.0.2303 32bits)?
As of right now i've tried several workaround found on internet but none of them worked, and a lot of the remaining ones are for Linux..
Right now the only way i can watch netflix is by using either Firefox or Chrome.
I have tried to reinstall Java, Silverlight, import silverlight's DLL into Chromium (no success, maybe because of my way to do it).
If any of you have an ideas, that'd be great.

@tournier: Does Silverlight appear? chrome://plugins. Also, what does Java have to do with Netflix working?
No it doesn't appear in Chromium, but does in Chrome.

Java have been a source of issues for some people with the usage of silverlight from what i've found, and it cost nothing to try so i tried ^^
Chromium no longer supports NPAPI. Silverlight is NPAPI. That would be the reason.
But I also tried with the "Force NPAPI" thing in case it could be this :/
@tournier: IIrc NPAPI is even now removed from code, thus enforcing won't work :/

Hope that ppl will stop using crappy silverlight, even MS did so (and they invented it...).
Thank you guys for your feedback! ;)

Sorry for delay but after 2 days of development I present to you a new page to test #html5-audio-video elements.
Hope it will be helpful ^^

@Johnicus: > When I try to view a video, I get a black-screen
Me too. It does not work! :/
But the MP4 file works perfectly in HTML5 on 32-bit Chromium. (It works only if you have changed the ffmpegsumo.dll file):

@tournier, _M_, LeonardK, Rrrrrrr! Plugins!
Did you check my #comment-388?

@_M_ and LeonardK, Not yet but soon! ;)
@Jerry, Thank you for the development, but in my experience, even if substitution of ffmpegsumo.dll works on especially prepared test pages, in the wild world web it's mostly useless and we can't rely on this trick anymore :-(
> Not yet but soon! ;) v42.0.2286.0 Chromium no longer accepts NPAPI flash player. Only PPAPI plug-ins:
@JustOff, I agree with you but it is only for tests! Nothing more ;)
I discovered the main issue about HTML audio/video elements is bad MIME on websites.

@_M_, I disagree with you. ;) Tested: Chromium on 32-bit WinXP (in Oracle VirtualBox on Zorin OS):
NPAPI works! ^^

Do not forget to enable #npapi plugins.
@Jerry, Hmm....ok, strange. This is the first update of Chromium for me (42.0.2286.0) that by default does not load NPAPI plug-ins. To me that is good because NPAPI is of course insecure in Chromium, and that is the reason support is being stopped. I do not want to enable NPAPI, thanks.
I tired to get H.264 working by replacing the .dll file from Chrome to Chromium, but when I go to the test page, no video shows, just see the background color of the page and the controls for the video and hear the audio.

Running the latest version of Chromium x64 version offered on this page at the time of writing. And naturally, got the .dll from x64 version of Chrome Canary.

Also, when I go to, I see red exclamation marks on H.264 and MSE + H.264.
When I use the unpacked extension method, only the H.264 has a blue check mark, but not MSE + H.264. Even when I have the example extension enabled, I get the same problem on the video test page.

When testing with Chrome Canary, everything works fine and the YT html5 page shows blue exclamation marks on every option.

Please advice.
I'm always perplexed as to why people come to this great webpage with questions about Chromium - when they admit they already have Google Chrome installed.

The entire point of using Chromium is to avoid the Spyware browser Google Chrome.

What am I missing? Someone please enlighten me, I'm confused.
delegate_execute.exe - and avast. Anti-Virus deletes the file as a virus. 64-bit Chromium for windows.
@Nitramin: Strange, I have MANIFEST files for that .exe but I have no "delegate_execute.exe" file - Chromium x86

In any case, if you downloaded the archive from the Google repository it's perfectly safe.
Hello, I recently updated Chromium build to latest release. Flash was working fine prior to this. Once I updated, flash would not work. So I uninstalled, and re-installed using the mini-installer.exe for 64-bit Windows 7.

I followed the instructions above regarding installing the PepperFlash plug-in to the letter, added the command line to the shortcut, and flash still won't work.

When I open chrome://flash in the browser, it sees the plug-in. When I go to chrome://plugins, the flash plug-in is now there, and it's enabled.

However, when I try to play any flash content, all I see is a puzzle piece, and a grey error message with a puzzle piece that says: "Couldn't load plug-in"

I simply cannot figure this out. No amount of re-installing, re-starting, or re-tooling has helped. Google seems to only offer solutions for ubuntu and windows solutions to be found.

I do not want to switch to Google Chrome. There has to be some solution out there for this...I'm not an expert, but I'm not a noob either. Self-taught. Any help is greatly appreciated.
@Liam: Did you tried an x86 version?
@_M_: If you were referring to me previously, the only reason I have Chrome installed is to access ffmpegsumo.dll as per instructed on this very page. Sadly, it does not seem to work as I previously described.
@Liam: I had the same issue, but then I enabled NPAPI in Chrome flags and NPAPI Flash works perfectly as usual but PepperFlash is still not working
I'm having the same issues as Pörö. I really do not understand why a single build of Chromium for Windows with H.264 does not yet exist in 2015. It seems that people here are taking the lazy way out with regards to this issue and PepperFlash. Maybe when Google discontinues NPAPI officially later this year, will all the lazy schmucks finally be forced to address this issue and actually build Chromium with support for H.264 and pepperFlash support. This is unbelievable. The instructions for switching out ffmpegsumo.dll are a joke in the first place, because the site always updates to a version different from the Chrome Canary version. It took me almost an hour alone to find the right build, given the slow download speeds, but I found it.

This version with the suffix 11.0 had the same version number as the latest Chrome Canary build, so I attempted to switch out ffmpegsumo.dll from Chrome Canary, and guess what? IT DID NOT WORK. Would you please stop assuming that switching out the dlls work? Obviously Google doesn't want people to use Chromium, and would rather have them use chrome, so considering the reputation of the company, they're obviously smart enough to ensure that simply switching out dlls would not work, and guess what, it does not. The only way this situation will be fixed is if someone literally builds Chromium with H.264 support, etc. on windows.
@Liam, Anon: There are no problems with latest PepperFlash & 64-bit Chromium, but make shure that your Flash is 64-bit too. Alternatively you can try my experimental 64-bit portable package based on winPenPack - - it keep Chromium & Flash synced & updated properly.
Let's be real here. Google is about to kill NPAPI in a couple of months. So, simply installing an NPAPI plugin will not work in a few months. Add to that that Chromium still does not support H.264, but instead, the useless garbage called webm, which has little mainstream support, you will basically be stuck with a gimped browser soon. If I was in charge of this site, I would not even post a version of Chromium that was incompatible with H.264, or for that matter, PepperFlash. This should be vetted first, because simply having the latest version of a soon to be gimped browser isn't going to mean much practically.
@ _M_: yes, I tried the 32 bit builds as well...same exact issue. It recognizes the plugin but flash content still does not load.

I have another machine which has a different version of both Chromium and Flash working seamlessly. So, the only way I got it to work, was to install that combination on this machine, Chromium 41.0.2227.0 Dev build, and Flash

This works without issue. Problem now is that firefox doesn't like that version of Flash, and keeps trying to update it. I use FF as well, but mainly for work stuff.

@Justoff: I'll give that a try, thank you. The flash was definitely the 64-bit version, although I tested the 32-bit as well just to see if I could make it work. But, of course, it didn't.

I love Chromium as a browser, and cringe at the thought of installing Google Chrome or any other bloated version just for the sake of continuity. Even if it means taking a few extra steps listed above.

But over the years I can't think of another program causing more issues or headaches for me than Flash.
@Liam: I'm confused about a few things. You have "pepflashplayer.dll". This is a Google Chrome specific Flash player program. Now, I know there is another person building a version of Chrome on the net that this .dll can be retrieved from, however...

I use Flash player beta and it works flawlessly. Can you post your complete Chromium target shortcut command line? I have found that when I started using Chromium the Flash player problems were always linked to an incorrect command line.
If you were so curious about privacy just using Chromium won't work. As you are on this site, you are - first off - a Windows user. Spyware #1.
Second you are using the Adobe Flash Player. Spyware #2.

If you want privacy, install Slackware or Gentoo with hardened Linux-Kernel (or even FreeBSD or similar...). Only communicate via PGP and use completely OpenSource products. No proprietary firmware or drivers.

This will do much more than just using Chromium instead of Chrome.
The PepperFlash method works fine. I'm using it with Chromium but the HTML5 video part doesn't work at all, tried several ffmpegsumo.dll files, even from other sources other than the Google Chrome browser but it won't work. Someone trustworthy should just compile Chromium with x264 support in Windows and release builds to the public.
@Jerry: As you can detect CPU architecture, could you by any chance make the boxes dynamically? i.e. if a 32-bit system is detected, it would rather show the x86 version rather than 64-bit first, as it is now. just a suggestion. Thanks for running this page!
Thank you all for your feedback!

@mihau: Done! ^^
Your OS (Windows or Mac) and architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) is dynamically highlighted if detected.
I also tested your Otter Updater. Nice shell scripts! ;)

@Nyx and Pörö:
Tested with Chromium 43.0.2320.0 (318624):

• WinXP (32-bit) + Chromium + PepperFlash + ffmpegsumo.dll
→ Flash and video H.264/MP4 work well if all is in 32-bit version.

• Win7 (64-bit) + Chromium + PepperFlash + ffmpegsumo.dll
→ Flash and video H.264/MP4 work well if all is in 64-bit version.
→ Flash and video H.264/MP4 work well if all is in 32-bit version on this 64-bit OS.

• WinVista and Win8 & 8.1
→ Sorry, I do not use these OS. Few testers tell me that it works like on Win7

If there is a video issue, disable hardware acceleration (Check #browser-crash)
Same here about Flash issue.
I've been having a problem with opening external links from a program (TeamSpeak seems to be the only one so far). When I click the link, nothing happens. I did some searching and found a solution, but the problem comes back each time I update.
I can fix the problem by deleting the registry value:

Why does this keep happening? And is there a more permanent fix?
Hello, how is chromium-browser-l10n in version 41.x ??
@Jerry: Can you please show more info? which version of Chromium from here did you use? zipped? 64-bit? 32-bit? Where did you get ffmpegsumo from Canary 64-bit? canary 32-bit? normal Google Chrome 32-bit? normal Chrome 64-bit?
@Lion: It works! Disable your ad-blocker.

@twiz: Thanks for your feedback but I do not see how to fix this :/

@446: Did you check official packages? ^^ (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS...) (Debian, Linux Mint...)

@Nyx: I edited my previous post. All works perfectly with .exe and .zip Chromium versions. I extract libraries (ffmpegsumo.dll and PepperFlash) from Canary in general... but for PPAPI it also works with Adobe's Flash installers!

• If 32-bit Chromium used, get all libraries in 32-bit version, even If your OS is in 64-bit.
• If 64-bit Chromium used, get all libraries in 64-bit version.

Note 32-bit version of libraries is more stable than 64-bit.
@Jerry: I must be doing something terribly wrong then... I got Chromium (zip 64-bit) from here before making my previous post, then I downloaded chrome canary (also 64-bit), got ffmpegsumo from the canary folder and copied it to my chromium installation replacing the existing one, then I tested using and both the "big_buck_bunny_trailer_480p_high.mp4" and "big_buck_bunny_trailer_480p_baseline.mp4" did not work, sometimes it would just not play at all, other times it would just play the audio but no video. After that I tried getting chrome beta (64-bit) and the same thing happened.
Uwe Mueller 
Since yesterday Chromium (Profiles) are broken. The message "Chromium didn't shutdown correctly.." appears - even if I establish a new profile. What has happened?
@Nyx: Did you disable hardware acceleration? (Check #browser-crash)

@Uwe Mueller: What OS and version do you use?
Please read last posts on and tell me if it works for you.
Uwe Mueller 
Hello Jerry,
My OS is Windows 8.1 64-bit. The Chromium version is 43.0.2325.0 (64-bit). Chrome Canary (64-bit), which is also installed, does not cause any problems. Even if i delete the chromium profile, so Chromium is creating an new profile without any add-on, the message "Chromium didn't..." appears on every start of the program. Since Version 43.0.2324 this problem is there.
@Uwe: I had this problem too but it seems to be gone with 43.0.2325.
Now Chomium is perfectly capable to find PPAPI Flash dll without command line flags on Windows.
Uwe Mueller 
@Enns: The only thing that helped me was a complete reinstallation of chromium. First I deleted all the files and profiles of Chromium. Now it works again. In Google Chrome a reset of the profile has always helped, here unfortunately not.
Duke of Zurich 
I can confirm Anonymous' (454) comment. Finally PPAPI-Flash player can be installed without the need of the command line flags.
Tested with 43.0.2325.0 (32-bit). That's really good news !
@Jerry: Disabling hardware acceleration did the trick, thanks!

Do you compile these builds yourself or just link them? why don't you make a version in which you compile with the ffmpeg flags turned on?
Thanks a lot guys for your feedback! ;)

> Do you compile these builds yourself or just link them?
These builds are not compiled by me. I explain that on my #notes. ;)
The secret of all is the official Chromium Buildbot! ^^

> ...with the ffmpeg flags turned on?
I use my own updater which download, extract and install Chromium + Flash + ffmpegsumo + write flags automatically.
So I need not to re-compile Chromium.

I am a simple user like you. This site is only to help us.
When I go to, I see red exclamation marks on H.264 and MSE + H.264.
When I use the unpacked extension method, only the H.264 has a blue check mark, but not MSE + H.264.
So is there any way to fix the MSE + H.264? :(
@hi: Sorry, I never find the way: #comment-392
@Jerry: when you say you "...install Chromium + Flash + ffmpegsumo + write flags automatically. So I need not to re-compile Chromium." what do you mean by "write flags"? I was under the impression that re-compiling was the only way to get chromium to detect the codecs.
I'm currently using 312958 (Windows). I just tried 3 new versions 319006 - 319591.

• 319 series no longer provides 'permissions' info (only cookies and site data) on left click on url icon in address bar.
• Plug-ins are no longer 'click to play' - they are now 'right click to play'. So, unless I choose to 'always run plugin', I am forced to now click my mouse buttons twice.

Anyone else?
@461: You can recompile Chromium but personally I have my own updater/launcher which extract ffmpegsumo from stable Google Chrome and do other stuffs. It is enough for me.

By "write flags", I mean that when I used PepperFlash (get from Chrome), my app automatically wrote its required command line flags. Is it clearer?
Codecs work well if all is correctly installed: #comment-443

About Origin Info Bubble (OIB), it is not a bug.

Yes, right-click-to-play is less simple than click-to-play :/
@Jerry: Thanks for the links.
Both of these are VERY BAD implementations and to me are totally unacceptable. What are these people thinking? *SIGH* Ridiculous.
H.264 content is still not working for me Jerry. It doesn't help that the Chromium and Chrome versions are often mismatched anyway. I think it would be more productive if you just uploaded the proper extracted ffmpegsumo.dll from the proper Chrome version and certify it to work with the proper Chromium version. It does not absolutely need to be the latest version. You can create a 'certified H.264 + Pepper Flash version', maybe once every few weeks or something like that.
I'm having problems again, using the same ffmpegsumo and Chromium from here with hardware acceleration off again
First video for example won't play and alot of YouTube videos that are in x264 will just show 360p or 720p whereas it should show 1080@60fps

@Art: Agree, if you could do that it would be great.
I updated the "Patch HTML5 Media" extension to improve H.264/MP4 detection on websites. More on #html5-audio-video

@Art: > if you just uploaded the proper extracted ffmpegsumo.dll from the proper Chrome version
Sorry, I cannot because this file is licenced under Google terms. It is not free.

But sure you can use the stable version! ;)
Did the automatic PPAPI dll finding capabilities disappear again or is it just me? No luck with the 64-bit version on Win7 using 43.0.2345.0.
@Dom, same issue here with the PPAPI dll on 43.0.2345.0 and 64-bit Win 8.1.
And target string to fix it does not work either...
Duke of Zurich 
Re: PPAPI detection/integration
Version 43.0.2346.0 (32-bit) on Win8.1 fully functional. Didn't test the 64-bit Chromium version
64-bit PPAPI does not autodetect anymore in 234X-2347 versions I tested.
PPAPI is not working on 64-bit 43.0.2349.0
Duke of Zurich 
PPAPI on 43.0.2350.0 32-bit working. Hence, a problem with 64-bit only
@Dom, @Omnious, @Schwartz, @Anon and everyone else who have a problem with 64-bit Flash,
star bug:
According the developer's reply on the link above I found that in order to make System Pepper Flash work properly with recent 64bit Chromium is sufficient to replace x-ppapi-arch value from ia32 to x64 in C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\manifest.json. This will be fixed by Adobe in the next Pepper Flash release.
The link given to the Canary channel even leads to a tiny downloader-installer rather than a redistributable setup file.
is there a way to extract ffmpegsumo.dll from googlechromestandaloneenterprise.msi without having to install it?
@Jerry: You mentioned you have a script that does that, is there a chance you could publish it?

@Jerry: Thanks, it's not quite as sophisticated as Muhammer Ayes/Zychopat's updater or as informative as your site, but it does the trick
@Jerry: I would love that script that mihau mentioned, if you could publish it it would help alot!
@mihau: You talk about my script on #comment-458, don't you?

Actually, my script works only with 32-bit Chromium. Because there are more issues on 64-bit Chromium, I do not use the 64-bit version. My script get version of PPAPI Flash and ffmpegsumo.dll from stable Google Chrome or Canary (without install it ^^). Yes, it is possible to publish it. I prepare a nice GUI to launch/manage Chromium on Windows. So one day, under a free and open-source licence... ;)
Das ist ja wahnsinn aber man soll zeigen was man hat,besser als ewig suchen und nicht finden ich hab so respekt,in guten händen wie vorher auch.
After upgrading Chromium from version 41 to 44 the jQuery site width is displayed wrong. The whole site is resized to a very small width, which makes the site unusable. I disabled all the extensions to make sure it's not from an installed extension and the site still shows up as a tiny preview. I also check in the developer console to see if the jQuery site uses some specific CSS rules which can be adjusted, but I didn't find any.
@Cip: I tested in 32-bit Chromium (43.0.2325.0 and 44.0.2370.0) on 64-bit Win7. It seems to work normally.

Do you use a 64-bit version of Chromium?
I'm using the latest 64-bit Chromium build posted on top of the page, on Windows 8.1.

Images loaded in the browser look even smaller than this.
@Jerry: Yes, exactly, that's what I meant. GUI is fine or just CLI or in whatever shape or form you decide to release it.
thank you :-)
I reverted to Chromium 44.0.2362.0 (64-bit) on Win 8.1 and everything is back to normal.
It seems version 44.0.2370.0 has some issues with some sites. That's why you should keep the last working version (zipped installer) in a backup folder before updating.
For some reason 64-bit Chromium (42.0.2311.0) keeps telling me my Flash player is out of date. It's the latest Pepper Flash version on the downloads page, v17.0.0.169, and did this for last version of Flash too. Is there a way to fix this, or do I just have to add " --allow-outdated-plugins" again?
I'm almost positive it didn't do this on Chromium 44.x, but I had to revert because some playback was choppy.
Thanks for your feedback! ;)
Yes, use  --allow-outdated-plugins in this case.

My advice: I see most of issues are on 64-bit Chromium. If you need more than 4GB of RAM for Chromium, use the 64-bit version. Else prefer the much more stable 32-bit version.
I'll switch tomorrow. Thank you so much for all your help and providing this website. You are awesome!
Can't anyone just compile chromium x64 for Windows with the proprietary codecs flag on? I read you just need to change one setting to make it work and we would have google chrome tier support for codecs, I would do it if I had an extra PC but that's not the case. Having to download chrome inside a sandbox and extract ffmpegsumo everytime is a pain in the ass and even when doing that it's not optimal because some options in are still red and you have to do stuff like disabling hardware acceleration to make it work properly.
@John: It's not just a flag, it's an entirely different version of the FFMPEGSumo.dll file. The file that comes with Chromium is 965KB and does not contain the proprietary code for H264/etc, while the one from Chrome is 1.74MB -- nearly double the size. You have to take the file from Chrome and add it to your Chromium folder. If you don't want to install Chrome to your PC, you could use something like Sandboxie to install Chrome in a sandbox environment and copy the file out of the sandbox to your PC, that's what I did.
Dear Sirs;
I have noticed that the recent versions of Chromium takes quite a long time to clear history when you select the "beginning of time" option.
In the previous versions, this only took seconds despite the cache size.
Kindly submit to you information.
@489: Yes it IS just a flag.

"There are a few GYP flags which can alter the behaviour of Chromium's HTML5 audio/video implementation.

Overrides which version of FFmpeg to use
Default: $(branding)
Chrome - includes additional proprietary codecs (MP3, etc..) for use with Google Chrome
Chromium - builds default set of codecs

Alters the list of codecs Chromium claims to support, which affects <source> and canPlayType() behaviour
Default: 0
0 - <source> and canPlayType() assume the default set of codecs
1 - <source> and canPlayType() assume they support additional proprietary codecs

Will build Chromium using the host system's version of FFmpeg
Default: 0
0 - Build Chromium using the copy of FFmpeg included with Chromium
1 - Build Chromium using the host system's version of FFmpeg"
Hi, I just want to say thank you for creating this website and providing such a complete information about Chromium, especially for Windows users. I can install Chromium and Flash Player PPAPI just in a few minutes, no error, no trouble at all. I've been using Chromium for two months and I'm very happy with it.
Thanks for the extension to enable H.264 in chromium. It's a shame MSE doesn't work with H.264 for youtube, but at least it's something.
Hey, I've been having problems with the Windows 64-bit builds. The recent releases won't render webpages properly or at all. Everything just turns up black with dark grey rectangles at each corner of the Chromium window. Is there an older version, preferable one from at least a week ago, that you can direct me to?
Thanks all!
@494: Older builds for 64-bit Windows from at least a week ago:
• #510:
• #500: prefix=Win_x64/328120
• #490: prefix=Win_x64/328078
• #480: prefix=Win_x64/328063

Hope it is ok for you! ;)
Very nice site!
Hope Chromium for Android comes... I was using the Shell.apk, and it's a fast (and relatively stable) browser, but it lacked bookmark syncing.
Does anyone happen to have the revision number for the stable Chrome 42? Chromium 43+ have an issue with flash videos locking up for me.
The latest release, 45.0.2410.0, is problematic: can't highlight text?
SmartScreen is blocking the latest mini_installer.exe
Highlighting works with Win_x64-331067-mini_installer. Anything after.. highlighting is defective. Hopefully Chromium Team is aware of this problem.
john burnum 
Ever since Chromium started using PepperFlash I get a lot of 'Chromium not responding' freeze messages. Is there a fix for this problem,Thanks
@john burnum: I've been using Chromium from Woolyss for a while. I have never experienced that error. That sounds like an internal flag tweak. Try resetting to default. Also, I'd take a look at the official Chromium dev site for issues.
@john burnum: It seems to be related to the Chromium version itself. I tried 43/44/45 Chromium, and they all had that issue both on 32 and 64-bit. I've been sitting on 42 for a while as that has the least problems with flash. Sometimes flash doesn't load on a tab if flash is already running in another, and it refuses to run in incognito mode. If it keeps up, I'm just going to have to try going back to Comodo's fork of Chrome/Chromium.
I haven't seen any problem with #330269 (64bit). This is last build before 45. Good to try.
Can't highlight and mark text in chromium no more. Can't downgrade to version Chromium 45.0.2409.0 x64 or x86. Anybody out there telling me what do to do to solve this problem? Discovered Chromium two weeks ago and been satisfied all the time.
Thanks all for feedback! ;)
About the text highlighting error, the Chromium team knows this issue:
Thanks for your quick feedback. But how to downgrade from 2412 to 2410 or 2409?
@John: Before all, make a copy of your #user-data-directory Then choose an older Chromium version.
Examples about the 64-bit version:
45.0.2409.0: or prefix=Win_x64/331027/
45.0.2410.0: prefix=Win_x64/331101/ or prefix=Win_x64/331218/
Chromium 4 Android Public builds out, fully working!
Just install the ChromePublic.apk and be happy :D
The latest version 45.0.2413.0 is fixed :)
Chromium runs great for a while but then freezes or I get the never ending loading circle I have tried the help suggestions and none work. I did the updates same and have installed the latest version from this page. And now I can't install Chrome. I get the launcher failed to open. Any help. Thanks in advance.

This what it does then I have to x out and F8 debugging mode. Then it will work for a while then the same thing.
@ravenhawk: The never ending loading is due to your hosts file. Ensure you're using and not
Ok not sure what you are talking about.
Version 45.0.2413.0 seems to be fixed. Great work. Big Thanks & Greetings from Germany.
Ok figured out what you were talking about all the host files are
is there any way to get ffmpegsumo.dll without installing Canary in my system
You can use "sandboxie".
Since version 45.0.2413.0 I can highlight and mark text and websites in Chromium, but now I can't print the highlighted and marked text and content of websites no more. Only possible to print the whole content of websites. Any solution?
@John: On the 32-bit version, there is no issue like yours. I use it on my 64-bit OS.
Highlight your text. Then try:
• Shortcuts (CTRL+P) → The print page is now opened → [More settings] → Options → Selection only
• "Print Selection" add-on
Thanks for the tip. But that's all well known and doesn't fit the problem. Don't need and didn't need a plugin to print. Other browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, MS IT-Explorer) don't have this problem. Chromium 45.0.2409.0 didn't had this problem. I know exactly cause I'm printing out the weather and some news every morning. I use Chromium x86 on Win 7 x64 and got this case since the text mark problem. Well, guess I'll have to wait and see...Thank you very much.
@John: "Don't need a plugin to print". Sure, I agree with you ;)
But I also use 32-bit Chromium on 64-bit Win7. I see no print issue on 32-bit Chromium (332091) in the ZIP version. I never use EXE version.
I'm using EXE with Chromium Updater. Think I'll try the ZIP version. Thank you.
How can I set it so that another profile/user's extension automatically close when I close that profile? Whenever my family members use Chromium on their profiles on my computer, the extensions still remain in Chromium's task manager even after I've switched over to my account.
@525: Maybe try going to Settings → Advanced → Scroll down to System → Uncheck "Continue running background apps when Chromium is closed"?
Doesn't seem to be exactly what you're describing, but it might work.
@526: Tried that. Sadly doesn't work this way.
Chromium build 45.0.2416.2 is the last version which still has NPAPI plug-in support enabled via chrome://flags or group policy registry ( You should post a link to the download page for this version of Chromium. I have not yet figured out which download at corresponds to that last build of 45.0.2416.2.
@JD: Thanks a lot for the news! I checked it and updated the #npapi part. ;)
New online installer 2015

[EDIT: 4 Jun 2015 by Jerry]
Warez site + closed-source and packed installer.
Jerry, you may want to remove #comment-530 because website has illegal contents. Movies, iso files etc. These are not fit here.
Hello everyone, I just got the latest Chrome Canary x64 from the official website but there's no ffmpegsumo anymore. I think we're fucked.
> Reducing the size of binary (about 400KB on linux, about 265KB on 32bit windows) due to dead-code elimination
LoL, as if that would be so much when we are talking about chrome ...
> Eliminates a large number of windows crashes hit while loading the DLL (see bugs)
> Simplifying media library initialization (Remove bool-ness, it just works)
Ok, that might be a reason.
But I hate statically linking the whole world like the Chromium devs currently do it. I hope this won't kill Chromium on Linux, too. I really need to look out for alternatives soon.
They actually reverted all this here:
but seems to be only temporary.
PortableApps build is a mess,would not recommend.btw Jerry youre doing gods work <3
I agree that PortableApps build has become less than useful! For portable Chromium I now use the winPenPack X-Chromium build. Just replace the bin/Chrome folder to update from time to time. Too bad it is hosted on Sourceforge (but not taken over...yet):
Hi! Don't work Policy (DiskCacheDir)
Where is ffmpegsumo.dll in the last version : 45.0.2429.0 (32 bits) ?
is the latest (45.0.2430) build on 64 bit missing the chrome://flags/#enable-npapi flag?
Chromium 自 Revision:332900 开始,移除了 ffmpegsumo.dll,使用 Google Chrome Canary 的 ffmpegsumo.dll 以支持 MP3 解码的方法,暂时失效。
目前最后一个支持上述方法的 Chromium 版本为 45.0.2423.0 (开发者内部版本) (32 位)Revision:332890。
What we gonna do without ffmpegsumo? Leaving Chromium? Any solution, suggestion?
"ffmpegsumo.dll" is gone since 4 June 2015. Check the #html5-audio-video part.

@mihau, Please, check the #npapi news.

NPAPI plug-in support will still work with the latest version of Chrome (as I post this) so long as Chrome.exe is launched with the " --enable-npapi-for-testing" switch. However, the switch and underlying NPAPI functionality are still supposed to be removed in the future. So, in case I miss when Google completely removes NPAPI support from Chromium, please keep an eye out for that change.

My main use of NPAPI support is for the Unity game engine plug-in. The Unity web plug-in is still quite popular on many websites with online games.
Sorry, but I'm don't understand how can I download/build chromium 43.0.2357.125?
If we replace "chrome_child.dll" file, do we still have benefit of Chromium features, like "no digital signature"? (Listed above #features)
Also, how we determine whether or not we have digital signature?
I mean, I know, I can download source code of version 43.0.2357.125 and build it. but, honestly, I don't want do that.
I mean, is exist the build 43.0.2357.125 in google storage there ?
I see, thanks Jerry and JD
"If we replace "chrome_child.dll" file, do we still have benefit of Chromium features..."

Don't replace that file. First, because it won't work since the continuous builds are newer than the Canary builds. You can't mix versions or the DLL will crash. Second, even if it did work, you don't work to use the DLL from Chrome because it IS Chrome not Chromium. That DLL is more than just the missing multimedia library.

The only way to get around this problem is to compile Chromium from source code using the add_flag_chrome directives. Google is not going to do that for us.
JD, thanks for your answer. But I'm kind of lazy person, compiling anything is hard to me and I'm not sure my computer's specifications are enough for this. I'll wait and see what happens.
@JD well that sucks, I guess eventually we will just have to give up on chromium and move to chrome, not having the proprietary codecs is not an option and no one will compile that shit.
Thanks all.
@vadik, Please check my #comment-35, I have already given the answer! ;)
@JD, I completely agree with you. After tests, I updated the #html5-audio-video part. Yes @549 and @Neh, that sucks! :/
@Jerry, thank you! finally, I understood that, almost. So, now the latest stable build Chrome is 43.0.2357.124 (323860). And google storage haven't Chromium 323860 in his repository.
I have few questions:
1 - Those 124 patches made only by Google, yes?
2 - Which Chromium build Google took for Chrome? 43.0.2357.0 (#323865 in google storage)?
3 - The latest "osxportableapps" version has same name "43.0.2357.124" - why? And this 124 patches made only by Chromium builders, yes? But why Chrome and Chromium always have same number?
@vadik, I sent an email to you! ;)
Sorry. it was not my email. Can you try again, please?
I would like to know if there is a kind of LTS (Long Term Support) Version of Chromium like Mozilla publishes its FireFox in the ESR Variant. If not officially mentioned / released , what Version would be equivalent, in Terms of Stability, running on older OS or those PC's that can not be maintained regularly, like say in KinderGarten or groups which like to use Chromium Browser, but are not able to maintain their systems themselve and/or have to be bound to a network to work with, wher maintenance is not easily available.

Sorry for the very detail, i just hope one can understand better what my indirect question is targeting.
Thanks for your interest.

P.s.: A main reason for asking is the cross-platform availability, so if my question can not be answered an alternative would be for example a version tracker (e.g.: RSS / ATOM) that only shows the versions that are identical and available and considered very stable for the Windows and Linux and Android Platform.
@S466531257BOSS: Did you receive my email?
How to disable user profile button?
@Jerry: Thanks for the API. I'm using it in my own little primitive private updater, as seen below: (Direct download)
Can you please share the link to the last version which included ffmpegsumo.dll? Thanks.
@557, Check chrome://flags/#enable-new-profile-management
@558, Thanks for your Chromium updater. ;)
@Pai, The last version is 333350. Next version (333471) has not ffmpegsumo.dll.
So, what about "Hotword shared module". Will it include in the new builds?
No. The Chromium team decided to remove it! ;)
Matt Giuca ( is the official developer.
Thanks for the links. Would love to stick with this browser. If you come to know of any workaround, or a build (Solutions:Compile Chromium from #source-code) which supports proprietary codecs, will be grateful if you could share it.
im not sure whats going on with voicesearch and what not,using now 45.0.2415.0 (32-bit) is it safe?
Just what I was looking for! Keep up the good work!
Hi, I was not able to enable Pepper Flash after updating Chromium to 45.0.2443.0. I'm running Mac OS X 10.9.5.
Even after enabling the command-line flags as per #flash, and making sure to update the last flag.

I finally found a solution ( which basically requires you to close Chromium, edit the manifest.json (/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/PepperFlashPlayer) by changing "x-ppapi-arch" "mac" to "x-ppapi-arch": "x64", save file, restart Chromium.

After doing this, chrome://flash/ finally showed "Flash plugin: /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/PepperFlashPlayer/PepperFlashPlayer.plugin" (instead of "Not Installed") and chrome://plugins/ also showed "Adobe Flash Player - Version:" as enabled (instead of not showing up at all).

I hope this helps some folks if they are having the same issue.

My antivirus Avast detect this browser like a virus.
My Avast also detected this week the Win32-EvoGen virus all of a sudden on the chrome.exe version 45.0.2442.0 from the 32Bits zip file.

It might be a bad virus definition update from Avast because I was using it for awhile, left it open and when I came back home, my shortcut wasn't working anymore. Avast deleted the chrome.exe. And when I tried to unzip it, Avast would delete it.

It also detected something in a .xul file (in AppData - forgot to note it)

Although I could have put an exclusion, I went back to 44.0.2383.0 to see if more info gets out about it.

I just tried to unzip it again and Avast didn't say anything. I'm writing this with 45.0.2442.0

So like I said, it is probably a bad virus definition update and it got fixed afterward.

@Pai: Actually I do not know the solution. :/
@public.user: Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I will update this site in few days.
@568: Check the #malware part. This is certainly a false positive.
Does anyone know how to get rid of the dynamic status bar? I'd love to replace it with a static one, especially because as of a few builds I installed (two weeks or so), the status bar pops up even when Chromium is *out of focus* (not minimized). this means it overlaps other running programs. it's super annoying, I'm still waiting for them to fix this.
Just so you know. The version of Pepper Flash included with Chromium from this site, does not play videos on Facebook. Don't know why, though.
@Anthony: Interesting, I thought that happened on my system

I use this uber-simple bookmarklet to download the videos instead (in fact it's mp4 files)
@Mihau: I tried a number of things to get the flash videos on Facebook to work. None of them work, at all and I do not know why. I gave up trying to get it to work. The thing that bothered me the most is that neither the Windows Mac OS X version play Facebook videos and this is with pepper flash installed. I tried to edit the manifest file for pepper flash for the Mac and it still wouldn't work, so I just removed from both machine and installed Chrome Beta. Now I can view the Facebook videos. even though the chromium version on this website and Chrome Beta use the same version of pepper flash.
Your website is great but a visible and direct link to the last (or maybe all) stable release for every OS could be really helpful.
@Anthony: I meant to say "I thought that happened on my system *only*". sorry to hear you tried everything to make it work with no luck. sucks, but Chromium developers seem not to care. As a workaround, you could use the bookmarklet I posted before (just add it to your bookmark bar).
@Anthony I'm almost sure Facebook started using html5 videos by this month or so because I had tried current Firefox Nightly for a day, I don't have any Flash installation here and videos played flawlessly on FF.
Your issue is actually our current problem with h.264 on Chromium opensource, as Firefox has no built flash yet.

I'm actually living from a google chrome dev portable build (no installation, no update), fear the closedsource part..
Radu Tanasescu 
I wish I could receive an email update every time you compile a new build :) That would make staying up to date easy :D
For those of you who are looking for an alternative web browser to Chrome that is still based on Chromium but has more features/settings and still supports NPAPI plug-ins, checkout Slimjet at . It's great, and it supports all of the media/codecs that Chrome does by default without extra downloads. And, because it is Chromium-based, you can copy your existing Chrome or Chromium user settings directory into Slimjet's corresponding user settings directory to preserve your settings, bookmarks, history, cookies, and extension settings. You will need to reinstall your extensions though.
@JD: Where's its source code?
People, Chromium build 46 as well as Chrome Dev, both on Android, blinks a red border everytime you press something on the interface. Wish they don't deploy this current build from dev channel to the Beta one.
@K: Unfortunately Slimjet is not open source (and isn't required to be since Chromium is not GPL), but it's no different from Chrome in that regard. Slimjet is still a great browser if you want Chrome but with useful extra features and without Google's tracking/spyware. And, if you are really privacy conscious Slimjet is also currently the only Chromium-based browser that allows you to truly disable WebRTC to eliminate IP address leaks under VPN. No Chrome extension can actually do that.
@581: While Ublock Origin has that setting, it doesn't actually work because Ublock Origin is just an extension. Go ahead and test it yourself at . I have, and my public IP is still shown unless I am using SlimJet. and have its WebRTC block setting enabled.
@JD: Agree with you. With this add-on, it works on Firefox but not on Chromium.
When will the new stable version be released? (same as Chrome 43.0.2357.134). Thanks.
> Ublock Origin has that setting, it doesn't actually work
Yes it works.

The purpose of the setting is not to hide your ISP address, it is to prevent your ISP address from being visible *when behind a VPN*.

Your ISP address will always be visible, WebRTC or not. A remote server does not need WebRTC to find out your ISP address if you are not behind a VPN, it can be seen immediately upon you connecting to the site. The proper thing to test is whether your ISP address can be seen when behind a VPN. With uBlock Origin setting checked, it can't.
Version 46.0.2457.0 has a nasty bug with graphical glitches on websites if you go to chrome://flags and do #enable-gpu-rasterization to ENABLED.
So for right now just leave that at DEFAULT setting until this is fixed.
How can I download a chromium that is same version as current google chorme stable? (43.0.2357.134) Must I compile one myself? Win x86-64
Hi everybody

I have the last version of chromium for mac (43.0.2357.130) but the embedded pepper flash plugin is now obsolete and blocked by chromium (high security issue). I tried to download and set up the last version of Pepper Flash plugin but Chromium doesn't detect it. Has anyone got a solution please?

@W & @WANG: On Windows, you must compile it yourself if you want equivalent version as Google Chrome. Please check my #comment-35 ;)
@JD: Your project is interesting! Good work.
@gorhill & @JC Denton: Thank you very much for your feedback about WebRTC and bug (graphical glitches on websites).
@Max: Have you seen #comment-566?
@Andre & @Radu Tanasescu: Sorry, I do not send email about new releases. You can use my RSS feeds, #api or a Chromium #updater
> While Ublock Origin has that setting, it doesn't actually work because Ublock Origin is just an extension
Additionally to block worked fully, need block port 3478 for outgoing.
@Jerry, Thanks for showing me this tip but it didn't help me.
Chromium only detect embedded pepper flash but not the system one (fresh install)

So until the next freesmug build with embedded pepperflash updated, as a workaround i enabled npapi flash version through the flag settings.

I installed flash for safari (which is a npapi version) and disabled the ppapi one through chrome://plugins
Thanks Jerry, the tips for the Mac version 46 + modified json file for PepperFlash worked for me.
Please provide a direct link to the LAST version that was published (version 45) prior to the v46 glitches with GPU Rasterization.
I've looked though the 'old versions' link but it is difficult to know what version is what. It is so confusing :(

If nothing else, it would also be nice to make a note on the page saying that v46 has the GPU Rasterization bug and to stick with v45 until the issue is fixed.
@JC Denton, Please, check these links to get the last version 45 on Windows:
• 32-bit:
• 64-bit: prefix=Win_x64/338390/

338432 → 46.0.2455.0
338390 → 45.0.2454.0 (Last version 45)
338361 → 45.0.2454.0
334220 → 45.0.2431.0
330269 → 44.0.2403.0
Thank you very much, Jerry! I followed your instructions to completely uninstall before installing an older version and I have my GPU Rasterization back (and video playback is so much smoother).
--enable-npapi-for-testing also has been removed after 46.0.2459.0 (339215) build.
Since Google seems intent on shutting out features from Chromium (ffmpegsumo, and finding old versions is of installers is near impossible), and their general history of restricting things (plugins only from store, pulling plugins from store), I don't see Chromium getting better any time soon... Can anyone recommend a different browser? Preferably something with an android component.
I'm thinking of going back to Comodo Dragon, but that's based on Chromium too, so I have no clue what will happen down the road.

Also, it seems I have to post things twice for them to show up...
Pretty sad about ffmpegsumo too, maybe Vivaldi?
@597: Maybe Slimjet. It has support for H-264 and VP8/9.
Chromium 45 was very buggy and it drove me crazy. Now I know why it was! Lots of changes under the hood.

Why do I use Chromium?
It is fast! Even than Chrome. Why is it faster? Because Chromium has raw power! I don't understand Google how to -and why- make it slower.

Don't angry with me but Microsoft Edge browser faster than Chrome.

and It will support Chrome extensions.
If Google enforce us to leave Chromium, we can move to Edge. (as Windows users)
Chrome has bug on Mint 17.2
"I don't understand Google how to -and why- make it slower." It's slower because of all the extra crap they add to it.
1) The latest Chromium installer should be considered 'beta' software. It will break. If you need full support and a stable auto-updating browser then use regular Chrome.

2) FFMpegSumo was likely removed due to licensing issues. That sucks but it is better for everyone if we don't use patent-encumbered codecs.

3) If you honestly think a closed-source web browser is suitable for your needs, you are more than welcome to do so. When the browser it tightly-integrated into the OS, there is no proper sandboxing and anything that corrupts the browser is easily able to escape and mess up your OS. I would rather use Chromium because of the built-in sandboxing that protects me from this crap.

4) I need to know exactly what the 'mini installer' does. I have two new mysterious 'Google Update' services in my 'services.msc' on Win7 SP1 x64 system. I don't have built-in update on Chromium so why were they installed? I may have to end up just doing portable/manual installs from now on if the mini installer cannot be trusted.
Setting up my release version of Windows 10, and browse on Microsoft Edge (new browser) here to check something about chromium versions, and I see this:
Chromium version used by this browser: 42.0.2311.135 (64-bit)

Does that mean it is that actually Chromium based? Or is it a misidentification?
Thanks all.

@600: Use the browser you like. I do not promote Chromium at all. My site has only one intention: give us an easy way to download this browser!

@JC Denton, Thanks
RE: 1) Agree with you. On Windows, Chromium is NOT stable... except if you build it yourself.

RE: 4) 'mini_installer.exe' is a 7-zip self-extracting executable. I do not know why you have 'Google Update' services launched. Maybe you use another Chromium application (like a browser, Chromium Embedded Framework...) or Google product. I do not know.

For info, Google Update is based on Omaha, an open-source software.

@604: I updated the site. This issue is not really an issue because Microsoft's Edge (Spartan) browser uses the Chrome/ium UA string (but it is absolutely not Chromium-based).

I think it is intentional because according to The Verge, Edge will have support for extensions that can also be used on Chrome (and Firefox).
Jerry, my intention wasn't offend you. I appreciate you and your site. Thanks to you, I stepped into using Chromium. I just very upset about Google. I know they necessary acts, but still annoying. Maybe I should charge Opera too.
@606: All is ok. Do not worry, I understand your feeling about Google! ;)
On Windows, my favorite browser is Firefox because it is open-source, stable, really powerful to configure (about:config) and personalize, and now in 64-bit version. But Google's decisions already decide Firefox's direction anyway. I dislike the UI and features by default on Firefox. I often disagree with Mozilla choices... like Google choices about Chromium. Rrrrrrr! Like you "I just very upset about Google", Apple, Microsoft, Opera, Mozilla... ;)
Example: (Read comments. This is edifying!)
@QQ 22 Jul 2015, 07:20
" --enable-npapi-for-testing also has been removed after 46.0.2459.0 (339215) build."

Thanks for the notice, QQ. The latest dev build of Chrome (46.0.2467.2) which I just installed also has removed that command-line switch. At least the latest SlimJet browser still supports NPAPI.
"Continuous: Tested and more stable versions (known as LKGR builds)"
Why current LKGR build is 341287:
While current continuous build is 340078?
@609: Yes I know that. The buildbot is not updated!

I did not find any report in the issue tracker.

And via your link, there is no way to download the release 341287. Also check the LAST_CHANGE file in this repository.

So where are the new LKGR binaries?

If you absolutely need a new Chromium version, use the Snapshots repository. Be careful! These builds are not tested by the buildbot and can be very unstable.
Hi Jerry. Where are x64 build in snapshots repository?
@611: This repository has no 64-bit Chromium version for Windows.
Why Chromium version stopped at 46.0.2464.0?
Anyone know if Iridium supports proprietary codecs? Really need MP4 :(
@Can & @rY: The buildbot was not updated. Please read the discussion above: #comment-609. Now, all is ok!

@615: I tested Iridium browser in its last version (v43.8). There is no support of proprietary codecs in HTML5 tags :/
thai nguyen 
I need older version of Chromium for testing Chrome extension.
How can I determine which builds in Continuous directories is used for official Chrome releases. There are so much builds in there.

Thank you very much.
Looks like latest builds are back online again. Thanks :)
Hi, 1Password doesn't work on Windows in last builds.
Hi. Why there was Avira extension pre-installed in Chromium build? Not actually installed but asked permissions for installation on first start up.
@rre: Please check this official support link:

@620: There is absolutely no Avira extension pre-installed in Chromium build. In short, the Avira's extension "SafeSearch Plus" (replacing "Browser Safety") is already included when you install Avira Free Antivirus, NOT Chromium.

During the Avira Free Antivirus setup phase you were asked to install SafeSearch Plus. This is Avira’s browser extension designed to block access to malicious web sites. If you have not declined the offer, Avira automatically added this extension to your Chrome/ium user data folder.
@Jerry: Sorry, my bad. I have tried few antiviruses a year ago and had only Firefox. I guess Avira haven't been deleted completely by uninstaller and I have already forgot about it. A week ago i set up Chromium from this site and got Avira extension pop-up. Looks like malware-style service for me. Good thing i chose another antivirus back then. Thanks for reply.
@Jerry & @rre: Please check this official support link:

This was done a long time ago. On 44.0.2462.0 works. And since 44.0.2472.0 not working.
I don't update that often and it seems java is no longer usable in the new update.
can some one pls let me know which version was the LAST UPDATE THAT CAN USE JAVA
or enable user to MANUALLY activate Enable NPAPI
if someone can provide link to download would be greatly appreciated
or if anyone can advise how to use Java with the latest update?
unfortunately I still have a website that use Java and I don't really want to switch to other browser
Thanks many in advance and thanks for the great and generous work Jerry!
@Java Help: You are welcome! ;)

Java does not have a PPAPI plugin available. Only the NPAPI plugin exists.
Chromium version 45 and higher do not have a NPAPI plugin support.

I know 2 solutions:

1) Using an old Chromium version
Please check the #npapi part for download an old Chromium version. By default the NPAPI plugin support is disabled. So enable the option on chrome://flags/#enable-npapi then click the "Relaunch" button that now appears at the page bottom.

2) Using a new Chromium version
Install Java plugin for IE then use the "IE Tab" Chrome extension. You can set up Auto URLs to automatically open certain urls using "IE Tab", providing a seamless experience, as if Java support never went away.

For info, Oracle’s official documentation recommends Firefox or Internet Explorer if you need the Java plugin.
You deserve every bit of thanks and praise Jerry. Sincerely.

Since you are admin,
kindly please advice is version 44.0.2403.130 build (330231) is the last copy of version 44? or is there a later copy?
I tired install and uninstall a few and is quite a bit of guess work
since the files in depository does not tell which version it is just by the build no.

Can you help? I don't want to waste your time
but if you can easily let me know which one is the last update for version 44 I would be grateful.
I like to update to the closest copy possible
with most possible bug fix in the last version 44 copy as possible.
And thanks for the solution will try them later.
@Java Help, Thank you!

> with most possible bug fix in the last version 44 copy as possible.
On Windows, you cannot find a Chromium binary equivalent to Google Chrome because no developer or team share it. Please read my #comment-35

> 44.0.2403.130 build (330231)
So you talk about the #stable-chromium-version (because this build has 130 patches). If you really need it, you must to re-build it. Otherwise use Google Chrome: (44.0.2403.130)

For info, the last Chromium build with NPAPI support is: (45.0.2416.0)
SUPER Jerry and all you out there building this awesome work!
Sorry for all to read such novice post of a regular simple user.

I decided to follow your solution one using older version
but wanted to get as "updated" as possible to a version that still enable me to use NPAPI.
At the moment I like to stick around with you wonderful people or peeps than switch to Firefox or others.

Great work again and heartfelt thank you for all the unseen effort you and all the developers pour into benefiting the internet community as a whole worldwide.
This is indeed great work for simple user like me at a time of increasing challenges from all the unfriendly parties.
I put my trust in you and chromium here.
@Java Help: This site might be a little help:

There you can see the different channels of Chrome and the branch_base_position of each version. These can be used to download a Chromium-Version from here:

But be aware as Jerry had pointed out several times, the Google Chrome Version is only based on Chromium, but then patched by them. For example, the current Google Chrome Version in the Beta-Channel is 45.0.2454.26 and based on branch position 338390. That equals Chromium 45.0.2454.0, but Google patched that version with 26 patches that are not in chromium at that branch position. I don't really know, but feature-wise i never noticed a difference. But these patches can be simple bugfixes or security patches. And these security patches are not in that chromium version, but most likely in a later branch position.

"Chromium 45" can also use NPAPI-Plugins up to the latest version (Branch Position 338390/Chromium 45.0.2454.0), but ONLY if you append " --enable-npapi-for-testing" at each start of Chromium!
@Patrick: Thanks. I completely agree with you. ;)
About the " --enable-npapi-for-testing" flag, check #comment-596 ^^
Can you please point out just 2 things (if you can) - I'd appreciate it. It appears my last comment was deleted.

Previously, I used to be able to copy entire Chrome User Profile\Default from OS to OS and PC to PC.
C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

It appears chrome has started locking/ securing things down in some way? So I may considering migrating all of those to CHROMIUM.

A) This the current Chrome Version 44.0.2403.155 m I am running.
- What version/ release of Chromium would match/ map it the most? (Best migration compatible)
- Where/ how can I download it?

B) If you could point to a place where I can understand the pieces (files) better so that I can migrate some of them.
@Alex S: The closest match of Chromium to the version of Chrome you're using is this: Use the mini_installer.exe or the

Your folder should be correct... The Mini Installer uses this folder: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Chromium
I don't see why copying the User Data folder between Chrome/Chromium, I think I've done that before. I did run into issues changing from newer profiles to older ones, however I did just "downgrade" from Chromium 46 to 45 (for ffmpegsumo support).
@Twiz: Thanks for the input. I just installed it and it gave me: Version 44.0.2403.0
Let's see how my migration of User Profile data goes. Its been a pain as I outlined on the Super User posted Question.

If that doesnt work out, what would be the next stable Chromium release after: Version 44.0.2403.0 ?Please do point me to that as well if you can.

PPS: Do you know any way I can circumvent this issue I am facing with Chrome User Profile migration?
Is there some document that details out the "File + Folder" Structure for User Profile data?
Hi, I just downloaded from the link that said "Chromium Package (64-bit)" and the file was "". Is it really the 64-bit version?
@Alex S: There are no stable Chromium builds, outside of Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Opera, etc), for the most part that's where the "155" section of "44.0.2403.155" comes in. I'm not sure how/how fast it works, but I would guess at some point (most of) those 155 patches should be added to Chromium.
I believe for the most part, the latest builds linked here are as stable as Chromium can be. I did have some issues around the time of 44/45 and a casting site, but its been resolved in 45, and there is the issue of dropped ffmpegsumo (html5/h264 video) DLL support towards the end of 45 and no solution/workaround for playing those videos yet (if ever) in 46.

@Dave: Yes, it should be 64bit even if it says 32.
Last few builds are broken at Windows 10
I confirm, the latest build (46.0.2483.0) not working on Windows 10.
I'm on 8.1 still, I also get that CMD problem.
Starting with build 46.0.2482.0 chromium broken and not working at all.
Confirming latest build (2484) is broken; can't load home page and CMD window opens. Browser just hangs until you close it.
+1 Win10 x64 / Chromium Version 46.0.2484.0 (64-bit)
Not loading properly: CMD boxes open. Cannot use the browser unless the flag '  --no-sandbox' is added to shortcut.
Windows 10 Pro x64 / Chromium version 46.0.2484.0 (64-bit)

First look on the CMD application then opens and gives you the option to wait or kill the browser after a few minutes
Bit crappy build... displays a ... command (DOS) window everytime I run the chromium!
Yes, same problem for me. :(
To everyone viewing, the latest Chromium build is defective and has been reported.
A bug report has already been filed at
It's fixed! I'm running 46.0.2486.0 right now :)
Confirmed fixed. :D
Just tested 46.0.2486.0. Although there is no console windows it does not work for me. Do not haste with installing this build.
@649: You should file a bug report at the correct place:
@PortableWares, this was not a bug report, but a quick warning. By that logic any mention of broken builds is a bug report.
Tested 46.0.2487.0 not working again
Tested 46.0.2487.0 (343923) works just fine on Windows 10 Pro. No issue to report.
kamote & Anonymous must be the same troll..

We don't need warnings.. we can figure it out if Chromium is working.
And when it's not.. we know how to file a proper bug report..
Version 46.0.2487.0 and 46.0.2488.0 are working again - on Windows 10 pro
64-bit Chromium is broken on latest windows 10 build 10525 :(
@PortableWares, wow, just wow.
First of all, what kind of trolling that would be? Making people skip a few builds of Chromium that might be glitchy? Wow, what an epic troll!
Secondly, who are "we" in your statements? Are you a representative for a major part of this page users?
My posts were directed at people who do not want to spend their time reinstalling Chromium. That's all. That being said latest builds (2487 and 2488) work for me now.
Hello! How can I play video from Apple website, plugin is missing. I have QuickTime installed on my Windows 7 x64. I am running Chromium Version 46.0.2488.0 (64-bit)
Current version of Chromium: 46.0.2490.0 (64-bit)
Confirmed working on Windows 7 x64 perfectly fine!
As a bonus, they fixed GPU Rasterization bugs :)
I proclaim 46.0.2490.0 (344814) to be the most stable version thus far! Hear! Hear! :D
New release of Chromium version 47.0.2494.0 does not load any web page. I had to downgrade at version 46.0.2480.0
Looking at good
I tried latest version Chromium on my XP x64 pc, it never work
Currently using 47.0.2496.0 (345903) (Win x86 version). Flawless.
Could anyone provide a link to a last working 46 build? Anything 47 doesn't seem to work on my system. I can't seem to find it on Google's page. Thanks.
The only place you should be downloading Chromium from is the Google repository:
@_M_: what are you doing on this site then? :-)
@mihau: All the download links on this site link to
GPU acceleration isnt working at all on the latest version :/
The new build disables the playing of videos even you installed the current flash player, even when you view your news feed videos. It doesn't play at all.
@669: Yes, both sites do that. The difference is *this* site links to the latest build only.
Well, I can translate this site. What if this site is multilanguage?
Slow downloads.
Thanks you all for feedback.
@mihau: Thank for links.
@eliotime3000: I sent to you an email.
@Xis: Here, you download from Google servers ( Ask Google to improve its bandwidth! :)
Is anyone else having issues accessing certain web pages with todays builds. I get a waiting for proxy tunnel message. It's so sloooooowwww. Is it my PC or is it Chromium
I'm really disappointed in the lack of html5 video/audio - it's just not really possible nowadays to use a browser that doesn't have this. Is it likely to come back any time soon? If not I have to give up with chromium :(
This is the build I'm using from August 13th:

HTML5 video should work on that build. I usually don't change builds unless I see some good comments about it.
Does anybody know what drugs The Chromium Authors are taking nowadays?
or, to be a little more serious: did they remove WinXP support as of v 47?

I did search the web but couldn't find a word about this, yet none of 47.x builds seem to work on XP, i.e. Chromium starts but does nothing and even loads its own special pages such as chrome://downloads indefinitely
@Jerry: Thanks. I did know the Chrome blog announcement but I assumed it was something different with Chromium. one would just assume if they are doing it to come up with a error message such as "your OS is not supported" rather than not telling the user anything... bad communication, or rather, no communication at all ;-) I guess you can remove "XP" from this page too then.
@mihau, Thank you very much. I tested few recent Chromium versions on Windows XP SP3. After browser start, nothing worked. I wrote a notification in the #windows part.
The last (x64) version that works for me on Windows XP 64 SP2 is 340078 (this information may be useful for the other three people on the planet using XP 64).
I don't like automatic refreshing page on inactive tab... I play Mafia Wars on first tab by script, then i open new tab where i spend some minutes and when i come back to my first tab, it starts to reload whole page. Where can i disable this terrible feature?
@loshuliveros: Yeah that has been happening for me too for all of this month's revisions, it's awful. I have stuck on 346148 from the end of August, here
@Tompinks: Thank you, I'm going to try it
I'm running Chromium Portable 47.0.2508.0 32-bit (by Aluísio Augusto Silva Gonçalves) on Windows XP SP3 and it works fine (also tested v.46.0.2490.4).
Thanks guys for your feedback! ;)
After tests on WinXP SP3, I updated the #windows part.
@Marc & @Jerry: thanks for the info, this helps a lot :) Makes you wonder what in the official build is borked then...
Someone else has already reported this:
Issue 521294:Chromium is hanging on Windows XP (SP3)
Please, vote for this bug! :)
According to superantispyware the following is installed with your downloaded v47.0.2513.0 & v47.0.2516.0:
cassiopesa is a chrome variant that is designed to display ads and potentially compromiseserdate. it is bundled with other software.

What's up with this?
Thank you
@maros: On this site, you download Chromium releases from OFFICIAL Google servers ( Please read my #notes for more. So open a ticket on the official issue tracker:
Followed your advice at the official issue tracker. Thanks
@maros, Cassiopesa is a browser hijacker installed via an other executable, not Chromium!

Remove Cassiopesa:

I think you downloaded an executable from an Internet download directory website. For example, CNET install malware:
And again, as Jerry has pointed out, the *ONLY* place you should be acquiring Chromium is from Google's Chromium repository:
_M_: Hello! I agree with you but... you forgot the buildbot! ;) → Continuous repository.

This is why I display all official links on each release. Nothing is obscure on this site! ;)
Issue 534595: cassiopesa is a Chrome variant

If you look on the bottom of that webpage, it says "Unaffiliated with The Chromium Authors" - we do not distribute the binaries on that page. Not sure what we can do if they are distributing some kind of malware. Someone else reading this bug may chime in with a better answer.
@maros: I sent an email to you. And please, read above comments.
Cassiopesa is NOT a Chrome variant, it is a browser hijacker!
Replied to your email. Thank you
For some reason PepperFlash doesn't work on Windows 7 64-bit with Chromium Version 47.0.2510.0 (64-bit).
I've installed the Adobe PPAPI player, but Chromium doesn't recognize it.
According to the flash section on this site the name of the pepperflash dll is pepflashplayer64_[version].dll or pepflashplayer32_[version].dll.
But the Adobe player uses NPSWF64_[version].dll and NPSWF32_[version].dll.
Is that why it's not working?
Is there a way to find specific older versions of Chromium? I'm looking for v34 for Windows. I looked through the Continuous repository, but it's tough to know what build number goes with what version. It seems like somewhere around 261683 based on the date, but I downloaded the installer and it doesn't run. Same with 261698.
@Jules, Thank you. Tonight, I will check this and contact you.

@Josh S
> Is there a way to find specific older versions of Chromium?
No. There is only the repository. I made my own tool and prepare a new page for that. ;)

First v34: (34.0.1765.0)
Last v34: prefix=Win/252017/ (34.0.1848.0)

So the v34 is beetween 242666 and 252017 in this repository.
The filename of the non-free flashplugin seems to have changed. In the correctly given directory, I find the old file (18...) with the given name, but the new file has the name "NPSWF32_19_0_0_185.dll"
@Jules and Johann: After few checks, I see nothing has changed about recent #flash plugin.
NPSWF***.dll is still the #npapi plugin. It doesn't work with Chromium... but works with Firefox.

For Chromium, choose the PPAPI version!
Jerry, you're right. I did have NPAPI installed instead of PPAPI. Though I'm sure I've selected PPAPI at Adobe's site. I should go out more :P
In last builds extensions like 'RSS Subscription Extension' no longer displayed next to favorite icon, but among all other extensions. Is it a new Google initiative to force extensions to display in bar or just bug?
The latest build regressed: mouse scroll doesn't work on all pages.. and must be scrolled on scroll bar.
I had to revert to build:

Bug Report has been filed:
I have trouble with PPAPI flash: Chromium (47.0.2524.0; also with older versions) does recognize the flash plugin (added via the 2 command-line options; checked with chrome://flash), which I have installed in the current version ( Why isnt it working?

Also using allow-outdated... doesnt help. It shows "Plug-in konnte nicht geladen werden". I also tried adding all rights for my current user for the directory and file (and also the default directory in windows/system32)

I'm using Windows Vista. I think i had no trouble before upgrading from (or some newer 19.0... version), but i thought updating would solve the (well-known) duolingo audio output problem. Now no flash works anymore.
@Simon: remove the command line options. Somewhere around v45, auto-detection of PPAPI Flash was added.
That worked! Thx
The new build keeps the browser crashing..including my installed extensions
Hi, can someone upload the PPAPI flash plugin in a standalone format?
I'd rather put it in manually.
Hi, is there any problems with master_preferences on win8, chromium portable, 32-bit, version number is about 47?
It's used for deployment and seems that chromium ignores master_preferences at all
Chromium isn't appearing in the list of default apps in the system app on Windows 10.
Even if this may not be the right place to post, just a note to users of the Portable Version (from the external link): latest version - ChromiumPortable_47.0.2526.8.paf.exe - wipes all user data (bookmarks, settings, extensions etc.) :-/
@srg: Deployment is not an use case I had thought of for Chromium Portable. Feel free to open a forum topic to discuss it.
master_preferences seems to not be used because it's a First Run action (disabled by default).

@mihau: I didn't have the same experience as you (or it wouldn't have been released). More details would be nice, though I'm not sure how useful it'd be at this point.
@AluisioASG: No worries, I learned my lesson and will backup the data directory from now on before upgrading.

It is reproducable with the mentioned setup file on WinXP SP3, installation directory "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\ChromiumP" in my case - all contents of "App\Chromium\32\Data\Profiles" is being wiped upon installation.
@mihau: That's actually expected. The Installer wipes the App directory before updating. While running the Chromium executable directly works, you should be running the launcher (ChromiumPortable.exe) instead, which places your data under Data.

The next v48 (NOT v47 which I have already built) release will include code to preserve data even in the App directory, though.
Is possible to build codecs with ffmpeg myself and if so how?
guess everyone is chilling... on some holiday,.,, or we have world peace here FINALLY! :D or elvis has left the party? Peace bro :)

anyway i was using Version 48.0.2533.0 (64-bit) on win7 for all these while
and suddenly yesterday when I boot everything up and open a blank page
chrome advice me it disconnect extension was installed on it...
of which I did not do it or rather I tried and install and then uninstall it 10 in after and it was not there for months...
and then seemingly it install it self yesterday... I remove it... security breach?

also I notice the presentation of the page like tab seems abit wider
and the history tab has a different icon all without me changing a thing, no up grade no update...

something I should be concern?
or something is suppose to tweak in the background?
any ideas? explanation?

Thanks all and much appreciated
Thanks Jerry for keeping this site in immaculate & help
After playing a little more with Windows XP 64 SP2, the Chromium Portable build works as already known, but I am a stickler and don't like the portable launcher sitting there. What you can do if you're as anal as I am is run the installer to extract the files, and specify your own command line parameters (e.g.  --user-data-dir="X:\Chromium\Data"  --disk-cache-dir=nul  --ignore-gpu-blacklist--use-gl=desktop  --ppapi-flash-path=X:\Chromium\pepflashplayer64.dll  --ppapi-flash-version= Just remove "Other" directory, move the "64" or "32" (depending on what you need) and "shared" directories out of Chromium, and then remove "App" directory (so your directory structure should have X:\Chromium\64 or X:\Chromium\32, X:\Chromium\shared, and X:\Chromium\Data). Everything seems to work fine this way for me and should continue to do so until they change the way they build Chromium Portable, except I can't get the parameter  --disable-new-avatar-menu to work (but I can't get rid of it with the portable launcher either, so I assume a build problem).
Is there any md5 or sha1 etc for the chromium exe?
@721: I think it's safe to assume " --disable-new-avatar-menu" no longer works. This was their intention as they want to use the avatar menu to communicate any account issues to the user. Sorry I can't cite this off hand, but I do recall this was something they addressed before in the bug tracker and I notice it hasn't worked since 48.
> The next v48 (NOT v47 which I have already built) release will include code to preserve data even in the App directory, though.
Good news. Thanks a lot for your great work!

@719: Sure you can build codecs with ffmpeg yourself. is for you! ;)

@Java Help: I am sorry. I have no explanation. Did you search info in the issue tracker too?

@721 & @723: Very helpful info. Thanks

@nimitz: As far as I know, if you talk about sum checker, there is a MD5 response from Ajax request, on Continuous repo.
@Jerry Thank man!
Sorry to trouble you all here...
No unfortunately im not that tech savvy but suspect it may have to do w MS pusing w10
and i manually aggressively remove all the updates re w10 push upgrade via regedit.
i may have overdone it and w7 maybe automatically 'restore' something and it pull an image/backup from somewhere...
windows have self healing power right?! (aka eyes on everything?!) HA :D I used to admire its magical power once b4....
anyway seriously plotting to move to linux or os but 1)im feel quite inexperience (even after wks of research) 2)old computer prevent from dual-boot
anyhow... not sure what the issue re. tracker but ms has lost the plot it seems when serving paying customers (now its like its harvesting for profit and doing it blatantly unashamedly legalized-'criminal'? some say)
Sad :( but as such humanity move on (if they are not render extinct or self-annihilation by miracles)
hv a Gday to you Jerry and all
I followed your guide to get h264 html5 video working on chromium on windows x64. But the version you recommended/linked is 45.x.
Ideally for this to work I imagine I need to use the same version # ffmpegsumo.dll.. But chrome 45.x does not have that file. Did some research and it appears it was deleted in v44. Not sure what .dll handles the h264 now.
Anyways I tried the one from 43.0.2357.132 as I believe thats the final stable chrome version that has it, plus other good stuff like npapi support (google is being such garbage removing very useful features lately)..

But yea it doesn't work. It does enable mp3 support, and most other audio codecs, but h264 video still refuses to play. Also installed your extension too, it has no chance on your test page.

Really bad thing is youtube. Some/A lot of older version are ONLY available in h264 in hd. With your extension, the audio plays and the video remains blank. Without your extension, they play in horrible 360p and act like there is hd version available, also quite bad. I can fix it by forcing the flash player, but these days the html5 player is actually a little faster and smoother.

Main reason im trying to use chromium is yet another chrome bug, that luckily doesnt exist in chromium:
Chrome CONSTANTLY nags me to update, even thought I have forcibly and properly disabled updates via gpedit.msc. It also auto updates without permission with auto update disabled, frequently. I disabled it by denying access to google update, which comes with its own issues, but ultimately it still nags me to update.

I much prefer manual updates like chromium allows. So would be nice to use it, and have it fully function on youtube.

(Pretty dumb youtube wont work correctly on googles own browser when they own youtube itself.. And I know, they don't have rights to h264 so they are updating youtube to vp8/9, but they still have clearly not finished that, so removing support so early was a very bad call)
@Eleventeen: v45.0.2427 is the last Chromium that has FFMPEGsumo support. or prefix=Win_x64/333350/
@Eleventeen: Found the place I got my FFMPEGsumo from:
Thanks for the links anonymous but there was no change with that specific dll.
At first it was crashing my browser tab. Figured out the dll available there is only the 32-bit version. So I downloaded the specific revision you linked - 333350, win32. (ps kinda dumb how all releases are labled win32, even the win64 ones)
And used that dll.
Result is the same as when I used unmatching version numbers:
mp3 support becomes available.
h264 continues to not work. Tested 2 sites:
Woolyss tester HD (This link has tons of videos only available in h264 for hd:

Sadly had to resot back to chrome. Updated and went through more rigirous changes to disable auto updates since they are way too frequent and annoying. Sure enough one came the next day, but luckily this time around the build I managed to snag doesn't seem to ignore my group policy settings. It changes the color of my menu button and notes an update, but doesn't nag me. (yet, hopefully its not a timed thing)
@Eleventeen: I've done some looking, and come up with some info.

It seems Firefox has/had a similar issue that could be solved by adding "media.mediasource.ignore_codecs" and setting it to true.
The closest I could find for Chromium is the "-Dproprietary_codecs=1" option while building, which doesn't really help. A related build option is "-Dffmpeg_branding=Chrome".
I played around with some of the options in the Flags page, namely chrome://flags/#disable-media-source , but it has not helped any.

Now, for something actually useful... You could always try the Disable Youtube HTML5 Player extension:
Using that I was able to watch the videos in the link you provided, in 720p HD, using the Flash version of Youtube.
Yea I mentioned before they work in my flash player.
Using youtube center developer build + tampermonkey is actually a more reliable way of making that work. As it can force the flash player everywhere including embedded sites. The disable html5 extension isn't quite as reliable, as on some newer videos where youtube doesn't really expect the flash player to work, it just breaks or sometimes manages to load both, resulting in audio echo.

Though I actually used to do that for a year+ early on when the html5 youtube player was pretty crap. They did a lot of work on it and nowadays it's actually faster and more reliable than the flash player, on high end systems. Still uses more resources, but eh my systems fast so ill use it.

Namely SPF only works reliable with html5. It's a cool tech that makes youtube ultra fast when switching videos, as it only loads what changed, rather than the whole page.

For now ill have to use chrome on windows and probably use chromium on linux if the codecs keep working.
I don't understand why on earth they removed HTML5 video.

Will it ever be included again?

Are there any compiled builds available with HTML5? I don't want to use Chrome because I don't feel I should be shoehorned into using something (not to mention being forced to compile Chromium in Windows). It's absurd that open-source software should be so dysfunctional in 2015, when HTML5 video is available in every other browser.
It's not possible to add OpenH264 to Chromium ?
We also release our build of Chromium portable 32/64 build. You can try it here:
I've been wondering, since it's possible to enable proprietary codec support when building from source, why aren't there any binaries available for download with that option enabled?
@Mark: there probably are somewhere. But the builds here are directly from the Chromium dev team, hosted on Google's servers. There is no reason the Chromium team would support the non-free, non-open codecs, and given that they haven't added support for things like OpenH264 its doubtful they ever would. I'm also not were if there's any downside to building with the codecs flag but not having them available, which would make it impractical any chromium-based release to enable it. They could also get in trouble for distributing the ffmpeg (or similar) file.
They mention that Chromium is not intended for daily use, and this is a good example of why.
Andrew Sung 
So I recently compiled an x64 bit version of chromium with gyp flags ffmpeg_branding=Chrome proprietary_codecs=1. When launching h.264 is enabled as well as the other proprietary codecs. The only problem that when i run mini_installer.exe, the chromium that is installed does not work, only showing a blank page on everything including settings, chrome:flags, etc. The only way i can use the compiled chrome is to use the chrome.exe in the release_x64 folder. Does anyone have any ideas?
Question: how do I update Chromium, which I built from source?
@732 > Will it ever be included again? Are there any compiled builds available with HTML5?
No... and no, on Windows.

@Lion, Yes, I think it could be possible to add OpenH264 to Chromium.

@736: I agree with you but it concerns only Windows. Developers compile stable Chomium versions on Mac, Linux and BSD. Proprietary codecs are also available.

@Andrew Sung, Check Google groups in my #comment-1 They can help you.

@738: If you build Chromium yourself, compile the #stable-chromium-version and re-build it when there is a new stable release. Follow Google Chrome releases on to know stable Chromium versions.
So, there is no way to update without completely re-building Chromium ("from scratch")?
Chromium does not have an updater. You "update" it by installing a new version, either from the download here or building it.
So the tools listed in the #updater section don't apply to built-from-source Chromium?
@742: Sure, you could use them... but it would "updated" (replace with a new version) your files with the default builds of Chromium, not your custom version.
@743: OK, so if I, for example, enabled proprietary codecs when building, using those updaters would override (i.e. remove) that?
@744: Correct, you would be back to the Chromium you download from here, and would not have the flags set.
You would need to update your source repos, rebuild, and then "reinstall" -- either running the mini installer -IF- it works, or copying the files over.
Seems virustotal flags the latest 64-bit installer with something possible malicious. See results under

Can this be confirmed by other users please?
@Bernd: No, there is no #malware in mini-installer.exe. This is a false positive. I made a test on another reliable site with the 64-bit installer (361975):
I've tried updating the Chromium build by running a new mini-installer.exe. However my build no doesn't change so i tried uninstalling it and reinstalling. However now it doesn't even install and the Chromium installer.exe just hangs. Is there a way to make the installer "un-silent" so i can see if there are any error messages?
Have You seen the 'Portable Chromium launcher and updater' of Henry++?
- Web site:
- GiHub page:
License GPLv2 - use it in a specific folder for obtain updates: recognizes 64 bit automatically.
Is the omnibar still not showing the extensions icons for anyone else? It has been going on for a while for me. :(
'Portable Chromium launcher and updater' by Henry++ is updated to ver 1.4.
Now you can set the download directory that contains the update for each type of Chromium Portable.
Simply fill in the file 'chrlauncher.ini' the heading 'Chromium binaries directory' the entry 'ChromiumDirectory=\ Bin\Chrome' (if you use winPenPack). Of course you have to take away from 'ChromiumDirectory' the hash character (pound) otherwise it does not work.
Can you post links to the closest Chromium release the latest stable build of Google Chrome is based on? Isn't the latest nightly build potentially very buggy?
@752: pls, read my #comment-305 ^^
@rbon: Big thanks for this news. Great updater!
@tam: I do not see bug like that on 32/64-bit Chromium on 64-bit Win7.
@Jerry: Thanks, Windows 10 (64-bits here). I think I might report that as a bug then, cause a re-installation didn't fix it.
Are there any command-line flags available for the mini installer? Updating via the powershell script and would really like to avoid having a desktop short cut added every time it does. If not, is this something that could be added? Something like  --no-shortcuts or  --no-desktopshortcut or  --no-startmenushortcut?
@754: Sorry, I have no issue like that! Thx for your report.
@tam: You should! ;)
@V: I think you can... but sorry, in command-line, I use only #windows-64-bit-chocolatey and other shell scripts. So I cannot help you. :/
Does anyone know which Chromium version is the last version that still allow Silverlight plugin to be activated/use? Thanks.
I know I need to manually enable some settings but which was the last version if anyone know or can help find out easily.
Running on Windows MS. Need to access some asian website who are still running the old technology.
Is silverlight generally safe to use? why does many major browser ditch it? If you have some more time to explain a little. Just curious for a non-tech person.
Many Thanks in advance :)
@jH: Yes, Silverlight is safe to use. But do not ask me if a deprecated application on an old browser version is safe! ;)
This plugin needs #npapi support. Check in this part to download an old Chromium version. Check info on site archives too.
Jerry thanks man really super!
You must be very proud of your work here
I notice the new download site too AWESOME MAN! Very nice clean look and easy to download.
I have nothing to offer you back for your kindess and great service here but to wish you sincerely all the best!
Hope you and your loved ones have a good Xmas and blessed NY ahead :)
Peace to all your users here too :)

p/s yes jerry nothing is safe with the current world gov trending policy
unless we go back to stoneage or move forward to use telepathy :D Ha
the problem has never been technology but the hearts of man.
So its very very good to see someone like yourself Jerry be a testament of good selfless service
and the universal work towards a more integral free world is still strong and alive. Thanks again.
Is there an advantage of using the PortableApp versus Package?
I am presuming both are portable and upgradeable.
@Jake: The difference between PortableApp and Package is simple. On Windows, the Package writes registry entries. Use regedit (Start Menu > Run > regedit.exe) to find those registry entries. So, it is not a portable version.
Is there a way to be notified every time a new version of Chromium comes out or do we have to check manually every day?
@bambam: Use an #updater in your case. There are also RSS feeds (and #api for developers).
I updated my Chromium & now flash won't load in facebook games
March Raymond Darke 
When I'm about to install one of your latest builds, avast! blocked what it seems to be an Win32:Evo-gen virus or dropper or whatever.
@March Raymond Darke: they aren't Jerry's builds, they're The Chromium Projects builds hosted on Google's servers and simply linked to from here.
hi! i use this page for a long time and it's great but, i don't remember the last version working for xp because the last one, make white page bug, no load anything on xp, and i remember you say what it's the last build working for xp, i apreciate a lot if you put these line in your comment area, and sorry for my english i spanish speaker :D
Hey there, someone take a look at the buildbot for win x64 version. Compilation has been failing since build #2209 on Dec 21st.
Hi Jerry, I back the above post. I am beginning to get uneasy. Is there a Problem with 64-bit-version?
@769: XCountry: Submit a bug report to The Chromium Project.
Purple haze all around, don't know if I'm up or down!
@771: yeah, not gonna happen. You need to log into your google account to file a bug report.
@773: You have to log in? THE HORROR!
This site is not affiliated with The Chromium Project, so posting it here isn't going to do a whole lot of good since the devs won't read it.
@774: Login is completely unnecessary for something like a bug report.
Why hasn't there been a new 64 bit build since the 20th?
@776: Don't be lazy, read the last comments at least.
Thank you very much for this site!
openh264 support Is comming to chromium v49?
Longtime leecher here Jerry, big thanks for your work!
So I guess that the 64-bit version is dead?
Yeah, no new build since Dec. 20
What is going on?
Does someone know?
Having a bunch of problems finding a good portable Chrome x64 version for Windows. The PortableApps don't allow most of the command switches. The "Muhammer Ayes build" is close, but I have some problems when other applications launch Chromium.

Is there a portable version that allows me to submit command line parameters and change the temp directory?
@jim_athens: Thank you for this news.
@780: No, the 64-bit version is not dead. This is only a buildbot issue. However, the other builds are ok.
@Jake: Try You can write parameters in the INI file.
It's very frustrating that the win x64 buildbot is continuously failing.
This is, however, not related to a bug in the chromium source code. Who are we supposed to tell about this to get it fixed?
I can't create fckyng account - "Sorry, we cannot serve your request for a new account at this moment."
Hi! Why Chromium do not have a function of autocleaning cache like in Firefox? I want to see this function in Chromium :) Thanks
@Eugene: You can use:
• Incognito mode (#command-line-flags)
• or chrome://settings/content → Cookies → "Keep local data only until you quit your browser"
@jerry: Thanks!
Hey, loving Chromium on Windows but is there any way to get Netflix working on it? Kinda annoying to keep Chrome just for that.
Under 'Privacy' you should list the  --disable-reading-from-canvas option to help preventing canvas fingerprinting.
@791: Sorry, I do not know on Windows. Netflix needs the Widevine component (bundled with Google Chrome) to play encrypted MP4 videos (#html5-audio-video).
@Ernie: Thank you for your help! After checks, I updated the #privacy part.
64bit builds are working but only on full build, with all the test cases and debug information, archive has more than 1GB, I unable to find one just for 64bit.
@Jake: build author here. Mind sharing some details? You should be able to pass command-line arguments freely.
@794: what do you mean with "full build"?
Thanks to upload installers here: does just place portable versions in ZIP files but still they are the official
So, what's happening with the x64-bit version of Chromium? Been waiting for a new build for a long time now. The x32-bit reached 50 today.
Mind if I...
Can't wait for new x64 build and compile myself, if anyone needed it then grab from (no google API include, codecs enable, build with msvs2015)
@796: I'm not sure what he meant, but I guess that, if you fetch the whole chromium repository , you can successfully build a version for win64..

So the problem is not the source itself, it is something with the automated testing/building/release infrastructure at Google.
I don't know why they do not fix it... But they seem to prefer the 32 bit version for Windows..
@nik: thanks but... the pepperflash doesn't work (mine is x64 version) and It would be useful a standard version (not portable version with external launcher)
@nik: Thanks for sharing!
Your build: (mini_installer.exe • 64-bit • 50.0.2624.0)
Antivirus results:
@nik: Is there a tutorial/page for enabling codecs? I'm interested in building my own, once I finish setting up my build environment, and haven't gotten to that point yet. You'd save me some time searching.

They marked the bug as "wontFix" because it's already been fixed apparently. But if so, why is the compiler still failing?
I don't get it anymore.
Try Krojam Soft Files Search program to find all hidden files and folders.
@803: i dunno, pepperflash is working with this build, tested on 3 different windows x64,
@805: here is my batch file, maybe it'll help you
Chromium Portable (32/64 bits) + Pepper Flash Plugin Portable (32/64 bits):
1. download, install and first run Chromium Portable:
- web site:
- direct download latest (49.0.2618.8):
2. create two subfolders inside '\ChromiumPortable\Data':
-> \App\PepperFlash\32 and \App\PepperFlash\64
3. download from PCR's notepad the latest archive with 'Flash for portable Firefox/Chrome'.
4. extract from this archive all files contained in the subfolder 'Pepper64': manifest.json, pepper.vch and pepflashplayer64_20_0_0_267.dll and rename this last to pepflashplayer.dll; finally copy these three files inside:
-> \ChomiumPortable\Data\App\PepperFlash\64
5. create a text file with name 'mms.cfg' with one row with DisableSockets=1 and copy these mms.cfg in the same subfolder as above
6. If You use X-Chromium by winPenPack:
-> update with 64 bit version of Chromium with chrlauncher and then copy the four files as above inside the subfolder \Bin\Chrome\plugins
Hi, when new x64 build will be ready? Why they can't fix build bot bugs?
Wat be going on? Where be dem 64bit Win builds, yo?!
Hi there, i just compiled new 50.0.2629 build of x64 mini_installer.exe (same as before with codecs) maybe someone find this helpful
@nik: Thanks for the build. Google Sync doesn't work on it, though.
@AkiraLeir: Yeah, the services aren't working, because they need API keys and i don't have it, BUT in is said that you can enter API at runtime in environment
How it's possible that no one dev can fix build bot bugs? Seems a joke..
I was looking for the latest x64 Chromium Package (Snapshot # 50.0.2630.0) but it seems that Google Chromium developers team didnt release it in that flavor.
Does it mean that the x64 project has been abandoned, just now that more and more x64 machines are sold?
@John: the x64 project has been abandoned? Really? How is it possible?
@Jason: I dont know. Mine was a question, just coz I've seen Chromium team dindt release latest snapshot for x64 machines. And I dont use installer releases coz if they're as Chrome installs on C: without asking the user the destination partition (as Firefox does), one of various reasons coz I dont use Chrome on my pcs.
Hi there, here is my updated build 50.0.2631
mini_installer -
only archive -

Compiled with parameters:
@nik:Thanks a lot for sharing!
Please can you contact me? I would like to give you a suggestion.

@John, jason: No, the x64 project is not abandoned but devs want to clean non-sanitizer configs on this bot.
Hi !
First, thanks for your work !
I'm a windows user, I don't understand the thing about version 50 and x64, it is not official ?
I downloaded v50 x64, but sync doesn't work and I don't what is this api problem mentionned earlier !
Should I stick to v50 x32, or even v49 x64 ? (sync worked then)
Yes, it's not official. About sync: you can stick to 32-bit for now
Hey guys, kinda awkward but basically I don’t have sufficient space on my tiny SSD for XCode—could someone do a build of the latest Chromium 64-bit OS X release with the ‘OK Google’ hotword flag enabled/set to true for me? I miss the feature on desktop and they have removed/disabled it in Chrome :(
Thanks nik for your quick answer, sticking to 32-bit then :)
Hola, I compiled x64 v50.0.2632 with Google services, it's like official build but with h264 codecs (in theory, because I can't test the Sync service, maybe someone?)
mini_installer -
archive -
@nik: You are the King! Thank you for sharing your compiled builds for x64. I can confirm that Sync is working with your 50.0.2632 builds. Please keep up the great work.
@nik: Amazing. It works perfectly. Also sync, finally. Please continue until they fix the bot. You are the man ;)
@nik: Appreciate all your endeavours. Would you share your batch file for engaging 'google services'.

I've managed to complie (and run) Chromium x64 50.0.2631.2 with the following parameters:

python build\gyp_chromium -Dtarget_arch=x64 -Dbuildtype=Offical -Dbranding=Chromium -Dlibyuv_enable_svn=1 -Dproprietary_codecs=1 -Dfastbuild=2 -Dsyzygy_optimize=1 -Dremove_webcore_debug_symbols=1 -Dffmpeg_branding=Chromium -Dgoogle_api_key='xxx' -Dgoogle_default_client_id='' -Dgoogle_default_client_secret='xxxGBZyOj8sv2CNe_yhBzMa'

For some reason my git build system won't update to v50.0.2632; perhaps because i've patched '': and cannot rebase - I have unstaged changes. Now, I understand why in your batch file you wrote "cd /D J:\tmp\depot_tools\src"

Would you consider writing a tutorial?

For any one thinking of building Chromium x64 from source you need approximately 30GB (not including winsdk and VS2015). The build process takes approximately 5 hours (i7 VM 4GB RAM - 4 virtual CPUs. The build process would take considerably less using a physical machine: with the approriate firewall settings - which I'm still in the process of assessing.)

Personally, I think the BuildBot failing on Windows x64 build is a blessing in disguise.
@Marmaduke: try "git reset --hard && git rebase-update" in the /src folder.
i'll try to post updated batch with comments
@nik: Thanks. I managed to update the build system:
i. git checkout master
ii. git checkout -- e:\depot_tools\src\tools\battor_agent\
iii. git rebase-update
iv. gclient sync --jobs=16

I don't think step iv is strictly necessary. For some reason I had to create a .gclient in 'depot_tools\src' before 'gclient sync' would work, which results in gigabytes of data being downloaded.

At the moment I'm experimenting with the build process and trying to establish best practice.
The packages from seem to contain a virus. Could you confirm this?
Kaspersky debunked it; no viruses whatsoever... must be Google's "caring" embrace, protecting it from itself.
It's false positive
@nik: I actually prefer your builds to official ones because they have codec support :p so thanks, man
@Marmaduke: here is a quick tutorial i wrote:
(maybe someone else will find it useful)
Google Safe Browsing seems to be killing the downloads for @nik's builds, although false positives, labelling them as malware. Also, Google Safe Browsing is killing Henry++'s web site as well, in particular his chrlauncher program and others. Hopefully Google resolves these false positives.

@nik Your builds are better compared with vanilla Chromium builds, since you've got full Google API (Sync, etc.) support, along with all media codecs (H.264, MP3, etc.). There definitely seems to be demand for your builds even despite these x64 buildbot failures. I would think that some users may even be willing to make donations to you to thank you for your time and for sharing with the community. Thank you, sir.
@nik: Good concise tutorial. Is it still necessary to patch "\depot_tools\src\tools\battor_agent\" ?
Does anyone know when this issue with the x64 builds is going to be resolved? Doesn't anyone on the chromium forums/team cares about it? Seriously...
@Marmaduke: no, mini_installer and archive don't use this tool, it fail when you build with args "ninja -C out/Release_x64 all" (like buildbot) :)
@WildByDesign: you're welcome.
here is new build 50.0.2634 with sync and codecs:
mini_installer -
archive -
Hello, guys. Is there any list of older chromium "GOOD" builds that support NPAPI (Java plugin)?
I know that on the #npapi section it says about 45.0.2416.0 (331982) being the latest one, but i have found through extensive testing, that this version has memory leaks/problems.
So if someone has an older chromium build (with NPAPI), thoroughly tested, please post any info.
Thank you!
@nik: thanks for your work! Could you maybe provide a recent build with codecs enabled, but without the google stuff?
@nik: Thanks. Works perfectly ;)
Awesome! thanks!
@nik: I don't use Google APIs, but are there are any generic API keys. I presume that the standard buildbot Chromium supports sync, so it must have a set of keys,

Keep up the good work, You've demystified a poorly documented build process. Is there a reason why the standard chromium build does not include the AV CODECS?
I take it the buildbot is finally fixed?
Yes! Apparently it's fixed :)
Build 50.0.2634 available in x64 right now.
@nik: Big thanks for all! ;)
@848: Yes, all works perfectly!
@IamNoone: Go to or prefix=Win/ and get revision (= commit position) before 331982. The NPAPI plugin is enabled.
@Marmaduke: no, the keys must be obtained from google. And codecs are not enabled due to license restrictions.
@nik will you continue posting your builds? I like them because they have codec support
@nik: Is there a way for someone such as myself who doesn't have the depot_tools, chromium build files and such to add codec support?
@853: No, you must compiled whole project. Updated to rev372317
@Jerry: Thanks for the reply mate, but build 331982 has some serious memory leaks. I tried a couple of older ones also but they also seem to be memory hungry.. I build web apps, and i have no memory problems with current chrome releases, but i need to support older java apps so i am stuck with older builds, which tend to have memory problems.
Thanks anyway!
@nik: Oh, well. Looking forward to your builds from now on then. :D
Thank you so much for all great builds :-)
I have small issue with this latest build.Somehow button X close is duplicate it self in the middle of the tab.
Can someone make a portable version of Nik's build ? Thanks
@Frozen: The nik's build is already portable (and chrome.exe is an external launcher).
nik, can you please use a different filehost? rghost is known for spreading malware (hphosts, MVPS). Consider
@JohnFlower: I've never heard of before, but I have heard of rghost. If you're going to recommend a "safer" filehost, why not recommend something well known and established like or or cloud hosting like or or ?
@859: the settings is saved in AppData. So I think nik build is not portable.
@861, well known != safer. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Teknik is established. It's open source, with a major update coming soon. Oh, and it's completely free. Anyone doesn't require an account to use the upload service.
@Frozen: try this
@JohnFlower: i tried and i couldn't upload, half *.js and *.css return 404, API doesn't work. message was "resource unavailable"
Fantastic work nik. Stunning. Thank you
First of all, Firefox blocked my download: Chromium Installer (64-bit) mini_installer.exe • 50.0.2637.0 (372576) • Sunday, 31 Jan 2016

Then I let the file check by 2/54 discovered malware:
Bkav HW64.packed.B4BF
Rising PE:Malware.Generic(Thunder)!1.A1C4 [F]

What is going on here?
> Firefox blocked my download
Because "Block reported attack sites" and "Block reported web forgeries" are enabled in your Firefox (as Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi) security parameters.
These options use Google Safe Browsing.

> 2/54 discovered malware
False positive. Please check #malware section.
@nik: See the blog post ( Teknik might be iffy for a couple of days.
@nik: I tested your portable build. It is great! I love it! portable + codec + sync. I wish your portable build can be offically download like your normal installation build. Do you have any plans about publishing your portable builds?
@Frozen: it's seems that some keys staying in the registry anyway..
sometimes i'll be publish updates..
@nik: Any chance for an x86 build with sync and codecs enabled? Thanks!
I can't, it's the extra 10GB (and 3 hours) and I have only 3GB left on that system.
@nik: I noticed you build using VS2015, but the guides recommend 13. Any advantage to that, or did you just have 15 installed already?
Interesting issue. Perhaps a bug? If using a 3rd party app like Steam, if you click on a URL in that program, where it used to trigger my browser, now get Chromium is unresponsive. Relaunch now, Yes No.
@873: yeah, i have MSVS2015. Are you checking this bug with official google builds? Try updated build 50.0.2639.0
@nik: would you mind building codecs enabled + no sync portable ?
As expected, Chromium Portable 50.0.2633.3 does not run anymore on Windows XP (and probably on Vista).
Chromium Portable 49.0.2623.23 is the last build compatible with XP:
I have many crash with last 2641 buils, all perfect with 2640. There is some new bug or regression..
@nik, is now stable.
Last few builds since last night, including 2641 seem to be causing a Windows 'Running Low on Memory' Prompt with a hard app lockup that can only be closed via an End Task in Task Manager. 2 systems running Win 7 both just started last night.
Yeah, last 2 builds 2641 and 2642 have serious problems. With many tabs opend i have always crash. Last perfect build is the 2640 for now.
Chromium developers what are you doing? :(
Yeah, they something doing. well... that why it's DEV
I downloaded last compiled build few minutes ago and that ptoblem is solved, no more crashes, i can confirm.
@nik, you need to recompile or last build 2642 now, or wait for 2643 tomorrow. ;)
2641 & 2642 for sure, as I move over the browser screen graphic glitches everywhere, endless disk activity until the browser gets closed.
Interesting benchmark test with current browsers... seems Google Chrome is still the winner IF you put much weight into browser benchmarks... . But I still prefer Chromium somehow.
Last rendering problem has been fixed few minutes ago with latest #2736 build:
What is "sync" and "no sync"?
@888: "no-sync" builds do not have Google sync services.
@nik: You're the man. I've been wanting builds with codecs enabled for ages now.
@Jerry: Are you planning to keep separate sections for nik's stable and latest builds permanently? Because it sounds too good to be true.
@marc, Thanks for info about XP and Vista. After test, I updated the Windows section.
@889: > keep separate sections for nik's stable and latest builds permanently?
Yes, we continue together. Nik does really great work! Note there will be no stable 32-bit version on Windows.
@nik: Thank you very much for Chromium builds with codec support. No need use official chromium build. :) Besides thanks for the SetDefaultBrowser.bat file too.

About chromium_x64_50.0.2644.0(r374049)_sync_codecs_portable:

Languages files (*.pak) be located in \bin folder, not \bin\Locales. Therefore, chromium can't run. Of course, the solution is simple. All languages .pak files must \bin\Locales. So, chromium portable is working.

Another matter/request:
I'm used to Chrome icon, not blue Chromium. Therefore I always "Icon Group" change with ResHacker.
Standart Chrome icon:

I use "List" as view in File Explorer . (CTRL+SHIFT+5). I changed the icons "chrlauncher.exe" and "\bin\chrome.exe" with ResHacker. Notwithstanding, both files still display blue chromium icon, not chrome icon. (Only "List view" in File Explorer). How can I fix its? Is it possible?
@nik & @admin: Which is/are the advantage/s, the benefite/s to use the build with codecs enabled? Can you make me an example?
Thank you so much ;)
@jason: The advantage is codec support, so you can play video that uses those codecs. For example, I've had problem playing most facebook videos, adding the codec support should solve that.
What's the big difference between the 50 and 48 builds?
@894: With the 48 builds, those are following Stable release channel and are likely to be more stable/efficient while the 50 builds are following current/daily development of the Chromium developers which can potentially be less stable/efficient and less tested.

Visually, the 50 builds seem to be testing the Smooth Scrolling feature to various degrees of success. There are likely many other changes, but that is all that I can think of at the moment. It all depends if you want to stay with Stable channel releases that follow Google Chrome stable builds or follow the bleeding edge changes in the browser with faster development. Another visual change between 50 and 48 right now is that 50 contains some more Material theme effects, while 48 has some basic stuff for Material.
Wanted to try nik's but got this error message....

chromium_x64_50.0.2645.0(r374091) → it is malicious, and Chromium has blocked it.

Does anyone else got blocked?
or is the download not safe?
or it is a false positive from Chrome?

@894: Completely agree with @WildByDesign.
@pureocean: I ask nik.
@896: Please see my #comment-867
@pureocean: i fixed portable. About icon i don't know, are you change every version (8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 128x128 etc)?
Stephen Fox 
Google is abandoning Windows XP and Vista users. I would still highly recommend switching to Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or any of the many other supported browsers.Since Microsoft will be supporting Vista for at least another year, I don't comprehend Google's reasoning for dropping support this early.
" will NOT receive further Google Chrome updates..."

Who cares about Google Chrome? First, this site is about Chromium, Google Chrome's mother. Second, anyone foolish (and I'm using a polite term) enough to install a spyware the same person who installed Windows10.

"...I would still highly recommend switching to [ ], Opera,..."

First of all, Opera (another spyware browser) uses Google Chromium as its foundation, thus, since Chromium support for XP & Vista are/have ceased, you can't possible use this browser (and why the h*ll would you).
@Jerry, @nik: Thanks...
But why is the MD5 checksum does not match? for both 48 and 50 mini-installer?
Is this to do w my connection or theres some misunderstanding?
Still keen to try nik's
@901: I think it's because the build is already updated, but you can always download any build and check on VirusTotal.
@nik: I am sure that you are already aware and likely already right on top of it as we speak, but just a friendly reminder/request that the new Stable channel release (48.0.2564.109) is available. Per OmahaProxy site ( Thank you, sir.

@Jerry: Thank you, sir, for providing this wonderful platform and wealth of information. I am relatively new to following your site and also following Chromium development in general. Also, thank you for allowing @nik's fabulous builds onto your site. I think that you have done a fantastic job with the way in which you've organized his builds at the top of your site; tidy, clean and professional. Clearly, Stable channel Chromium builds including Codecs is something that Windows users have wished for a skilled compiler to come along and build for quite some time. This is like a dream come true. Cheers!
@nik: Am i right to say your build and chromium's difference is in the - addition of codec and sync/nosync only?
or you have other goodies build in?
hv finally install v50 after temp shut down AV (which I didnt have to w normal chromium)
MD5 checksum is good but VirusTotal does bring up one suspiscion
some webpage w charts function dont load that well... and some other cosmetic changes
prob due to different ver - was using early 48 chromium
also notice the good increase of speed (loading and downloading)
dont really use any codec related that much but want to try your build
like the no sync fucntion for increase privacy
anyhow good effort much appreciated
thank you
@904: yes, mainly because of the codecs.
@nik: Thank you for these builds! This is just what I had been looking for, for a long time!

@Jerry: Have you thought about separating the comments section into a separate page? Thank you for facilitating all this information in a nice, easy to understand format.
This needs a Chromium vs Chrome like
Is it possible to remove that ugly and useless profile icon at the top right corner ? I'm using now chrome 46, because it is the last version that supports  --disable-new-avatar-menu launch option, how about chromium ? Is there a way to remove that devs mistake in latest chromium version ?
"Scroll Anchoring - Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android
Adjusts scroll position to prevent visible jumps when offscreen content changes."

I'm over the moon right now.
@mynameis: Nope. Best you can do is rename yourself to "ٜ" (or just use a regular period/dot) to minimize it. The symbol is actually between the two ", but is 'offcenter'.
WARNING to potential Chromium v50+ users!
Chromium has REMOVED the cipher information on HTTPS websites meaning you can't tell anything about it by clicking on it like before. No TLS version, no cipher information, nothing.
If you haven't explicitly disabled all RC4-specific ciphers then please do it NOW!

Here are the command line options I use on Win7 x64; just copy and paste it and remove extra spaces/line breaks and comments in ():
Target: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe

-cipher-suite-blacklist=0xc007,0xc011,0x0066,0xc00c,0xc002,0x0005,0x0004,0x000a (these remove all RC4-specific ciphers)
-ssl-version-min=tls1 (forces TLSv1 and higher to prevent downgrade attacks on insecure/poorly-configured servers)
-incognito (private browsing mode)
-disable-sync-preferences (allows different preferences depending on the target OS/system)
-disable-print-preview (lets me do 'printable view' easier)
@JC Denton: I played you in DeusEx 15 years ago (still the greatest fps-stealth-sci-fi pc game ever, and that ever will be made).

"WARNING to potential Chromium v50+ users!
Chromium has REMOVED the cipher information on HTTPS websites meaning you can't tell anything about it by clicking on it like before. No TLS version, no cipher information, nothing"

Sorry to inform you but I'm using Chromium v50 and the https connection information is exactly as it's always been.
@JC it seems, from my quick look, that Chrome has planned on dropping it for a while, and it was supposed to be gone by Jan/Feb 2016. They appear to be removing it be cause it is insecure and pages requiring it, without offering a more secure alternative, will FAIL TO LOAD with the error:
Yeah, rc4 is disabled by default.
Anyone can test it at or
Any other hoster than rghost? They suck...
@916: any suggestions?
but it must support:
1) cURL upload or api
2) direct link to dir with files
3) auth for deleting old files
4) fast upload.
I now see what @JC Denton was talking about. On 50.0.2652.0, connection details are per-origin, and you need to:
1. click the padlock
2. click "Details"
3. reload the page (??!)
4. select the main origin
@nik: Would Mega work?
mega sdk using only c++, it's not so simple to write app and i just don't have much time for it
Rghost is fine, don't worry about it
Regarding @916: would be an alternative.
@nik: could you push your builds of chromium to chocolatey, so they can easily be updated?
Sorry, I don't know what it is.
Chocolatey is like apt-get but for Windows.
Ok, but for this i need a time to learn about it, to build the package, etc. But i don't have a free time.
I just write a script that is checking git updates, pull, compile and upload to filehost.
After that i don't do anything myself with this process :)
So let's write an updater then. There is an open-source version of google update here
Hi guys, anybody knows what is the "chrome_BITS_*" folders inside of your %TEMP% folder? Like "chrome_BITS_3898_12345". Windows only.
All I know is this:
> Implement a background downloader using BITS in Windows Chrome. (Closed)
So the Chromium devs have chosen BITS component of a system services as a background downloader, but for what?
How to find out what exactly Chromium is downloading using BITS? and why the hell he don't clean up these folders after himself
I am a bit paranoid.
@Vortex That is interesting and a bit of a concern. Quite often bitsadmin.exe can be utilized by malware as well. Hopefully we can find out more regarding Chromium's use of BITS and also ensure that it's not done in such a way that can be compromised.
Ok I find some more info.
Using BITSAdmin Tool from Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support Tools
bitsadmin.exe /list
I found list of these BITS-jobs by Chromium, and all of them contain "Chrome Component Updater".
Further we can find this:
> Chrome Component Updater allows the Chrome engineering team to release small updates to parts of Chrome on a very rapid schedule. The Chrome component updater behaves as follows:
- Runs only when Chrome is running, and uses a small amount of bandwidth
- Doesn’t update the Chrome browser's core application (chrome.dll)
- Only updates components that the Chrome core already knows about
- Is used for some core plugins and components that are intended to be downloaded after the initial Chrome installation (such as SwiftShader and Pepper Flash)

Interesting. Now we can find more info about such components, like:

And here is list of all your Chrome components:
(Pepper Flash may be not included if you're using global installation into system)

Finally, if you need it for some reason, you can disable Component Updater using  --disable-component-update
And all of this chrome_BITS_* folders will no longer created, but you will lose some (important) updates, see above.
If you go then on chrome://components you will see "No components are installed", but it's not true, e.g. you can check how pnacl is still working here:
Also the BITS-jobs itself will not be closed until your Windows rebooted (I guess), but they will be suspended.

Well ok then! But I still wanna cleaning up these folders with keeping updates on :D Anyway.

But of course, we can't be sure these BITS-jobs are used only for updating components and not for compromising some info about your computer/browser to google services... Without reading source codes or check it with something like Wireshark.
@Vortex: Thanks a lot for your interesting info. There is also a detailed explanation in the source code:
My new dev builds are now with the FLAC support..
Hi all, someone can repost that script to make Chromium the default browser? Thank you
Good news, guys/gals. Henry++ with his latest 1.7 build of chrlauncher contains a portable version of Flash Player with control within the configuration file for where the portable Flash Player is bundled.
@jason: You can look inside latest version of 'chrlauncher' (version 1.7 at moment):
You can download:
1. full version with portable PPAPI
2. version without portable PPAPI
Inside both versions there are folders '\32' and '64' that contains the file 'SetDefaultBrowser.bat': this script is for chrlauncher, but you can easily modify it for use with your Chromium Portable.
@rbon thank you man, but in nik build there is not that .bat? I remember wrong?
@jason: there is!
@nik: I downloaded your portable now again, but there is only the obvious bin folder, etc., but not that .bat file
Where is exactly?
@jason: In the STABLE version, you will find .bat file. Nothing in DEV version. Maybe a nik mistake! ;)
@Jerry: oh ok, thank you.
Yeah, the portable build was broken, but now everything is fine.
@nik: Thank you very much for your build! I wonder if your GYP_DEFINES for proprietary codecs will work on Android Chromium.
Also I've checked the HTML5 audio/video tester and found out that sample_100kbit.mp4 with MPEG4 video does not show that video for me, though audio is fine. Is that expected?..
@gwindlord: yes, mpeg4 doesn't enabled in ffmpeg components, i tried but got errors with compiler.. in this link is apple mpeg4 video codec
@nik: thank you for the reply. I've tried the same checker on Android - it works, though not sure if this is magic of parameters, or regular Android codecs support.

Btw my bookmarks, passwords and the rest seems to be syncing on Windows anyway.
Hi all, with last official build youtube video work for you? I see only "green" video/images, seems like something broken..
Is it only a my problem?

@Jason: Use STABLE version instead of official build for #windows-64-bit ^^
@nik, @Jerry: appears to be having persistent problems for the past couple of days. Any plans on providing mirrors?
@Jesus: See nik's #comment-916
@nik: Would either of these two tools help you with uploading to Mega?
@nik: Thank you! ZippyShare appears to have very nice download speeds!
ZippyShare with dev builds now
rghost is back already
@nik: yeah thanks, think will be fixed soon ;)
@nik: How do I start your version directly in incognito mode? The added flag at the end of the Chromium shortcut (... application\chrome.exe"  --incognito) doesn't work with chrlauncher.
I made patch to get rid of the profile selection button in the title bar since Chrome devs have forced the feature on us.

Personally not really looking forward to maintaining OS X and Windows build environments just so I can have a browser configured to my preferences. Any chance you might wanna have a specialized build released?
@Aku: i'll try to add this to the nosync build
@956: chrlauncher is not my project, but try to look into the "chrlauncher.ini", there must be an option somewhere
Anonymous (956) 
@nik: Thx. And by the way - thanks a lot for your awesome work!
@nik: Your codec versions Stable or Dev (sync and nosync) are conflict with PepperFlash (Portable).
If I add PepperFlash these builds simply are not performed: why?
Codecs contain PepperFlash?
@rbon You may need to start Chromium with the following command line switch:  --allow-outdated-plugins
@rbon: No, chromium doesn't shipped with PepperFlash. Try to look into chrlauncher.ini, there is commented line with flash option.
@nik: Just tried your 48 mini installer with all codecs enabled on my Windows 8, but sadly flac is still not supported. According to the tester 3gp and flac are still unsupported.
@963: my comment above was "flac enabled for dev"... but in stable i don't do it (maybe next build)
Just a PSA for chocolatey users, the Flash Player PPAPI plugin (PepperFlash) for Chromium has been added to the repository:
choco install flashplayerppapi
Would it be possible to post some checksums (md5 or sha) here? Would be helpful especially for nik-builds since they are stored on 1-click-hosters …
@nik: Thanks for changing the host
@WildByDesign: You are right because there are two condition for run Pepper Flash portable:
1. command line switch (and)
2. the files for run Pepper Flash portable (pepflashplayer.dll, pepper.vch, manifest.json and mms.cfg)
The only Chromium portable that allows to run both: builds with codecs+sync and Pepper Flash portable is X-Chromium by winPenPack: the only tip is to update the Pepper Flash version number in the file 'X-Chromium.ini', [FileToRun], row 'Parameters'.
Others portable Chromium (by PortableWares or by Aluisio Augusto Silva Gonçalves) can only run Pepper Flash portable or builds with codecs+sync.
b.t.w. for non english users the 'sync' feature allows to use Google Translate.

@nik: Your builds are solid rock.
As this site prefers HTTPS links, I wonder why this site is still HTTP. You can get free certificate here:
I forgot to say that build 51.0.2665.0 now with hevc support :)
I think h265_10bit also must work

ps. h263, ac3, mpeg1/2 doesn't work and i don't now how to enable it (maybe it's for the best)
@nik: Thanks for effort! ;)
@969: Please read my #comment-238
@965: There is already a Chromium version and it is official.
@Jerry: Do you mean the chocolatey Chromium package is already bundled with PepperFlash?
@972: Oops sorry, no.
On 25 Feb 2016, 13:52 Aku said:
"I made patch to get rid of the profile selection button in the title bar..."

On 25 Feb 2016, 20:32 nik said:
"I'll try to add this to the nosync build..."

That would be so awesome! Nobody likes that button there. Even people who actually use it think it should be in the hamburger menu rather than taking up valuable real estate on the tab bar.

Please, please do this... That useless button is the bane of my existence

And thanks (sincerely from the bottom of my heart) for all the work you do. Legendary!
Build failure everywhere! Again...
@Wally: i already do this, but only for no-sync version obviously
Failed to find an input file: Input file C:\b\build\slave\Win_x64\build\src\out\Release_x64\angle_deqp_libgles2.dll doesn't exist.
Idem about \angle_deqp_libgles3.dll and \angle_deqp_libegl.dll
@nik: Yesss! Thank you so much!

Nice and clean now (just like it used to be before someone got a stupid idea)...

I don't know what would make them think they should add something like that there without any option to hide it. It's our browser... we should be able to have it look and work the way we want.

I was almost ready to jump ship. Now I don't have to.

May I ask: Is it possible for someone like me to change the bookmark star graphic found in the address bar? Or how about the corners of the tabs... Can I square them off?

Thanks again sir
@Wally: i don't know how you can do it, because all packed in chrome_x00_percent.pak
here is source and script
maybe if you understand how it packed, you can create your own *.pak file
This is the number: 7 mins, 43 secs
@nik: Thank you for your excellent work
@Jerry: Thank you for this site
Greetings from Germany
I want to know how in the Earth Chromium still works on my Windows Vista SP2 multilanguage with all the updates installed? Will be because I've installed the platform Update?

BTW, this is the 32-bit Chromium Continuous build that I've installed in Windows Vista 32 bits, directly from the buildbot sources
Illite Racy 
Enables the use of experimental DirectWrite font rendering system. chrome://flags/#disable-direct-write
Disable (default=Enable or Disable?)

Enable this flag "chrome://flags/#disable-direct-write" to Disable?
@Uwe: danke schön! ;)
@eliotime3000: Check your mailbox ^^
@Illite Racy: By default, DirectWrite is enabled.
For some tricky reason the Google bulletins page is not shown fully in @nik Chromium 51.0.2666.0 though in FF it does. I'm not sure if this is @nik build or Chromium v51 specific, could anyone please check?..
@gwindlord: hm, for me chrome and ff show similar page, don't see the different
ps. chromium 49 build doesn't support h264-10bit and h265 at all because of ffmpeg version
Hi! Thanks for providing convenient Chromium builds with codecs. Are there any direct links to the builds? Or some URL or API to determine download link should be sufficient. I want to integrate them into my own Chromium updater. Thanks!
I read something about Chrome 49 and Brotli compression algo. Do these versions here have it included? The 49s and 51s?
@988: Yes, Chrome 49+ support Brotli, but in 49 you must enable it in chrome://flags
@nik & @Jerry: Thank you both for your time and particularly for your devotion to providing these Chromium builds along with the wealth of information as well. Your time is greatly appreciated.

@Jerry: If you don't mind me asking, I am very curious as to whether or not the Chromium builds with Codecs from @nik have created an increase in traffic to your site. The download numbers, at least according to the previous RGhost, were interesting to follow to see which builds users preferred (with / without codecs, with / without Google API, Portable, etc.). Some of those generated pretty decent download numbers. Statistics, I find, are quite interesting and fun. Cheers, and best of luck! Thank you for providing the wonderful platform here.
Interesting: I've resolved my issue #comment-985 switching browser language to English, opening that page and then switching back to my native.

Also I'm often getting ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR even on internal VPN resources, now trying the solutions from - did not get one since applied everything except 1st advice.
@nik: How to complie chromium with h.264 which is not open sourced
@WildByDesign & @dirtycold: Check your mailbox! ;)
@gwindlord: Thanks for your feedback but I do not know how to resolve your SSL issue.
@Empol: Follow the nik tutorial at #source-code
@Jerry: Thank you, I've resolved it downgrading to 50.0.2658.0 :)
Would you be willing to provide some builds using the patches provided by Eloston at
btw these patches for 48 build... and also it's hard to watch for all changes (in ungoogled-chromium) from build to build, i do only automatic builds even without testing hoping that google devs don't screw up
@nik: Thanks for your response. Would you be willing to provide your autobuild scripts so that I may attempt to adapt them to the current stable branch with the patches?
There's a weird bug with Chromium Mac 49.0.2623.75. When I open links in new tabs some of them won't load. It happened once with one version 48.x and was fixed later. But this is annoying, what can I do?
Thanks by the advice, @Jerry. However, in GNU-Linux repos, Google Chrome deleted the 32-bit repo since thursday, March 3. Fortunately, the 32-bit support will be available in the respectives main distro repos that contains Chromium.

In Webupd8 shows a tutorial of how to set-up the repo for those that use the 64-bit version of Chrome
@Nicholas: read my guide at #source-code
Hi and thanks for your great work.
Does these stable version communicate with Google backdoor servers?
@b0ssg: By default, Chromium does not call Google servers because there is neither auto-updater nor user metrics (#features). Please, read also the #privacy section and especially my note about #extensions ;)
Nik builds are safe? Since they're on frontpage I assume they are. The built-in codecs are really handy.

I know there's also a guide made by him on how to make our own builds but due to lower HDD space and slow internet that is a no go for me.
Hi all, chrlauncher v1.8 has been released. Now it support download of some types of Chromium builds.
Like post #1003 said, how do we know that those builds are safe? Since they're unofficial
@rbon: Thanks a lot for your work!
@1003, @John: Use an online service like Jotti or VirusTotal. I put links in the #malware section.
@John: it's only up to you, trust it or not :)
Thanks. Don't get me wrong guys, i know this site has valuable information and good helpful members, just trying to make sure since i'm no expert at all.

Another question: nik's builds are different from the ones @rbon posted or they're the same? I assume they're the same, only difference is that the updater now has the option to download the unofficial builds, right?
@John: Yes, they are the same. Thanks for feedback! ;)
Where is the portable version on #windows-64-bit-dev-nik?
Is it Archive version actually portable ?
@Ken: For a portable version, use chrlauncher. Just edit the chrlauncher.ini file. Choose the build type needed! ^^
Jerry's site + Henrypp's chrlauncher + nik's Chromium builds = AWESOME!!!

Now that is some great teamwork, guys!

Over the past 6 months or so since using the wonderful information resources here at Jerry's site, I have also come to enjoy and appreciate Henrypp's chrlauncher because it is open source and does a great job of finding/downloading Chromium builds and also making it all portable. Then comes along nik's fabulous Chromium builds (Stable and Dev) with codecs and prove to be great compilations. Combine all of those resources together, and being able to use chrlauncher to download/update nik's builds, with downloads coming from Github now, and ability to make things portable if need be, that is truly wonderful reality of great things coming together to become greater.

Question: I know that Henry++ is trying to collect donations to digitally sign his software which would be great. But what I'm wondering is, if he receives enough donations, if in collaboration with nik, if it would be a future possibility to some day have Chromium builds also digitally signed?

Thank you all for the great collaborative effort and time.
@WildByDesign: thanks!
Downloaded Chromium (64-bit) Package of nik with all codecs nosync
Saturday, 19 Mar 2016; 51.0.2685.0 (382185)
checked correct SHA1
Run, but the pages load in a permanent, independently, page setup program or web page.
In debug.log:
[0321/030227: ERROR: (123)] Failed to load Chrome DLL from C: \ Users \ 1 \ Desktop \ chrlauncher \ bin \ chrome_child.dll: A problem has occurred in the program initialization, dynamic-link library (DLL). (0x45A)
Out of your builds only worked 49.0.2623.75 (x64, nik with all codecs), regardless of whether anti-virus enabled or anti-virus off.
The rest of your build (nik with all codecs, x64, sync/nosync) not work independently of antivirus.

translation google.translate xD
@tarelka95: hm, as i remember correctly .75 was building with a msvs2013, and after that with a msvs2015, so try to install
@Jason: Because the Chromium team does not share x64 version on their official page. I asked myself this question few years ago. So this is why this site exists! ;)
@Jerry: Thanks. From now on we will have not the page with all x64 builds like in past?
Why builds from are still from 18th but the ones with codecs are more recent (from today)? They're not updating from that link?
@Jerry: Thank you man.
> are still from 18th...
These builds are official but the builders are dead. So there is actually no update. See my #comment-1019 for the official explanation. is also not updated. is also not updated.

> ...but the ones with codecs are more recent
These builds are compiled by nik, our devoted developer. They are not official.
Note you can compile your own Chromium version yourself if you prefer. Follow the nik tutorial on #source-code
Thanks, Jerry, for the explanation and for the awesome website of yours as well as to all the members dedication towards this project. Regards.
@Jerry Thanks for creating this site.

I think I may have found an active source of Windows x86 builds for now:
(there don't seem to be any Windows x64 builds, unfortunately)

Buildbot status URLs:

URL traceback for reference: (scroll down and look for green boxes, hover over each box to see what it corresponds to, and click to show a popup. The last entry in the popup redirects to one of the above URLs) ('Chromium' line -> 'Win' link in table 'Tree closers')

I'm not sure if you are already aware of this, but I'm posting it just in case.
Thanks again. :)
@Jay & @1024: Thanks a lot ;)
@1024: Sure I know these builders. They compile automatically Chromium and put binaries in "Snapshots" repository. But here, we talk about "Continuous" repository and its relative builders. Please, read the #development process to understand the difference between "Snapshots" and "Continuous" repositories. Note "Snapshots" builds are very unstable.
@nik Thank you, sir. You have been quick and very reliable with regard to the Stable branch builds which of course is of great importance when it comes to security fixes and such. Your effort and time is much appreciated. Keep up the fantastic work.
@nik: Can you please make a Chromium x64 version without this annoying profile badge icon next to the minimize window button?
@ChromeUser: it's already removed in the nosync version
The following revision refers to this bug:

So, according the posting, the continuous builds (LKGR) are no longer being created?
Wow. If this is the case we are stuck with the snapshot builds :(
@_M_: The LKGR builders work but there is currently no binary → Continuous repo is not updated.
LKGR builders:
Latest LKGR commit:
So FreeSMUG (Mac) and nik (Windows) continue to compile and share their own binaries ^^
For the rest, wait 'n' see! ;)
@Jerry, I'm not sure what you are stating exactly, but thanks for the reply.

I have just downloaded the snapshot build 383400 and it is functioning perfectly, no bugs (for me, anyhow).
One thing I have noticed though is that many months ago the site-permissions-details tab info was removed from the address bar right click menu on the continuous builds, but in the snapshot build it is present:
@_M_: On your #comment-1029, you will see "Remove non-clusterfuzz, non-telemetry LKGR bots". It means:
• only these builders are removed. They also compiled Chromium (executable + archive) → Continuous repo.
• but other LKGR builders work normally. Check my #comment-1030 to see the list of active LKGR builders and latest LKGR commit. These builders do not compile Chromium.

Finally, developers can always compile Chromium. That is why there are STABLE and DEV Chromium versions updated on this site ^^

Sorry, I cannot help you on Snapshots builds. There are too unstable.
I'll discontinue my Chromium Updater project. You can download the latest version from, the source and the last Chromium Portable builds v50 and v51. Thank you for using my software for years and good luck for the future guys!
Hi guys,
I'm just a normal user who is grateful for your work, thank you!
I was wondering if you can make a simple installer for Chromium so that we can choose to install Chromium for all users.
I could barely found this website where's a good explanation how you can do that
Using the command line to choose an option in a graphical program can be done but is not an easy thing for most users and I'm pretty sure Google devs will never add this since they care only about Chrome and like to treat the user as a stupid person who doesn't need to know these things and should not be allowed to choose for himself if he wants to install for the current user only or for all users.
I think they believe that adding this feature to chromium will threat their Chrome market share since more users will easily jump ship to escape the crap Google puts in Chrome.
It's clear that they understand very well that there's no point to install a browser on a multi user OS and keep it for the current user only and they "fixed" this behaviour only in Chrome to keep it as advantage compared to the free version.
If you can and decide to do this, maybe you can add a field where you can choose the location too.
I normally install it in the default location and don't need this, but it's always good to have a choice.
For some reason downloading the zip files aren't working and only get a tiny percent done and the installers don't do anything for me.
@Zychopat: Bad news :/ You made an excellent updater. Thanks for all. Good luck for you too ;)
@Daniel: I understand your suggestion but we will not add this feature because it already exists in command line. Sorry.
@Peach: I checked each "Archive" link. All works perfectly. Do you use a proxy/VPN with a limited bandwidth?
Is give good builds?
@anon1037: DO NOT USE this site!
All info are fake and there are ads.

Today, I made site-archives of this page to prove my point of view:

Example with the 32-bit Chromium version:

On the crappy site, you see:
Windows (ZIP) - Version 51.0.2694.1 du 30/03/2016 →[...]

Download is good but the rest is not correct at all!

Official info:
Date: Friday, 18 Mar 2016
Version: 51.0.2684.0
Commit: or
Download on official site: → Revision 382014
Search the LAST_CHANGE file in → Revision 382014
@1037: It's fake! I downloaded last on that site and extracted it but the version is 51.0.2683 not 51.0.2694.1 What a joke.
@Jerry, @Jason: Thank you very much.
@Jerry: hey man, but there are not more builds from Nik?
Thank you
@Jason: I'm here
@nik: Hello why you don't do 32-bit build?
I don't have an additional resources for another build
@Jason: nik is our devoted developer. He is not a buildbot (software which automates compile) ^^
@1043: Most computers come with a 64-bit processor for few years. Nik does not compile 32-bit Chromium version. But if you want to share your own 32-bit builds, you are welcome! ;)
@nik: ok thanks.
@Jerry: yes, but lot of users have only 32-bit like me. If I have good English and a 64-bit OS, I will do with pleasure ;-)
@nik: Translate option is broken, I think it's just a bug in your build because I tested Chrome Canary (exactly the same build as yours) and I tried to Translate French Wikipedia (and other websites also) and it failed to translate them.
Yes, translate doesn't work on @nik builds, i've noticed that as well.
Translation does not work in 51.0.2691.0 (Windows x86)
On all other builds I've used it functioned as usual
@1047: what build, sync or nosync?
- nosync build doesn't have a Google api => no translate function.
- in sync build, all works
Am I the only one here experienced problem with "Automatic tab discarding" on nik stable no-sync build ?
I already set "Automatic tab discarding" to Disabled in chrome://flags
but, no problem with "Automatic tab discarding" on nik dev no-sync build.
@nik: It is a Nosync build, would it be possible to remove Translate option completely from the context menu from Nik builds since it is a feature which we can not use.
I really like the fact that you offer stable Chromium builds. Would you consider to add some of the Inox patches? Since there's already a No Sync / No WebRTC option, it would seem like the logical continuation of that idea. Chromium is supposed to not include Google stuff, and yet there are a number of Google extensions tied into it still. Taken from the Inox page:

Hotword (incl. Shared Module)
Google Now
Google Feedback
Cloud Print
Google Webstore
Network Speech synthesis
Google Hangout
@ken: I think it's a bug and maybe will be fixed in the next versions.
@1052: I don't know how :)
@Ayup: It's quite a lot of work, I'm not ready for this. But hotword and Google now disabled in nosync, hangout doesn't work also because Google api keys is undefined.
@Ayup: I mean in both (nosync/sync) builds I use "enable_google_now=false; enable_hotwording=false"
Do you guys think Chromium 52 will introduce the new material design?
How can Chrome(ium) NOT have the bookmarks sidebar like in firefox!!!
I'm not sure what Google did to the latest Chrome (51.0.2698.0) but it's flying. Chrome has been this fast and responsive ages ago.
Under the section "Get PepperFlash (PPAPI)", could we add an option to install via chocolatey:
cinst flashplayerppapi
Hi guys
I just want to inform you of something, not sure if it's helpful, but I'll post it anyway...
I've just reinstalled Windows 7 x64 and installed Firefox and Chromium version 49.0.2623 of nik all codecs with no sync, no WebRTC
I learn some foreign languages on
I tried Firefox first but it didn't work since Duolingo still requires flash for mike input, I don't want to install flash on my computer and I gave up on Firefox.
Then I tried Chromium and on mike input page, Duolingo failed without any error message.
I gave it before access to mike so it's not this (Duolingo complains anyway when doesn't have access to mike).
I took a look at to check if the WebRTC missing is the problem and it showed Peer to peer section 10/20 (yellow color)
Then I uninstalled it installed the other version that doesn't show with no sync and noWebRTC and Duolingo worked fine.
I took a look again at html5test and the Peer to peer section now showed 15/20 and the only difference was that "Data channel" changed from "No" to "Prefixed"

That's all, I just wanted to tell you what for stubborn enough people not to use flash like me, there's a problem with the NoWebRTC version on this particular website.
Have a nice day.
Anyone know why the dev build from the official googleapis website is lagging behind nik's dev build? Both the 64-bit and the 32-bit are behind, although the 64-bit is a little more out of date. They seeem stuck, and this happened before for about a month. How common is this?
@Daniel4: yeah, i.e. Google Hangout also use the webrtc, so you must stick with a sync version.
@1061: Read at the top of page about "LKGR builders" :)
@nik: Do you plan to release also a Mac version?
No, I don't have a mac
I have downloaded latest DEV version 'No WebRTC • 52.0.2705.0 (386294)' then I have browse to the site
This is the site answer:
WebGL Support Detection
Is WebRTC Enabled ! True
Where am I wrong ?

So I have tried Firefox Portable (PortableApps) and go about:config then ' media.peerconnection.enabled' and changed from true to false.
I have load again with Firefox and this is answer:
WebGL Support Detection
Is WebRTC Enabled × False
Any idea ?

There is the 'Peter Beverloo' site with all command-line switch for Chromium at
In effect there are many command-line for WebRTC.
In this place it give build : BUILD TYPES: Latest Last Known Good Revision
It's snapshot ?
@1066: No!
• "Last Known Good Revision" (LKGR) → Continuous
• "Latest" → Snapshots
What about taking the new LKGR {hash} from, and then harvesting version information from, and using the returned build number to construct the url pointing to chromium-browser-snapshots? Would that make for a good and up-to-date LKGR replacement?
@rbon: it's because latest commits in the chromium is integrating with webrtc so deeply that it's imposible to compile without it. so i have patched a build. even if webrtc support is detected you can see that IP address is cannot be detected.
@nik: Thanks for explanation ;)

@1068: The problem IS NOT about commit/revision number. Like you, we know how to get it. For example, Nik compiles the latest LKGR build (#windows-64-bit-dev-nik) and other developers do the same thing on Linux.

The problem is about TESTED builds and auto-compiling of binaries (.exe or .zip). Since 18 March 2016, these binaries do not exist. The repository (Continuous by default) is not updated... but LKGR builders work prefectly:

Do not use Snapshot builds for web browsing. They can be very unstable, They only exist for testing, for developers. More on #development
@nik: thanks for explanation about WebRTC.
@Jerry: Thanks for explanation. But maybe do you know a place to find binaries exe or zip LKGR 32 bit ?
@Jerry: "Do not use Snapshot builds for web browsing. They can be very unstable, They only exist for testing, for developers"
I have been using snapshot build 383400 (win x86) for 15 days. Functioning perfectly with no problems whatsoever.
1068 @Jerry: Ok, thanks for the reply.
@1072: Sorry... but you can compile 32-bit LKGR builds yourself (#source-code). Nik, our devoted developer, compiles only 64-bit LKGR builds.

@_M_: I agree with the mention "It may be tremendously buggy" at the official site So use Snapshot builds at your own risk ;) I encourage you to check buildbot result at and copy your user data before to install a new one.
In recent build, there have been an annoying bug with context/dropdown menu ( So I think to skip it and check later for fix.
1072 @Jerry: Thank you but it's hard to compile 32 bit LKGR and I have not enough resource. Your site is famous maybe you can ask for a developer agree for build one time per week a build. I don't want and many other user switch to Firefox.
Just wondering .... how is that THE CHROMIUM AUTHORS DEV in on 51.0.2683.0 (381909) and Nik DEV is on 52.0.2705.0 (386294)?
I thought Nik's is refinement (no No sync • No WebRTC) of the latest chromium released.
Nik DEV is on 52.0.2705.0 (386294) - Should be tested and safe right? Just curious :)
Anyhow thanks Nik... all good so far for a light user who appreciate the 'extra security feature'
Thank Jerry for your awesome work here as always.
@1078: Thanks for feedback! I already gave the answer on #comment-1030 ^^ I also updated the news at the top of this page.

About safety: yes, Nik builds are safe. Note Nik shares his guide to compile 64-bit Chromium yourself (see #source-code). You can also use online services to detect #malware and reliable sites to do privacy #tests
Thanks Nik for the fresh builds. :)
btw the stable v50 is now finally support h265 (even 10bit)!
What about 32-bit Chromium dev builds? I see that 32-bit builds in continuous branch are still outdated as in 64-bit builds. I hope that I can build the dev version of Chromium.
Nik, please could you make version 47.0.2517.0 (64-bit) with "no sync" and "all codecs enabled"?
The direct link to the build is
Thank you.
@eliotime3000: The 64-bit and 32-bit OFFICIAL builds are not updated. Please, read the news at top.
@1083: Sorry, Nik does not compile an outaded version. So if you want to build your own version, compile it yourself. Follow the Nik's guide at #source-code part.
@Jerry: I have Visual Studio 2013 with service pack 4, not the 2015 version. Could I build the Chrome version like I follow the Nik's guide?
@1085: you can try (to build v47), but new builds require visual studio 2015 update 2.
Anyone having seeking issues with videos loaded with JWPlayer? Was working fine on the last Chrome 49 build by Nik, but since updating to Chrome 50+, it won't let me skip videos in those types of players.
@1qqu: is jwplayer using flash? are you trying dev build? do you have an example page with this bug?
What and where is the best and easiest way to get the latest builds for all three platforms Mac, Lnx (32 & 64) and Win (32 and 64)?
How to apply git am < 0001-Remove-profile-management-button-from-title-bar.patch to remove the profile button?
I found the information at but I am not able to do it.
I'm testing the Stable and Dev nik builds that have all of the codecs enabled, I can see that codec support matches the current version of Chrome 1:1 but I cannot get sites like to work. They use an HTML5 player and it should work based on everything I can see, but it doesn't. Any suggestions?
You need flash player (PPAPI) to watch
Sorry guys how to apply the 0001-Remove-profile-management-button-from-title-bar.patch to remove the profile button???
@Charlie: stable or nightly build?
- for stable build, it is here.
- for nightly build go to
Thanks! I had been there at some point and forgot about it. I was looking for nightly but that doesn't include Win X64.
@Charlie: for win x64, use the nik builds on this page ;)
yuri alexandra 
ps me parece que es mmuy bn programa
@Nik Both Stable and Dev produce the same result. I'm running Version 50.0.2661.75 (64-bit), Stable.
As it turns out, the issue also affects openload as well. I don't think it's Flash.
@1094: you can use software like a "patch" or manually modify (open file with notepad and look what it change)
@1qqu: i check it, and with they js script it's broken for me too, but if you open the video stream directly you can use seek. After investigation i notice that the video size detected as -1, so that's the problem
@nik: ah okay. Thanks for your time, Nik. Keep up the great work. =D
@1qqu: here, try this: open the url with video, click and play it, then in dev console (F12) paste the code from to console
@nik: Thank you for continuing to compile and share with the community your 64-bit Stable and Dev channel builds. You have earned a lot of credibility for releasing quality builds and with very reliable time frames after Chromium releases become available. As always, I just wanted to let you know that your time and devotion to this is greatly appreciated by myself and many, many other users as well. Keep up the great work. Enjoy your weekend, sir!
@nik: thanks for the code. Works great! =)
@nik: The latest Nik Dev build has Cast feature, I know that Canary build introduced that feature a while back but this is the first time I saw that feature in Nik Dev build. Does that mean there's some Google API's inside your build?
Google api is only available in sync version.
I'm using No Sync version which has Cast feature, I even re-installed it.
so what exactly is this Cast feature and where is it? chrome://flags has only cast streaming
Thank you for all of your work guys! I was wondering, when will the Android build be updated again?
@nik: In the Context Menu and in the Chrome Menu.
@1111: to disable Cast feature open chrome://flags/#media-router and disable it
@nik: Thanks brotha, completely forgot about this flag.
YES! js players working in the latest Dev builds by Nik. Thank you! :)
@nik: any way to make a no webrtc version of chromium for linux?
You can build chromium in linux by yourself..
Hi Jerry,
Is it possible for you to also provide download link to the same build of x86 mini_installer/Chromium Authors?
For eg. I can't find--even using Google Omaha Proxy--the 50.0.2661.94 (378081) build for x86.
Or maybe you can ask nik to just provide the download link--not the x86 build?
@John: Why would I need flash player? default is HTML5 player, that is what loads, it just won't play.
It's not really an HTML5 player. It's the video controls (volume, settings, pause/play button) that are HTML5. They announced a few months back that they were bringing a full HTML5 player & video this year Q2. You can go on Twitch subreddit and you will find more info regarding this.
@1117: this project is still on v49 and now already is v51. I already checked this patch and it doesn't work :)
@Dustyn: Sorry, you are right. Thank you for your insistence. All my apologies. Engine updated.
Ahh no worries good sir!
Thanks so much! Love using this site! :)
Thanks for your site. It's very informative. I'd like to disable Canvas Fingerprinting. How do I set flags for the portable version? Since there's no executable shortcut to put the "-- --disable-reading-from-canvas" flag in after the executable path, where do we install flags for portables?
@W.Whambo: You have to create a shortcut to chrome.exe. Right click on the shortcut you just created (via properties) - In the shortcut tab you will see the target box.
This is the target line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\chrome-win32\chrome.exe"  --disable-reading-from-canvas. To verify if canvas reading is disabled check via
That or use an extension such as CanvasFingerprintBlock.
It's there way to build older version of Chromium with the latest Developer Tools?
@Nik: Have you considered compiling your Chromium binaries with Control Flow Guard (CFG) enabled?

It suggests Chromium binaries can be compiled with Visual Studio 2015 using the additional "/guard:cf" flag.

Anyway, this would be another positive feature for your builds as long as compilation is successful and functionality is stable with minimal performance overhead.

Keep up the great work as always. Thank you for your time.
Thanks _M_, but unfortunately on the PortableApps start menu only .exe files show up. Shortcuts don't.
However I did install the CanvasFingerprintBlock extension and that seems to be a good workaround.

Two more questions:
- Why is there a still an "Update Extensions now" button under the Extensions menu when we still have to update Chromium extensions manually? Or was I misinformed?
- Will there ever be an updater for the Chromium browser as a whole for Windows? Both portable and native? My understanding is the Apple version already has this.
@WildByDesign: i'll try
Guys, Is there any way to build older version of Chromium with the latest Developer Tools?
@1130: if you about v49 than you can
@WildByDesign: i didn't find any option about guard flag, only CFI but it's for clang compiler, so we must wait when Google add CFG to chromium
Nik, could you explain how to do that?
@1132: there is manual to compile chromium for windows #source-code
you need latest visual studio + 64bit windows + some knowledge in c++ (if you get some errors)
Nik, please could you be more specific... To do that I have to have specific Google keys, API arguments or? Thank you for your time.
@1134: google keys is optional
Nik, I didn't understand anything.
In the most recent 64 bit builds by Nik, uBlock Origin doesn't show the number of blocked elements on the icon any more.
Can anyone confirm?
@bert: I see the numbers.
Strange, still the same after fresh install of uBO and resetting all chrome flags to default.
@bert: maybe "Show the number of blocked requests on the icon" is disabled in options?
Hehe, no, that was the first thing I checked.
That usually happens when you use the " --disable-reading-from-canvas" flag on chromium shortcut.
Dang, anon1242, that was indeed what caused it. I forgot I even did that recently. Thanks so much!
Why did they change the previous page input from 'backspace' to ALT + ←?
It's such a universal command, why change it now?
Anybody know how to integrate this into Chromium? It says "You can use it in any JavaScript environment (Browser, Electron, Node.js)." on the page!
@1145: I think you misunderstood the purpose of that project. It is a javascript library. It is for web developers. This javascript library would be included on a web page, not in the browser's code itself.
Hello my friends i want to contribute to chromium project how and where i can do that thanks.
I'm running version 50.0.2640.0 on Windows Vista and it works fine. (32bit)
Very good builds.But I can no longer sync my google content although right email and password provided.
Please help me.
@hcr: with the "sync" build?
The webpage at chrome://help might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
Can't access "About Chromium" in the new build (sync) and get the above message.
Works fine here. 53.0.2775.0, no sync.
Never mind; I tried it with a clean profile and it works. Likely some sort of corruption in my profile.
@Nik, Henry++, and Jerry, Thank you for the continued work and effort for keeping the Stable channel release builds coming reliably and promptly after official release. Great work. Have a wonderful weekend!
@cyberrufus, @Vista: Thanks for feedback and info about Chromium compatibility on Vista.

@WildByDesign: Thank you very much. We are honored ! Have a nice WE too!
I see you support us at ;)
53.0.2775.0 does not translate pages. what's the matter?
@winpex: in the "sync" build?
No sync • No WebRTC • No Widevine • 53.0.2780.0 (402065) does not translate.
@winpex: Google API key is undefined in this build. So you cannot use Sync, Hotword, Translate, Now, Hangout.
But you can:
- use an extension for translation.
- or use the Chromium build with "Sync"
- or compile your own Chromium version.
Not having any luck with page translate on any of the builds including Canary and I filed a bug report.
Finally figured it out- problem with my Google API key. Set it up properly and all translation issues are resolved.
@cyberrufus: Thanks for feedback. I have merged your 2 latest comments ;)
Sync • WebRTC • Widevine • 51.0.2704.106 (723) • Friday, 24 Jun 2016
Yes indeed, the translation works in this build. Thank you for helping to understand what was happening. Now everything is clear. Good luck.
x64 dev build by nik gives me a black screen upon startup.
Johan Gustavsson 
x64 dev build by nik also gives me a black screen on startup... How can I fix it?
Guys, thank you very much for your report. Yes, I have the same issue as you. Tested on win7 and win10. So, I retrograded the DEV versions (v54 → v53) and contacted Nik.
How can you fix it?
- You can re-download the DEV version.
- or if you use chrlauncher, delete the "bin" folder and relaunch it. It will download the DEV version.
It's a bug that also affects Canary and they're aware of it. All the builds work fine for me on my Windows 10 Insider Preview but not on my stable Windows 10 build.
Does Anyone know how to dismiss the prompt saying hat Google API is missing?
Does this build also show a black screen
btw in my win7 i didn't see this black screen. what if you try a clean profile?
Robert Richmond 
The API keys warning can be disabled via environment variables. For Windows via the command line:

setx GOOGLE_API_KEY "no"

Alternatively, you can set the variables through System Properties. Under the Advanced tab, there is a feature to edit environment variables. I suggest setting them as user variables for your active user account, though I suppose you can set them as system variables for a multi-user system if desired.
nik - your test build 54.0.2787.0 is working properly here.
@nik: as @1171 said, I can confirm it's working great.
ok, then till next lkgr release :)
Hope @nik will continue to deliver these but what If something happens then Is there a way to update @nik 's builds with chromium team's channel to make up-to-date?
I have tried Your build 'Sync • WebRTC • Widevine • 54.0.2788.0 (403667)' and:
- the developers have solved (I think) the conflicts with DNS: browser start very fast and surfing is very fluid
- the service Translate is disabled (again) and if You use 'Google Translate' from Chrome Web Store it does not work well. You must manual select the language for translated page.
I will wait for the next build.
v54.0.2793.0 is uploaded, i just checked the translate service in the 'sync' build and it work for me.
@nik: I have checked in your build 54.0.2793.0 the Google Translate service and (wow !) it works again.
Thanks for your precious work.
Hi, I'd like to suggest you some tools I've created to download the latest Chromium build. They're hosted on github and should work both on OS X and Linux. Maybe you could add them to the list and someone might find them useful...
- A bash script:
- A C program, based on libcurl:
Thanks for your great website.
In fact, do not have enough information about the general license of the program. Because of this, there is an impression that the license "be freeware", especially after the words "all rights reserved". And what sense to collect the Windows version of the open source and distribute closed? Then easier to use Google Chrome.
@Matteo: Thank you for your work. I added your tools at the #updater section.

@srgrass: Chromium is a fully open-source project.
• The Google-authored portion of Chromium is released under the BSD license:
This is a standard licence. For more, read

• The other parts are subject to a variety of different open-source licenses:
- in your browser: chrome://credits
- online:
In Sync • WebRTC • Widevine • 54.0.2798.0 (405858) Avira:
Detection:TR/Egguard.Gen (Cloud)
idk whats going on, but with new versions (THE CHROMIUM AUTHORS DEV) when I watching twitch my GPU process have a memory leak, after 1-2 hours of watching = GPU process ~1GB, can someone confirm this issue?
@1182: You can give a try for Twitchls:
Still memory leak with Twitchls. I even tried new chrome profile, still no solution.
You guys have any issues with this build like flashing black boxes, you get those at least on YouTube. Quite annoying and maybe a bug in the browser itself at the moment. Example:
@Nik & Jerry, Thank you for the continued effort with releasing Stable branch builds as well. Your time and effort to share these great Chromium builds with the community is greatly appreciated. :)
I second what WildByDesign said. Cheers guys.
Hi to all.
I'm using (thanks!) Nik's 52.0.2743.82 (394939) stable build (No sync, No WebRTC, No Widevine) and some chrome's internal pages (chrome://memory-redirect, chrome://memory, etc) don't work anymore: Is it only my problem? Thanksssssssss!
Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sigh, sob :-(
Anyway, thanks nik
@brennt: maybe you can look inside ThumbApps repository at
There are most Dev versions and all are 'No sync, No WebRTC, No Widevine' except '..dev_nik_sync'.
Good luck.
Is there some reason why a portable version isn't offered that blocks WebRTC?
@1185: Try to disable accelerated 2d Canvas option (chrome://flags)
@Lyam: No need for that, build 54.0.2804.0 (406809) fixed the problem.
@1194: Indeed, didn't look the date of the message, my bad ^_^
Normally I use zoom level 110% or 125% for popular sites like gmail or fb. In the past some of the builds I used presented sites zoomed by default but the zoom level was always 100%. Interface icons were also kinda big and pixelized. Now this issue returns at least from build 54.0.2804.0. Is this happening to anyone else? What's causing this?
Adobe Flash Player 23 Beta plug-in won't appear in chrome://plugins with "No sync • No WebRTC • No Widevine • 54.0.2817.0 (409208) • Tuesday, 2 Aug 2016 ".
I did ask if any one could comment the CentBrowser earlier, since this is a proprietary browser with no source code around. I have no idea why this comment just got removed after 2 days.
@Anon1199: Sorry. I believed it was a spam content. In short, CentBrowser is an interesting browser but it is closed-source :/

1. CentBrowser code and privacy policy
Closed-source. No privacy policy about their OWN browser. No wikipedia page.
So, who do this browser? and which privacy policy? The Google Chrome privacy policy - - focuses ONLY on Google Chrome, not CentBrowser or other Chromium-like browsers. CentBrowser is being closed-source, I do not trust in their privacy policy. And browser user agent is the same as Google Chrome.

2. CentBrowser update
Browser is up-to-date today. Good point... but until when?

3. CentBrowser settings
Sure, its settings are very interesting. Mouse gesture, Tab options, Privacy....

4. CentBrowser official website
- I see it is an amateur site.
- Site should be nicer → A web browser is in the technology domain ;)
- Site stores Chrome third-party addons → Not legal and secure!
- Official contact is a simple Gmail mailbox → Not really serious!
- The chrome://contributors/ page displays more media reviews than contributors.

Use it at your own risk! ;)

My site archives ^^
@Jerry: Thanks for your short use it at your own risk...
Wasn't able to find a Super Drag extension that does the same thing a centbrowser/CoolNovo was capable of...
I think you failed at providing a no-hassle installation of chrome.
I got a old win32 version of chrome in c:\program files(x86)\win32-chrome\chrome.exe
for which I got a shortcut on taskbar with some convenient commandline parameter.
I tried all the versions provided : chrlauncher (you really should explain what is it and where it is supposed to be installed) no luck,
installer : no result (no message when launched on commandline).
Eventually copying the archive in the existing directory seemed to do the trick.
But when I launch it, the url bar produce no result (stalled).
I killed the process and relaunched it and now and now it (kinda) work.
Even if now I got 2 chromium instances listed when I need to choose a default program for opening *.html
So I appreciate your effort but I think the chromium installation process is still a terrible mess and definitely not for newbie
and it's a pity :(
only 52.0.2743.116 by NIK work fine
@Andy: hm, i'll try to look into this in the next build
Nice site!
Hello NIK, i use your build 52.0.2743.116, and i have a question for you:
can i use pepperflash plugin without chrome command line and adobe installer, somethings in flags maybe can help?
@1206: i think no :)
@Andy: i check it, and for me even official chrome canary has this problem. But if you open embeded video, it work. Something in parsing component with chunked video
@nik: Thank you
please someone have the chromium 49 by nik?
With 54.0.2833.0 (32-bit) version, Gmail is lagging and sometimes the whole browser freezes with high CPU usage.
I was using the default 64-bit installer by the Chromium Authors and moved to Nik's build -- however everytime I launch Chrome Remote Desktop it says components are missing. I revert back to the other Chromium Authors and it works again. Any ideas? I'm using a fresh installation of Nik's with chrlauncher 64-bit. Thanks.
@Mr M: Same here but I get that on many web pages. I also get it where the whole page will freeze and it will stop scrolling only way to fix it is to kill that tab.
@summermonger: what build? sync or nosync?
Does anyone know how to get the latest chromium stable to recognize my chromecast? It says device missing. This didnt happen with the july build
For fucks sake...when is Chromium going to implement the bookmark left sidebar